DK – Ch 245

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The Dark King – Chapter 245

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“De, Dean?”

Dudian was passing by a long table when a soft and weak voice called out to him.

Dudian was surprised. He looked back and saw a slim and beautiful woman. She was dressed in a light pink skirt. She had a gentle temperament. He couldn’t help but wonder: “Who are you?” It seemed that he had never seen this girl.

“I-I am Annia.” There was a trace of disappointment in the girl’s eyes as she saw that Dudian didn’t recognize her. But she still took the initiative to introduce herself. Her face was red.: “I’m from the Avril house. We had met when we were young.”

“We were young?” Dudian was stunned, but he suddenly recalled her.: “Is it you?”

At the time of the adoption, Jura and Gray wanted him to join the Avril house. Fortunately, the other side wasn’t satisfied with the blind date. He remembered the beautiful girl who said the words which were sharper than a knife to his face. It was back then that he had realized the reality. As a result, he had begun to learn to adapt to the conditions and self-improve.

“I am.” Annia cheeks flushed: “I didn’t expect that you will become so handsome.”

Dudian smiled didn’t think that the beautiful girl had become a slim beauty. Her age should be just over twenty.

At the time of the separation, he didn’t hate the girl but thanked her. Now they met again after a long time. There was a touch of nostalgia in his heart.

“I hope you are not offended by my words from back then.” Annia slightly bowed and continued when she saw that Dudian didn’t speak: “We were young back then, and my temper was more wayward. I had told you some rude words. I hope you can forgive me.”

Dudian smiled: “It is all in the past. Moreover, I would like to thank you. Because if you had agreed to the marriage at that time, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Annia was relieved as she looked at Dudian’s expression. There was no ridicule in his tone: “We all know about your talent! You are so young, but still were able to get the ‘epoch’ medal from the ‘Temple of Elements.’ In the history of the giant wall, few people were able to get that medal though they were a lot older than you. You are a master level figure, and your name will be immortalized at some point. Moreover, your future is limitless.”

Dudian did not feel happy as he heard her compliment him. There was a faint aftertaste of the girl from back then. He knew that some things had to stay in the past and can’t be brought back. The time and environment would erode the people beyond recognition.

“You are flattering me,” Dudian asked: “What have you been up to?”

Annia was slightly startled: “Our Avril house had gone through a recession and declined. We are relying on our hotel, and our business hasn’t improved at all.”

Dudian gently drank the juice and put away the glass. He silently looked at her.

Annia again took the initiative as she looked at Dudian: “My life is a bit boring. But I’m very curious about you. I have heard that you are an architect and an intermediate level hunter. ”

Dudian didn’t elaborate much, but said to her: “If your family has difficulties I can help once or twice.”

Annia’s eyes lit up: “Really?

Dudian nodded slightly.

Annia spoke in a grateful tone: “Thank you for forgiving my ignorance because of the young age. If there is anything, I can do for you as long as you say the word I would be willing!” Her face reddened.

Dudian indifferently said: “I like the way you were back in the old days. You talked directly, but fairly simple. ”

Annia’s eyes lit up and whispered: “Although I have changed I am not as ugly as back then? Right?”

Dudian looked at her and shook his head in silence.

Annia saw him in a bad mood. She reached out and headed for Dudian’s arm: “Let’s go over there to talk.”

Dudian took away his arm: “You are married and shouldn’t be too close to others. People will easily misunderstand. It’s bad for your family’s reputation too.”

Annia pouted: “Don’t talk like old people. I have not married yet. Although I refused you back, then I always thought that you were very mysterious. I couldn’t agree to marry other men since then.” She glanced at Dudian with lust in her eyes.

Dudian frowned slightly. His nose was extremely keen. As they chatted, he sensed a smell of a man that was exuded from her body. She was living together with a man. Although the Avril house was on the decline, they were still nobles. Their children slept alone in their rooms. The parents, brothers, and sisters wouldn’t sleep in a crowded bed. This smell could be left by her husband or by another man.

Dudian looked at her spoiled expression. He didn’t speak his heart out, but could see that the young, beautiful and pure girl that he remembered was already stained.

Annia saw that Dudian didn’t speak. She quickly took note of his expression and saw that the boy frowned. She knew that she had put in too much of force. She quickly changed the topic: “I heard that you could write good poems. Can you tell me one?”

Dudian looked at her and nodded: “one line.” He was about to read the poem when Kerry came in from outside. He was looking at the guests. Dudian looked at Annia: “Poem can wait for a while. I still have something to do.” He left her and went towards Kerry: “Are we starting?”

“Heh,” Kerry said. He had seen Dudian chatting with Annia. He laughed as he continued: “I didn’t think you will use such an excuse to end the chat. I assume she was bothering you. Anyway, let’s go.”
Dudian nodded and did not explain anything.


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  1. Good, you scared me for a second of another “Romance”. Good Dudian, you’ve learnt don’t you?
    Thanks For the chapters!

  2. I’m sad. She was the spoiled tsundere oujousama type.. To have fallen this far. She’s no different then a prostitute.

    1. She can be a prostitute but she was really interested in him , I think she better that a the girl before where for she was stupid of innocent . But I want is the friend of ex

  3. The story is good as it is. No need for a romance in the side. Some good stories were ruined coz of adding some romance which is kinda force. I love the story as it is. I’m not quite sure if there’s romance in the genre/tag. But I love this story as it is,no romance please.

  4. “one line poem ” : “scram thot”
    so easy to read, wants to cling on mc’s thigh? dream on!
    starting to regret your decision now is way too late b*tch.

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