DK – Ch 249

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The Dark King – Chapter 249

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“I have recently improved the corrosive acidic mist. I have added red fruit and the venom of the crocodile snake. Theoretically, the red fruit is the best choice to reconcile the poison of the crocodile snake and achieve a strong level of corrosion. If I complete the project, then the corrosion of metal would be possible!” Momo excitedly said.

There was a smile on Dudian’s face. He saw Momo’s frantic expression which was opposite to his normal shy appearance: “The venom won’t be enough to corrode the metal. It is almost impossible to do it with two different substances. It would be good if you start from the metal itself.”

“From the metal itself?” Momo was puzzled.

Dudian said: “Under normal circumstances, the metal will corrode and rust. But it takes time. However, it’s not about the corrosion of the metal itself but the time for moisture, dust and so on to affect the metal’s erosion. In short, the process of erosion of the metal can be called ‘oxidization’.”

“Ox-what?” Momo, Kim, and Jin were confused as they had never heard of the word.

Dudian knew that it was very hard for them to understand. After all the periodic table has not been produced yet. They were not aware of the presence of oxygen let talk about oxidization. Dudian said: “Normally the water slowly disappears the same applies to the metal.”

Kim thoughtfully said: “The water is absorbed by the temperature in the air and disappears. What do you mean? Will the metal be absorbed by temperature? Or will it be absorbed by the dust?”

Dudian saw that she touched the edge of knowledge: “The water is in a liquid state, so it disappears quickly. However, the metal is solid. It will take much slower for it to disappear. For example, in a few years, it will rust and rot. In a decade or hundred years, it will turn into a liquid state. But it would be incomplete. So after a thousand years that rotten state wouldn’t be left.”

Jin nodded and said: “Yes. So to speak the dust can even corrode the metal. It is amazing in a sense.”

Momo bowed his head as he contemplated on the issue. He muttered: “If it is so and the dust can corrode the metal… The dust is from the soil and the soil is made of rocks. The rock must have something to be able to corrode the metal.”

Dudian looked at him but didn’t continue to say that the most common thing to corrode the metal would be natural non-sulfuric acid. He could produce it, and if he submitted it, then it would get him very good award points.

“You carefully analyze everything.” Kim looked at Dudian.

Dudian smiled and replied: “Everything was made by the God of Light. That’s why I can get inspiration from everything that he gives us.”

“The teacher often warns us that we have to learn to observe the world. The truth is hidden in every corner of the world. Everything is in front of us, but we can’t see through the illusions.” Kim sighed as she said.

Dudian nodded slightly and felt the same way.

Time flew by and the night came.

The banquet ended in splendor. The guests began to leave one by one.

Dudian and Kerry stood by the door and sent the guests away. After the influential nobles left Dudian returned to the hall. The rest were bid farewell by Kerry as most of them were from smaller factions.

“We should get back.” Kim stood up when she saw Dudian come back.

Dudian asked: “Aren’t you going to stay a bit longer?”

“No, the teachers are tired.” Kim laughed: “The next time we can have a better chat. I believe that soon you will become a senior architect. Afterward, I can ask the teacher to let you work with us. In that case, we can talk and discuss many things every day.”

Dudian laughed: “Of course.”

Both masters finished the tea in their cups and stood up. They saw the expressions of their students. The old man on the left said: “We will leave now. In the future, if you have a need for help don’t be shy to ask any of my two students.”

Dudian nodded in appreciation.

“I heard that you had gone and asked old Eivissa for the task. His studies are way too dangerous. One day he will kill himself. You should concentrate on the wood element.” The other old man earnestly said.

Dudian nodded and said: “I know.”

Both masters looked at him, but no longer said anything. They left as their students followed after them.

The other aristocrats greeted them, but both masters didn’t even take a glance. They directly left the hall. The aristocrats who tried to approach them were embarrassed.

“Finally finished.” Kerry returned to the hall: “It was nice to see that two masters and three senior architects came over to congratulate you. Although you are an intermediate architect, I believe that in their hearts you are not inferior to a senior architect.”

Dudian nodded. This was the influence of the masters. Just by appearing in the banquet they had improved his ‘worth’.

“I was hard on you today,” Dudian said to Kerry: “Next time the meal is on me.”

Kerry smiled: “Alright, I will remember that.”

Dudian knew that Kerry was involved in staff management, but his character was sleek and people appreciated him a lot because of his generosity.

At the moment, there were no guests left in the hall. However, servants were sorting the garbage and cleaning the tables. Dudian found Old Fulin who was sitting on the sofa: “Patriarch, I’ll send you back.”

“Alright.” Old Fulin smiled and knew that Dudian had something to tell him in private.

Dudian bid farewell to Kerry. He helped Old Fulin to leave the hall. There was a cold wind blowing outside the manor. Dudian looked at the simple coat Old Fulin was wearing. He took off his coat and made Old Fulin wear it.

Sander saw Dudian’s move, but he stayed silent as he followed Old Fulin and Dudian.

“Master.” The butler and coachman were standing in front of the carriage.

“We are going back.” Old Fulin ordered them.

Dudian helped him to get on the carriage. Butler and Sander used the second carriage.

It was late in the night, so the Ryan Castle was quiet. As Dudian and the others went into the castle, they saw a girl sleeping in the living room. She was Old Fulin’s granddaughter Lena. She was 14 years old. It seems she was waiting for them but fell asleep in the living room. Servants had covered her with a thin quilt.

“What happened?” Old Fulin looked at her.

One of the maids whispered: “Lena was waiting for you, sire. She fell asleep in here, and we didn’t want to disturb her. I will wake her up.”

Old Fulin looked at the sleeping girl’s face. He sighed and said: “Take her back to her room.” Then he relied on crutches to walk upstairs to the second floor.

Dudian helped old Fulin while he took a glance at the girl lying on the sofa. Barton and the others had given him full information about Old Fulin’s family. The girl was the daughter of Old Fulin’s fourth daughter. The fourth daughter had married a wealthy businessman but died while giving birth to her daughter. Old Fulin took back his granddaughter and took care of her for her mother’s sake.

The maid woke up Lena. The girl opened her sleepy eyes and looked around. She saw Old Fulin and Dudian walk upstairs. She bit her lips and wanted to tell something, but was stopped by the maid. The maid whispered: “The master is tired and asked us to take you back to your room.”

Lena looked at her. She was slightly bitter but didn’t say anything. She got up and left for her room.



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  1. I hope nothing bad happens to Old Fulin. He’s akin to grandpa doehring right now even though Dean threatened him initially but it’s for both party’s benefit.

  2. Dudian get that thing called blessing shot and give it to old fulin so he can atleast walk straight and a bit more healthy… It shouldn’t be too expensive since even the lowest of the lowest hunter gets 1 each month and senior hunters gets dozens a month. One of that medicine would give old Funlin a bit of more life so he won’t bit the dust before Dudian’s plans give fruit atleast…

    1. Not sure if the old guy would even be able to handle it. From what we know, the shot gave those who were specially trained for three years lots of pain and mutates their bodies to give them tremendous strength. If we’re being scientific, the mutation process would put a lot of strain on the old guy’s body.

  3. Don’t tell me the girl is an love interest or something!!? Please, enough of love just slaughter, hahahahah LOL, just joking… But at least make the love interest capable… And knows what she’s doing.

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