DK – Ch 248

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The Dark King – Chapter 248

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


The gifts given by aristocrats amounted to a small hill. Afterward, he began to chat with them. Such a grand banquet was a rare opportunity, and many tried to communicate with other aristocrats for interpersonal relationships.

Some time when by.

The banquet was half-way gone when someone suddenly trotted over and whispered something in Kerry’s ear.

Kerry was stunned at the man’s words. However, his face turned happy and a bit excited. He looked at Dean and whispered.: “Two masters have come. I’m going to meet them.” He immediately rushed towards the door.

Dudian was slightly surprised at the moment. According to Kerry, the Temple wouldn’t easily disturb master architects. If it were normal times, then the Temple would invite masters to the ‘epoch’ medal awarding ceremony, but because of special circumstances, they haven’t invited anyone. Dean didn’t expect that masters would voluntarily come to the party.

The castle’s door was pushed open, and two old men went in as Kerry led them. They were wearing exquisite robes meant for master architects. Behind them, two middle-aged men and one middle-aged woman went in.  The design, style, and color of their clothing were different from the ones old men wore. But Dudian knew that they were dressed in robes meant for senior architects.

The aristocrats close to the door suppressed their voices and exclaimed in surprise the moment they saw the new guests.

The appearance of guests quickly spread through whispers to Rudolph, Old Fulin, and other nobles’ ears. Everyone looked back as there was surprise on their faces. The aristocrats who were sitting on the sofas and resting stood up to show respect to the newcomer guests.

Dudian felt the weight, charm, and value of the ‘Temple of Elements’ as he saw the reaction of many aristocrats. He quickly went over to greet the masters. Both old men were smiling. There were wisdom and experience reflected in their eyes. They were dressed plainly, and at the edges, there was a bit of dust. It seems they were more concentrated on research rather than social life.

“Greetings Masters.” Dudian went up to them.

The old man on the left slightly smiled.: “You are the creator of the new textile machine. Huh. You have got the ‘epoch’ medal before you joined the ‘Temple of Elements’. You are the second one with such a feat. Hogan was awarded an ‘epoch’ medal 50 years ago because of inventing ‘Hogan crossbow’. His weapon dominated the civil war.”

“Thank you.”

The old man on the right laughed.: “We have just learned the news about the banquet. We took the liberty to disturb you so please don’t take offense.”

Dudian saw that he was polite, so he replied.: “It is my honor that two masters are willing to attend the banquet. It’s my fault that I couldn’t greet both masters at the door as I didn’t expect for you to come. Please enjoy yourselves.”

“Get us two chairs so that we can sit and rest.” The old man on the left smiled and said to Kerry.

Kerry immediately replied.: “Of course, get two chairs for both masters.” He waved to the servants to immediately act.

The old man on the right nodded and turned towards the three behind them.: “You should chat with Mr. Dean. Although he is younger than you, he isn’t less knowledgeable than you.”

“Yes, teacher.”


The two middle-aged men and the woman immediately replied with a respectful attitude.

The aristocrats surrounding them couldn’t help but look at Dudian. They didn’t think that a juvenile who has to joined the Temple for a few days could get such high evaluation from the two masters. Some of them regretted that the gifts that they gave to Dudian weren’t that expensive.

Rudolph’s eyes were gloomy. His fingers applied a bit more force and tightly held the wine glass in his hand.

Dudian greeted the students of the Masters after both of them left.

“Hello, my name is Momo.” One of the middle-aged men exposed a shy smile.: “It’s our first meeting, but I haven’t brought you anything. I’m sorry for that, but when we are back at the Temple if you lack any material I can get it for you. But it shouldn’t be too expensive.” His face reddened.

Dudian didn’t think that the person who was so old would act like a shy boy.: “Thank you very much! If I face problems through my experiments, then I will look for your advice.”

“I would like to discuss some topics too.” Momo happily replied.

There was a trace of helplessness and disdain in the other middle-aged man’s eyes. He looked at Dudian.: “Hello, my name is Jin. I am a major in military equipment and engineering. I heard that you are still a hunter. In the future, if you need equipment than I can give you several sets free of charge. I have improved bows and arrows of my own.”

Dudian touched his nose.: “I will trouble you in the future.”

“Mr. Dean.” The middle-aged woman called out.

The woman looked at Dudian and introduced herself.: “My name is Kim. Like you I’m studying on experiments that focus on civil issues. Your new textile machine has inspired me a lot. Thank you very much!” She bent on ceremony.

Such a move made many aristocrats gasp. They fancied Dudian’s new textile machine because of the monetary value and benefits it had brought. They didn’t think that such an invention would make even a senior architect pay tribute in such a manner!

Dudian was quite surprised. However, he had grown up in a family of scientists. He had seen lots of scientists and researchers. Normally they would be very excited when they saw extraordinary research material. Dudian was aware of the significance of the new textile machine more than anyone. It would open a new era. The era of steam machines would be steps away. Moreover, humanity’s conquest of the earth would begin from here on. It was an important starting point for humanity.

Senior architects were able to understand the significant importance of the new textile machines.

“No need for that…” Although Dudian was surprised, his hands quickly held up her and gently made her stand.

Kim saw Dudian’s move and nodded slightly.: “Let’s talk on the side.”

All of them nodded in affirmation and went towards the edge of the hall and found a sofa to sit down.

The trio understood that Dudian wasn’t aware of the basic knowledge of the elements. However, they found out that Dudian wasn’t ignorant either. He had his unique insights. Moreover, Dudian was confident and convincing in his speech.

The conversation touched more in-depth subjects as four of them talked about from one topic to the other. Unknowingly they had come to talk about high-level experiments.


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