DK – Ch 246

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The Dark King – Chapter 246

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Kerry and Dudian came towards the steps in the middle of the hall. Kerry cleared his throat: “You-”. His high pitched tone attracted the attention of the nobles. The whispers quietened, and the hall fell into silence. There was a smile on Kerry’s face as he continued: “Welcome to St. Peters. As all of you are aware, today is a grand day! You all know that ‘Temple of Elements’ recently gave birth to a new ‘epoch’ medal winner. In the three hundred years of history, there were only seventeen people who won this medal!”

“Each of them was a character who had affected their own time!”

He faced the eyes of the nobles. His tone was graceful as he continued: “I believe that you have heard about the new textile machine! You have seen the masterpiece given by the God of Light!”

There were smiles on faces on most of the nobles: “I have seen. We use them!”

“That is a great work of art!”

“Praise the glory of the God of Light!”

Kerry continued: “The emergence of the new textile machines didn’t just improve the efficiency of the production, but the God of Light gave us an enlightenment! This is a huge blueprint. In the future, lots of new masterpieces will be based on it. Our lives will be much better!”

Applause resounded in the hall.

Kerry smiled: “I’m not going to say too much as it is just a banquet tonight. I hope you will all enjoy yourselves. I would like to invite the hero of tonight’s gathering, the winner of the medal, the God’s architect, Mr. Dean!”

After he finished Kerry stepped down. Dudian who was waiting across the steps walked up. He was standing in the highest and most bright location. All the eyes were focused on him. He looked around and saw the aristocrats lined up. He remembered the party from many years ago when he was a scavenger. He remembered that Mel family’s daughter Sarah was in the spotlight while he was in a dark corner.

“Thank you for coming.” Dudian smiled as he calmly said. There was no timidness or weakness in his tone. The people began to clap to congratulate. If an average person were standing there, then they would lose themselves under this applause. But from the experience of hunting many monsters, Dudian’s instincts had become more sensitive. Rudolph was applauding and smiling at the same time as if nothing had happened between them. He could see the deep coldness under his smile.

Dudian removed his eyes and glanced at other nobles. Abel from the Milan family was here. The head of the Mel family was present too. There were about ten extraordinary people with the same temperament, standing in the first row. Behind them were the others. Dudian saw Old Fulin who was using crutches to stand up. There was a pleasant smile on his face.

Mace was standing in the crowd and looked at Dudian. He didn’t expect that this juvenile was the main protagonist of today’s party and the winner of the medal. There was anger in his eyes, but he restrained himself as a smile appeared on his face.

Dudian looked around the crowd and saw Annia at the outside parts. There were a middle-aged man and a lady dressed in velvet close to her. Although she was dressed decently in comparison to other ladies, she seemed low-key because of her jewelry and clothes.

Annia’s eyes met with his.

Dudian recovered his eyes and said: “I met a childhood friend and promised to tell her a poem. I would like to take advantage of this opportunity and say the poem. Please don’t make fun of me.

Kerry was slightly surprised: “A poem?”

Many aristocrats were stunned. One of them immediately reacted: “It is a pleasure to hear the poem from ‘epoch’ medal winner. Mr. Dean is really versatile!”

“Young and promising …”

The aristocrats at the back whispered to each other. But the top nobles at the first row slightly smiled and didn’t speak.

Dudian looked at Rudolph and began to chant the modern poetry that he had learned from the supercomputer chip:

“If I love you -”

” I will never be a trumpet creeper Clinging to your body to highlight my height.”

“If I love you -”

” I will never be a bird Repeating the monotonous song for a green shade.”

” Nor a spring That brings perennial cool solace.”

” Nor a steep peak That increases your highness, reflects your eminence.”

“Even daylight.”

” Even the spring rain.”

” No, all these are not sufficient!

“I must stand by your side, A tree with roots clinched underground, And leaves touching the cloud…”

Dudian slowly read the poem. The restless hall had become quiet. Only his voice echoed out as it revealed the aesthetic poem.

Dudian didn’t continue to read the second half of the poem. It was called Ode to the oak. The latter part wasn’t good for the occasion, so he retained.

Everyone knew that the poem had come to an end after Dudian’s voice no longer sounded for a long time. There was a surprise in their eyes. Most of them didn’t understand poetry, but nobles liked drama, poetry, music and other forms of art. In the eyes of the nobility the etiquette, education, and art were more expensive than wealth.

“Good poem!” An obese middle-aged noble cheered.

Other aristocrats recovered and applauded.

Annia was shocked as she stood behind the crowd. The scene from many years ago emerged in front of her eyes. She remembered the cold boy looking calmly at her. The words “I will never be a trumpet creeper Clinging to your body to highlight my height” had affected her. Although she didn’t know what trumpet creeper means, but she could understand the meaning of the verse. That stubborn kid was like that back then. The poem had deeply pierced her heart. She couldn’t directly look at Dudian as her head was lowered.


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    1. It’s normally called the trumpet vine and it clings to whatever it grows on, covering it. It’s quite pretty.

      The poem is about what love should be. So, not just be there as an accessory, or just whenever you feel like it, but be the tree to stand firm beside the other. But by omitting the latter (see ) part, he uses it as a way to show he knows her attentions and doesn’t care for them.

  1. using poem to reject someone. ah ahh ah… i want to be rejected like that in the future hehehe =d

  2. Second half:

    We nod to each other, When each gust passes by,

    But nobody Can understand our words.

    You have your iron body, Like a knife, a sword, As well as a halberd;

    I have my red flowers, Like a heavy sigh, And a valiant torch.

    We share cold, storms and thunders; We enjoy brume, mist and neons, Seems we are part always,

    But we are together forever.

    Only this can be called a great love, The loyalty is this: Not only your manful body I love, But also the place you hold, and the land under your foot.

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