DK – Ch 256

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The Dark King – Chapter 256

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“Mr. Dean, I’ll take you.”

Dudian was about to reach the door of the hall when an eager face reached out to him. There was excitement in his eyes. Sander didn’t expect that Dudian would so easily resolve such a big crisis. Moreover, he had become famous once again.

Dudian looked at him: “Old patriarch?”

“Father is resting at home. He is too old to attend.” Sander replied: “Old patriarch is going to give a celebration dinner and will be waiting for you back at the castle.” Although Sander’s age was more than Dudian’s, he was very polite as he talked with Dudian. He was even respectful. This scene made many people surprised. But taking into account his identity and relationship with the Ryan family, Dudian’s heart was relieved.

Dudian felt the attention of the people around him. He slightly frowned and said to Sander: “Let’s go back and talk.”

“Good.” Sander sighed and took the lead in front.

Dudian got into the carriage and whispered: “You should come with me too.”

There was a hint of joy in Sander’s eyes. He quickly agreed and got into the carriage. After they firmly sat inside the compartment, Dudian told the coachman to return to Ryan Castle.

The carriage drove by the hillside, and the ground was slightly uneven and bumpy.

Dudian firmly sat on a chair and waited until the distance from the Temple increased. He looked at Sander who was sitting opposite to him: “Was Old patriarch aware that you were coming here?”

Sander didn’t think that he would ask such a question. He was slightly startled. After a moment of hesitation, he honestly said: “I made the decision on my own. It was to give you momentum.”

Dudian said indifferently: “You should talk a lot and learn from your father. Although he is old, his eyes are never wrong.”

Sander was embarrassed as he understood the meaning behind Dudian’s words: “I will …”

“Moreover pay attention to your attitude towards me on the outside.” Dudian continued: “My identity has risen from a hunter to an architect. You are the future successor of Ryan family. Don’t reveal and expose our deep relationship. The more enemy understands about us, the more the power to fight against them gets smaller.”

Sander’s face was red. He knew that he couldn’t refute Dudian’s words: “I know. I will.”

Dudian looked at him but didn’t continue to say anything. He opened the curtain and looked out at the scenery.

Dudian from far away could see that Old Fulin was standing at the door waiting for them. There was a warm coat covering his shoulders. He looked deeply and sighed. As soon as the carriage stopped, Dudian pushed the door off and looked at Old Fulin.: “It’s windy outside. You didn’t have to wait for me at the door.”

“All right, I just came out.” Old Fulin smiled.

The main maid who was standing by Old Fulin replied to Dudian: “Mr. Dean you have finally come back. Master has been waiting at the door for a long time. We advised him, but he didn’t listen…”

Old Fulin slightly waved his hand and interrupted her. He smiled as he looked at Dudian: “I knew that you wouldn’t do anything without a plan.”

Dudian held onto Old Fulin as he helped him move: “It’s good that you know it.”

Old Fulin saw Sander behind Dudian. He sighed as he said to Dudian: “Let’s eat first. It is not early, and everyone is hungry. Sander, you tell everyone about things that happened in the Temple.”

Sander bowed his head: “Yes.”

The servants began to put the dishes on the table after Old Fulin’s words.

Dudian and Old Fulin moved and passed the other. They passed by Hugh, Lena and the others from the younger generation. Sander told them that Dudian won the case in the Temple. The people began to vigorously applause.

They were eating up when the butler suddenly came in. He bent down and whispered to Old Fulin.: “Master, people from Scott consortium have come over.”

Old Fulin looked at Dudian and said to the butler: “Let them in.”

The butler nodded and left. After a moment he led a young woman wearing an exquisite dress and brightly lit jewels. The young woman came towards Old Fulin and Dudian. She smiled and saluted them: “Hello, old patriarch. You look so healthy.”

Old Fulin looked at her and smiled: “Are you the old Chai’s child?

There was a trace of surprised in young woman’s eyes: “Old patriarch, your memory is really good! I’m his fourth daughter. My name is Rosie. I’m sorry that I have disturbed your meal. This is a little gift as an apology.” Afterward, she took out a fine small box and opened it. Inside was an exquisite platinum necklace for women,

The few women sitting in the middle of the table stretched their necks to check the box. Their eyes glowed with excitement.

Old Fulin smiled: “I won’t be offended by a member of the younger generation.”

Rosie saw that the gift didn’t tempt him. She looked at him and put the gift on the table: “Old patriarch younger generation is here to find Mr. Dean. Mr. Dean is a member of your consortium, so I’m going to be straightforward. I have heard that Mr. Dean created a new weapon called ‘military crossbow’. We as Scott consortium are interested in buying the sales and production rights to it.”

Dudian was surprised as he didn’t expect the Scott consortium to get the news so soon and rush over to talk about business. Although Scott consortium was one of the three major consortia but being able to get information out of ‘Temple of Elements’ wasn’t an easy feat. It seems Scott consortium’s efficiency was fast and the information channels were deep.

Old Fulin glanced at Dudian and said to Rosie: “It is Mr. Dean’s private affair. He has the right to decide so you should talk directly with him.”

Rosie was relieved to know that Dudian wasn’t bound by the contract to the Ryan consortium. Otherwise, it would be hard to grab the piece from old fox’s hands. They would undoubtedly pay a bigger price to get their hands on the new weapon.

“Are you aware of the value and the assessment given by the temple to this crossbow?” Dudian asked. When he had come up with the new textile machine, the other consortia were able to copy it free of charge. However, after he joined the ‘Temple of Elements’ he knew that protection of property rights existed. There were patents. However, this only applied to the members of the Temple. Ordinary civilians would not have such a luxury.


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