DK – Ch 254

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The Dark King – Chapter 254

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Two people appeared side by side at the entrance of the hall.

“Is it that little guy who had complained?” The handsome middle-aged man on the right side looked at Dudian and said: “I did not expect that such a juvenile created the new textile machine. How unfortunate!”

“He may have invented a new type of the textile machine. It may be his ability. But the knowledge of wood elements is profound. There is no end to the amount of knowledge to be studied. However, he wantonly blasphemies the product of my teacher! Arrogant! Very arrogant! His future won’t be a good one! ” Step by step they went into the hall. Both of them were nearly one meter and eighty centimeters tall. They had bright silver robes draped on them. The attention of the surrounding people was attracted over to them.

Dudian heard the excitement of the crowd at the rear and slightly looked at sideways. He saw two people with extraordinary temperament walking along the steps. His eyesight was excellent, so he read the name plates on their chests. Afterward, he resumed his normal stance and looked at his front.

Tiffany and the handsome middle-aged person came to the appeal stage. The middle-aged man stopped by the stage and sat in the front row. Tiffany quietly looked at Dudian. She saw that the boy was not even looking at her. Her eyebrows wrinkled in anger, but she didn’t say anything. Tiffany grabbed the chair and sat by her desk. She looked at the ‘snake crossbow’ invented by her teacher. She gently stroked it and looked up at the youth in front of her. This time their eyes crossed each other. There was indifference in her eyes as if she was overlooking everything around her.

The youth sitting opposite to her had a dull face. His eyes were as dark as a deep pool. It was difficult to see through.

Tiffany slightly frowned. She snorted and recovered her eyes.

After a moment, the discussion between the architects got a bit more heated. The voices echoing in the hall got bigger and almost filled the whole hall. You would normally see so many people gathered only when a senior architect and a master would debate.

Three figures slowly came to the seats between Tiffany and Dudian. They were led by an old man whose hair had whitened. He was wearing a master medal on his chest. The two in the rear were senior architects.

“It is master Celsus!”

“Geez! I would have never thought that a master would rule over such a debate!”

“I’m jealous of the little guy who got the ‘epoch’ medal!”

The audience in the rear was talking non-stop.

“Quiet!” The middle-aged man who sat on the right side of master Celsus hit the table with a hammer and shouted. The audience suddenly quietened down.

“We are here for the case of Mr. Dean. His task was to improve the ‘snake crossbow’. The architect may begin his argument. Please speak Mr. Dean.” Master Celsus said, as his eyes fell on Dudian’s body. He was interested what the little guy who got the medal would do.

Dudian nodded and stood up. He grabbed the military crossbow and directly looked at Tiffany: “My task was to improve the snake crossbow. It is the work of Miss Tiffany’s master. I only needed to meet two requirements. However, after successfully completing the task, I didn’t get the right result from Miss Tiffany. Please give me an explanation!”

The audience was surprised. “Give an explanation!?”

Tiffany’s eyebrows lifted as she slowly stood up and spoke in a cold tone: “Unqualified. I have already given an explanation to you! Although your crossbow has gone through a transformation, it is less than original. Anyone can do that. The task was that the effect of transformation had to be higher than that of the snake crossbow. Do you think that thing in your hand meets this point?” Her tone wasn’t polite.

Everyone turned towards Dudian. Their eyes fell on the crossbow in his hand. There was a curiosity in their eyes as they wanted to hear his explanation.

Dudian quietly looked at Tiffany. However, he didn’t show the military crossbow in his hand. Instead, he asked: “Of course I was satisfied with that point. Why else would I submit the crossbow?”

“I know that you had invented the new type of the textile machine and won the ‘epoch’ medal. But you still need a bit of modesty.” She said in a relentless tone.

Dudian sneered: “I don’t understand why you are talking about something which has nothing to do with the crossbows. Today we aren’t here to talk about textile machines. I’m asking you again. Did you try to use my crossbow? If you tried, please indicate which parts were defective?”

Tiffany’s face slightly changed. She didn’t carefully check the crossbow given by the Dudian. It was very different from the snake crossbow invented by her teacher. It was a completely different crossbow. Especially the moment when she had heard that it had taken only half a day to produce the crossbow, she was lazy to check anything. Some people couldn’t produce such a thing after a month, how was the kid going to succeed in half a day?

Dudian saw that she delayed and didn’t speak, so he sneered: “In my opinion, you simply didn’t carefully review and examine my work. You just directly gave a negative result because the shape of my crossbow and the one made by your teacher is different. Did you think that I’m destined to fail because I’m a newcomer? Pride, prejudice, and arrogance make people look stupid. The world is very large, and nothing is impossible. Today I’m here to plead and to tell you that my work is qualified more than enough. It is a child made by me! I won’t allow anyone to underestimate it and have contempt for it. Especially someone like you. Today I’ll be naming it under everyone’s attention.” There was hatred and killing intent in his eyes as he talked.

Tiffany smiled in fury and anger: “Pride? The arrogant one is you! ”

Dudian indifferently looked at her as he raised the military crossbow in his hand so that the audience could see. His loud voice spreads all over the audience: “This is my work, and its name is ‘military crossbow’! I admit that my crossbow does not have any relationship to the snake crossbow. It isn’t an improvement of the snake crossbow, but it’s a new type of an original work! And I can very directly say that I didn’t choose to improve snake crossbow because it is too backward and should have been eliminated a long time ago! There is no need to improve it as its starting point was wrong. Putting effort, energy, and resources to improve the snake crossbow is nothing but a waste!


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