DK – Ch 251

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The Dark King – Chapter 251

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!



“I’m going to submit the task.” Dudian looked at him and said: “What about you?”

Bernard was stunned: “Submit the task? The tasks were released today. You! … Did it take you half a day to complete it?”

Dudian replied: “The task asked to improve the ‘snake crossbow’. I have an improved version. I just don’t know if it will meet the requirements of the task.”

“Improved ‘snake crossbow’?” Bernard saw two crossbows on his shoulder. He was stunned: “Is it the first time you have received such a difficult task?” Bernard saw the puzzled express on Dudian’s face, so he continued: “It is one of the most troublesome tasks out there. The task itself is not high level, but the creator’s student Tiffany is a problem. If there is not a good or small change, then she would even deduct points.!”

Dudian’s brows wrinkled but he didn’t reply.

“Is this your improvement? The shape seems to be very different to the ‘snake crossbow’.” Bernard looked at him and smiled: “This is a fundamental change. It will be very hard to pass. You should go and recreate it.”

Dudian shook his head: “No! I improved this to serve the public rather than the person who would be examining my product.” He went towards the Temple as he finished talking.

“I’ll accompany you,” Bernard said and followed behind Dudian.

There were more than a dozen figures in the mission hall of the Temple. Some were selecting tasks while the others are hanging tasks or modifying them. One of the counters was used to sell materials to architects. They could be bought with points. If the task failed, then not only, they would deduct points, but the materials purchased for completing the task would be lost too.

It was made this way to maintain the level of usage in the Temple difficult. This way gaining a firm foothold and progress in the Temple would be only through hard work. After a significant contribution was made then architects could move up a level, get a medal or became a master.

“I am here to submit a task.” Dudian came to a stop in front of a counter. No people were queuing in this counter. However, the people who stood by the other counters to receive the tasks were lined up. All of them looked at Dudian.

A chunky middle-aged man froze the moment he heard Dudian’s words. He looked up and asked: “You want to submit a task?”

Dudian nodded in confirmation.

The chunky man blinked his eyes. Since he started working here, he had only seen three times when the task was submitted on the first day of release. He sat up.: “Give me the task notice and results.”

Dudian handed over the notice card and two crossbows.

Middle-aged man looked at crossbows and then at the notice card.: “Alright. The task was to improve the ‘snake crossbow’. The audit time is one to three days. You should go back. I’ll give you notice when the result is out.”

Dudian nodded slightly.

Bernard looked at Dudian as he submitted the crossbow: “I wish you could pass the task.”

Dudian didn’t reply.

Dudian came over to the commercial district after leaving the Temple. He went through some shops to get metal materials. He was ready to create his second item – the lightning rod.

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye, two days passed.

On this day Dudian was fiddling with a lightning rod in his room which was meant for the wood element. There wasn’t a furnace for melting, which caused him to manufacture the lightning rod very slowly. He had to go back to his castle for smelting. However, the tools in his research room were excellent. He had used them to make a mold.

Knock! Knock!

A sound from the door echoed out.

Dudian stopped the work in his hand and approached to open the door. He looked out and saw a youth wearing apprentice knight of light’s uniform. There was an envelope in his hand. Dudian asked: “Is it the reply for the task?”

The youth was a bit nervous as he saw Dudian: “Yes, yes.”

Dudian took the envelope: “Thanks.” He shut the door and opened the envelope. He took out the letter and read the content. There were lots of polite words, but the meaning was straightforward: “Unqualified!”

Dudian’s eyebrows lifted as anger surged in his heart. He knew from Bernard that such a thing might occur, but he still hoped for a rational answer. He hoped that they would understand the value of his military crossbow. Although it was not a surprising development, there was a great progress. Apparently, the other side couldn’t appreciate the value of this military crossbow. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such a result!

Dudian’s eyes turned gloomy as he opened the door and quickly went down the stairs. He walked towards the mission hall of the Temple.

The apprentice knight heard the footsteps and looked back. He saw Dudian coming quickly, and there was anger on his face. He was stunned as his legs trembled. However, soon he found that Dudian wasn’t looking for him. The apprentice knight’s face showed relief.

Dudian’s eyes swept away the mission hall. He went towards the counter and found the chunky middle-aged man. The man was reading a book. He stated with an angry tone: “I want a review! I don’t agree with the audit of the examiner.”

The chunky middle-aged man was stunned but immediately recognized Dudian. He frowned: “The audit is done by a senior architect. You should go and check your problems.”

Coldness flashed by Dudian’s eyes as killing intent radiated off him: “There is a provision that if I’m not satisfied with the review result that I can debate in the Temple! I have the right to see the examiner!”

The middle-aged man saw Dudian’s ‘cold as knife’ eyes. His face slightly changed: “I will give you the notice. You should go back.”

Dudian looked at him coldly but did not say anything. He turned and left.

The chunky middle-aged man found that there was a bit of cold sweat on his spine after Dudian had left. He hesitated for a bit but took a stack of stationery from the drawer and began to write quickly.

Ninth castle. Temple of Elements.

A woman was sitting on the third floor by the desk. She was sorting out the information about her research. The conditions of a senior architect were much different to an intermediate architect. The senior architect would get a separate building in the castle. The environment would be quiet. There would be no one else to do experiments in different rooms so they wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone.

A pigeon flew through the window and stood in front of the woman. She took out the letter and read it. The original calm face slightly changed: “Not convinced?”


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    1. the guy he meet on the first day when he arrive at temple. the guy who need to formulate all stuff before he can go ahead and do experiment and condemn those other architect that can do experience without lack of money since they mingle with noble.

  1. Lots and lots of new characters are appearing. Let us concoct a memory enhancement pill so that we can remember them all!

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