DK – Ch 247

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The Dark King – Chapter 247

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


There was a flash of coldness in Rudolph’s eyes as he heard sounds of warm praises around him. He could feel that this poem was meant as a counterattack. Stand together behind the tree? Humph! There was a faint smile on his face, but he sneered. If Dudian had reached today’s achievements and identity earlier on, he might have considered him, but after today he would not! He didn’t think that Dudian will be an obedient and well-behaved son-in-law.

Dudian looked around at nobles. He covered his chest and stood like a gentleman in front of the crowd: “This poem is called ‘Oak’.”

“Good poem, good poem!”

“Oak! Oaks seem to have disappeared a long time ago.”

Nobles joined in to warmly applaud and praise him. In fact, they sincerely exclaimed when they heard Dudian say the name of the poem. They knew that it was not an arbitrary writing of the lyrics, but had an unusual meaning.

Oak was a long extinct old tree. He had borrowed the word oak to pay tribute to love. This kind of artistic expression was unique!


The nobles respected poets and bards. For ordinary civilians, the poets were bards who made soul shaking poems. However, aristocrats loved this kind of poems. Especially the noble ladies.

Bards sang out beautiful stories, however, compared to traditional classic poets the bard’s threshold was lower. The bard’s combined poetry and story to give the hype. Their singing was mainly for demands of civilian appetite. Nobles were dismissive of this kind of poetry.

“Thank you.” Dudian continued: “I don’t want to disturb the banquet. Please continue.” He made a gesture, and the aristocrats dispersed slowly.

Kerry looked at Dudian and laughed: “I was worried that you would be weak. But you are worthy of a hunter. Quite bold! If I didn’t know you, I would doubt that you didn’t grow up in an aristocratic family. Especially your poem. I like that part about dignity and pride. Too good!”

Dudian smiled and did not say anything.

Kerry looked at spread nobles and said to Dudian: “Few senior nobles will come to greet you. You have to deal with them for the sake of performance. They won’t be rude. If there are nobles who want to ask you for cooperation, then decline politely. The Holy Church will take care of you. You only need to concentrate on studying your experiments. The Temple will manage every other aspect!”

Dudian nodded.

Soon aristocrats began to come over. The first to come was a tall, middle-aged man. He was holding onto a thirteen-year-old girl’s hand. She was very beautiful and attractive.

“Mr. Dean, Mr. Kerry.” The middle-aged man came towards Dudian and Kerry. He spoke in a polite tone: “I am Cole from the Kurt family. This is my little daughter Colley. I loved Mr. Dean’s poem. It was stunning. I never heard that Mr. Dean writes poetry. You are very talented.”

Dudian said: “Thank you.” His eyes swept over them. His daughter was looking at him with strong interest which she didn’t hide.

Dudian politely nodded at her and retracted his eyes. Cole laughed: “You are modest. I haven’t seen anyone at your age with the same level of achievement.”

“Haha … …” He wasn’t finished when laughter echoed from behind. A middle-aged man holding a small girl’s hand came over: “Cole, didn’t you use the same words last year?”

Cole looked back at the person and smiled: “Why are you slandering me?”

The man shrugged his shoulder and turned to Dudian: “Mr. Dean this is a gift from our Hamm family.” The man handed out a fine gift box.

Dudian has long been aware of the gift box. He didn’t think that it was meant to him: “It is too expensive, I can’t accept it.”

“Don’t hold back.” The middle-aged man laughed: “If you don’t accept it, then we will be offended.”

Dudian reached out, took the gift and said: “Thank you.”

“Mr. Dean, why don’t you look inside?”

Dudian opened the box as he heard him say so. There were a bunch of exquisite purple gems. By looking at the details, he knew that it was worth a lot of money. However, his face didn’t change, and he smiled back: “This is for a woman. I have no wife. What am I going to do with it?”

There was a trace of surprise in the middle-aged man’s heart as he saw Dudian’s calm look. He smiled: “I know you don’t have a wife, so I especially got this ‘Purple Star Chain’ for you. If you find the right girl, then give it to her.” He finished and winked at Dudian.

Dudian smiled: “Thank you.”

Another middle-aged man was coming towards him. Cole took the chance and immediately gave a gift to Dudian. It was a small gift box. There was a man’s pocket watch inside. It had a delicate built and seemed to be a valuable watch.

Dudian accepted it. The other nobles also gave gifts. Some were expensive some were not. Ordinary gifts clearly were symbolic. Dudian and the others were well aware of everything.

“This is the gift she has prepared for you.” Rudolph came towards Dudian and give him a box. He was smiling.

Dudian politely replied: “Thank you.”

Rudolph saw that Dudian’s expression didn’t fluctuate so he said a few words and left.

Dudian put away the gift box. Jenny’s smell wasn’t on the gift box. He understood that Rudolph tried to test his temptation. It made his heart, even colder towards him.


We shall end in here… There were slight hints in the previous chapters that could be tracked back to 10-20 chapters…

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  1. I just keep becoming astonished by the sucessives Plots Twist, its awesome. xD
    Thank you for your work man, we love you. S2

  2. Thanks for the mass release, normally I would thank you on every chapter you release. However I came late to the party.

    Anyways, thanks for the mass release!

  3. Lots of chapters…almost no progress :p
    if feels like since he came back from outside he is making a bomb and it will explode at any minute, but months have passed and the bomb still didnt explode XD

    Thanks for the chapters! Great work people!

      1. Yes, but I almost lost count of how many things were set up and none of them is been concluded XD This is making me tense XD
        “Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!””Its gonna explode!”

        Sorry for any offense in my language :p
        please dont mind me, the story is great!

        1. well remember he stard a lot of thing but dont finish a lot (because of times ), exaple the carrer of law . He can be stard back there when he was sick . For that I think if thit a bomb dont finish XD

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