DK – Ch 253

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The Dark King – Chapter 253

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!



The study room on the second floor of the Ryan Castle.

Old Fulin held the letter in his hands for a long time without uttering a word.

Sander was standing on the other side of the table. He saw Old Fulin’s facial expression and asked: “Father! Has something happened to Dean in the Temple?”

Old Fulin was silent as he handed the letter over to him. Sander reached out and took the letter. He couldn’t wait to read it. However, as he read the content, his expression changed. He said in a hurry: “He wants to debate? The senior architects are more knowledgeable than him. How is he going to defend himself in front of the public? It’s been less than a month that he has joined the Temple of Elements… This, this… ”

Old Fulin was thinking, so he didn’t reply to Sander.

“We should contact him and ask him to withdraw the plea,” Sander said to the Old Fulin.: “It was the first time that he had done a task in the Temple, and it was natural for him to fail. Since the last time that he had received the ‘epoch’ medal, many wealthy businessmen have come to join our consortium. Although we have rejected all of them, we still maintain a business relationship. Moreover, if he can’t do anything in the debate, then the fame and prestige we have established will be shattered!”

Old Fulin slowly asked: “Do you think he is someone that is impatient?”

Sander was stunned at the question. He thought about Dudian. He remembered the calm smile on the boy’s face. The first time when Sander had met him the boy gave a kind of unfathomable feeling. The anxiety in his heart disappeared, but Sander still continued: “Father, after all, he has joined the Temple of Elements. He didn’t have contact with such knowledge before. Even if he is calm and clever, but it doesn’t mean that… Unless he has a plan of his own!? I was just worried that he got awarded with the medal and would act on impulse as he would be afraid to lose face.”

“A man who has been able to make a perfect jailbreak would never act on emotions and impulses. Unless he faces a crisis of imminent death.” Old Fulin continued to speak slowly: “Although I don’t know the purpose of his action I know that certainly there is a plan. The kid is a daredevil. After a few years, the old foxes controlling those other consortiums would not be his opponent!”

Sander saw Old Fulin’s relaxed expression.

“You send someone to notify him that if he needs our help, we are ready at any time.” Old Fulin ordered.

Sander hesitated, but still confirmed: “Yes.”

All the other consortiums had gotten the news. Most of them thought that Dudian had acted on impulse and pleaded for a debate as he failed to complete the task. For them, the knowledge was gathered through a long time of studying, research, and failure. The mind needed to grow with the accumulation of knowledge and experience. They could understand and accept it even if Dudian failed his first task. He would be considered a genius if he could complete his first task successfully.

The Temple of Elements.

Dudian was in his research room continuing the production of a lightning rod. In the blink of an eye, two days passed. Dudian’s lightening rod was almost finished. He had made almost everything. Now he had to assemble the parts and melt the iron pulp and pour it into the mold.

Knock! Knock!

Dudian sensed the smell of the previous apprentice knight. He opened the door and saw the youth standing at the door. The apprentice had a cautious look on his face. There were a card and an envelope in his hands. The youth was scared when he saw the door suddenly open. : “This-this is for you.”

Dudian nodded and reached out to grab them. The card was his pass (ID) from the Temple. He opened the envelope and checked the contents of the letter: “Tomorrow morning at seven o’clock….” He smiled and threw the letter into the trash box.

Dudian packed up his materials and called a carriage which was standing outside the castle and went back to his castle.

This carriage was for his exclusive use. It was free of charge and arranged by the Temple of Elements. It was one of the small advantages of being the member of the Temple.

“Black Death Season” April 22nd.

Six thirty in the morning.

Dudian’s carriage drove through the Church Mountain. It was headed over to the Architect’s Hall, built in between tenth and eleventh castle. It looked like a classic cathedral but covered an area of thousands of square meters. It was an extremely spacious and huge place. There was an eight-meter tall statue in front of the hall. It was holding books in his hands. It referred to the dedication of the architects towards improving people’s living environment.

Dudian saw dozens of carriages parked outside the hall as he got off the carriage. There were some carriages which had banners and flags of different noble families on them. Most probably they had spent a lot of money only to come here to watch the debate.

Dudian narrowed his eyes and patted his clothes. Afterward, he calmly walked towards the hall.

“Look, that is Dean, the creator of the new textile machine!”

“It’s him!”

The nearby architects began to call out and tell his name as Dudian stepped out of the carriage. It would give him more recognition.

Dudian was surprised as there were no cameras in this era. Moreover, newspapers would only have text, but no pictures. If there was big news that needed an illustration, then they had to ask a painter to sketch the outline of the appearance. In such circumstances, he didn’t think that there would be so many people who knew his appearance. The charm of the ‘epoch’ medal was unbelievable.

Dudian didn’t stay long and quickly entered the hall as he saw these people gather over.

The hall was extremely spacious. There were rows of neat seats. The front was an open place meant for the people to defend themselves.

At the moment, half of the seats were occupied. There were about two or three hundred people. Dudian estimated that people sitting in the final row would be from an ordinary background as they wouldn’t hear the arguments spoken in the front.

He went straight to the middle of the aisle and sat down on the left side. There was a desk where his name was written. Moreover, the military crossbow made by him was placed on that desk. On the other desk, there was the snake crossbow. However, the other side hasn’t appeared yet.


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  1. This seriously feels like some xianxia bullshit where everyone is like “omg he arrogant” but in the end he will probably win and everyone will be impressed

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