DK – Ch 252

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The Dark King – Chapter 252

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


The news of Dudian making a plea for his defense in the mission hall had spread to the ears of everyone in the Temple and consortia. The success or failure of the task was a trivial matter. Normally an intermediate architect would not cause such attention. But Dudian was the person who had acquired the ‘epoch’ medal. Moreover, he was the figure most closely watched by the masters of the Temple.

“Is he the architect who got the ‘epoch’ medal?”

“I heard that his first task was to improve ‘snake crossbow’. He took only half a day to complete the task. The speed is fast but didn’t pass. Oh! He should see what real architects are. He should know that he can’t create miracles with a bit of knowledge and luck.”

“He was just a tailor’s son. It was the influence of his father that he was able to create such a new textile machine. It’s only been a month or so that he has joined the Temple. However the ‘snake crossbow’ is a different object. This is a military product and wasn’t meant for civilians. He wouldn’t understand its structure in such a short time. Although it is under the wood element faction, it doesn’t mean that it is an easy job to do! Moreover, Tiffany, the examiner for the ‘snake crossbow’ is known as a cold person. She respects the object created by her teacher a lot. It wouldn’t be easy to change her mind unless the improvement would be very extraordinary.”

“Yes. The newcomer has bad luck!”

“Don’t say so. It shows that in Tiffany’s eyes the man who won the ‘epoch’ medal is not worthy. It is a good thing that she suppressed the arrogance of the newcomer. He has to understand that making progress isn’t easy!”

“Haha, I still don’t understand why they have given the ‘epoch’ medal to a tailor’s son! Talk about it!”

Some senior architects talked about the newcomer in their castles at the Church Mountain. They were extremely concerned as the ‘epoch’ medal was one of the most heavyweight medals given by the ‘Temple of Elements’. It was an achievement which could not be reached by most in their lifetime.

It represented a change of the era for architects every time the medal was given.

Mount Er. The Burong family.

“Defending his case?” Rudolph swept over the content of the letter which was handed to him by the butler. He sneered: “The higher he gets, the harder the fall will be. Only one day to improve such an item? He doesn’t know how to stay low-key. He didn’t even take the advantage of the rest of the time to complete the task but has asked for a plea! Most of the masters will be watching the show too!”

Rudolph knew that Dudian’s father was a tailor so he should come in contact with the textile machines a lot. But the snake crossbow was not a civilian product. Although he knew that Dudian was a hunter that was just a career. If all the hunters knew how to invent, then all the hunters would be master level architects for military products.

Mel family.

In the garden of the castle, a middle-aged man was leaning back in the chair. He was sitting lazily and enjoying the tea. His belly was full as he had eaten the lunch. The gestures made by the man showed that he was part of a contemporary aristocratic family. His name was Mark. Mark Mel once led the consortium like a tiger. He had created a business miracle when he was young. As a result, the weak family had risen under his leadership. Mark was considered as a role model and a target of worship by many wealthy businessmen because of his feats. A 16-year-old slender girl with beautiful cheeks and small mouth was standing opposite to him. She was Mark’s only daughter. Sarah Mel.

Sarah was much more beautiful, lively and elegant in comparison to a few years ago. She gently tasted the tea in the cup and put back the cup on the table.

“Father, I know Jenny’s temper. She has brains but is not a social person. I just secretly sent the news of that person to her so that she will never forget him. In this way, she will never promise her father to marry into another family.” Sarah’s lips curved up into a smile:” Her mother died after she was born. Afterward, the relationship between her father and Jenny had become unstable, and there is a barrier between them. Instead of cherishing her the relationship between the father and daughter had ruptured.”

Mark listened to his daughter’s words. There was a smile on his face: “So her relations with her father aren’t good.”

Sarah sighed: “In fact, Jenny is a good playmate.”

“If you don’t have the heart, then I can handle this matter.” Mark smiled.

Sarah looked at him and shook her head. At this time footsteps echoed and the butler quickly came over to them. He saluted and handed over an envelope: ”Master, it’s from the ‘Temple of Elements’”

Mark took the envelope and tore the cover. He grabbed the letter and pulled it out. He glanced at the letter. “The little guy. He has failed the task. But because of his age can’t have the sufficient strength to bear the shame. You always have to pay the price when you get things that don’t belong to you. ”

Sarah’s voice resounded: “Is that little the poet?”

“Well, his poem is good.” Mark smiled: “At least it is at a higher level than his architect knowledge.” After reading the letter, he gave it to Sarah. He never prohibited her daughter from being involved in the family business. On the contrary, he would always take the initiative and made Sarah deal with small things. He was nurturing her from the earliest age to be able to deal with this aspect of life.

Sarah took a glance and shook her head: “So impetuous. I wouldn’t expect from someone who had written such a beautiful poem. Well, his poetry is full of arrogance and stubbornness… ”

“He is not mature enough… He shouldn’t be humiliated with such a result…” Mark sighed deeply and said to his daughter.



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  1. In the end Sarah was never a true “friend” it seems! Just a noble girl to comfort Jenny whose a cage bird… I hope they all pay!

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