DK – Ch 244

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The Dark King – Chapter 244

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“Do not be impulsive.” Old Fulin saw the expression on Dudian’s face. He sighed: “We have no evidence in our hands, even if we know that they have faked the books. There is no way to recover the justice. Moreover, you have the identity of an architect right now so we can’t lose face because of such a small issue. We must accumulate our power and take account when we are strong enough.”

Dudian saw the worry in Old Fulin’s eyes. He gently raised his hand and patted his shoulder: “Don’t worry, I’ll deal with this thing. People are fragile, whether it is a senior hunter or an ordinary person. It is the same. Don’t forget that to destroy a precise machine a big axe is not required. Sometimes pulling a piece as big as a hair will destroy it.”

Old Fulin looked at his eyes that were full of darkness. His heart trembled. It was as if he was not standing in front of a teenager, but a dark evil monster.

“Now, we should go to dinner.” Dudian’s face changed instantly to a smile. In the blink of an eye, his temperament changed to a gentle one.

Old Fulin was in a trance as he carefully thought about Dudian’s words. He recovered: “Yes….Yes…It is getting late. We should go. This is a rare gathering where all the aristocracy will attend. We should take this opportunity to win over other aristocrats.”

Dudian smiled and held his arm to help him to move.

The butler had already prepared the carriage. Both of them went to the venue where the ‘Temple of Elements’ held the banquet – St. Peters.

At one time St. Peters was a cathedral of the Holy Church. However, when the ‘Temple of Elements’ was established this venue was given to them as a gift because it was close to Mount Church.

Gradually the sun had set, and one by one stars popped up in the sky.

There were dozens of carriages parked outside St. Peters. They belonged to the aristocrats from the commercial district. Most of them were upper nobility, but some rising ones came over personally too. After all, this was a banquet held by the Temple to give the ‘epoch’ medal. Although big consortium’s such as the Mellon and Scott didn’t care or weren’t concerned about Dudian they didn’t dare to give face to the ‘Temple of Elements.’

Fragrant oil lamps lighted the road to the cathedral. They were fueled by liquid similar to sesame oil, which was taken from a beast’s body. Even some upper aristocratic castle’s used them only in study rooms and dining rooms. However, in here they were casually placed to light the road. Even the guards who were on duty felt fresh because of the fragrance emitted from the lamps.

Kerry and several other colleagues stood at the door and received the guests one by one. Kerry was acquainted with almost everyone. He had a wide range of contacts. He had just sent away two nobles when a carriage came close to the door. Kerry’s eyes lit up as he saw the banner above the carriage.

Dudian was first to get off the carriage. Then he helped Old Fulin to walk out of the carriage.

“Mr. Dean.” Kerry immediately approached: “You are a little late. Don’t forget that you are tonight’s star!”

Dudian shrugged his shoulders: “The traffic.”

Kerry helplessly smiled and looked at Old Fulin.: “Old patriarch Fulin. Your body is still healthy. By the way, you have picked up a treasure.”

“Luck, luck.” Old Fulin laughed.

“Please come inside. It’s windy outside.” Kerry immediately invited them and led the way in front.

The three people went into the St Peters. The door could accommodate ten people at the same time. The thick doors slowly opened and a golden light swung out from inside. The laughter echoed out. The place was extremely luxurious. Everything inside was a fine work of art. Even the chandeliers were made of the best quality glass.

Kelly laughed: “I have to receive the guests now. I’ll accompany you afterward.”

After Kerry had left, Dudian and Old Fulin came inside the hall. There was a massive table filled with all kinds of fresh fruit, pastries, wine and so on. Nobles stood in groups and chatted. They talked in whispers highlighting the behavior of aristocratic courtesy.

“I didn’t expect that I will have the privilege to come to St. Peters.” Old Fulin said with emotion: “My father had attended a party in the past. But I was too young, so he didn’t bring me. It’s thanks to you that I have the chance to visit this legendary place. It truly was crafted by the masters. Such a majestic atmosphere.”

Dudian grabbed a pastry with a low level of sugar: “Let’s go and sit.”

“Alright.” Old Fulin nodded as he sat on the sofa to rest. He looked at Dudian: “You go around and check the people. No need for you to accompany this old man. Take advantage of this opportunity and tried to hook up with the ladies.”

Dudian looked at him helplessly: “I won’t be able to find anyone close to my age.”

“So what if you can only find sixteen-year-old ones. There should be older ones too. It would be rare to find anyone older than twenty, but still, there is some.” Old Fulin smiled and pointed towards some girls.

Dudian looked at the direction where Old Fulin was pointing to. Few noble ladies stood together, chatted and laughed. He recovered his eyes and said to Old Fulin: “You have a good rest.” He came to the center of the hall and began to wander around. He could keenly distinguish their whispers. Although they weren’t talking about secrets he was able to hear what kind of things they liked to talk about in public.

“People from Burong family …” Dudian’s eyes fell on a middle-aged man. He was familiar with the face of this man. Although he had seen him only once, it was firmly engraved into his mind. It was Jenny’s father, Rudolph!

At the moment Rudolph was surrounded by few nobles. He had a glass of wine in his hand and would occasionally take a ship. The wine was a good additive to such parties. It would take the ‘embarrassment’ away.

“Little devil, do not look around.” Suddenly a voice echoed from behind.

Dudian looked back to see an obese middle-aged man. There were a few strands of white hair on his temple. He was familiar, but couldn’t remember from where. Suddenly he remembers the first noble he had seen when he had participated in the banquet held by the Mellon consortium back when he was a scavenger. After so long the man’s body and face have changed a bit, so it was hard to remember him.

“Mace?” Dudian looked at him and whispered his name. He had heard the name long ago, it was deeply engraved in his mind. He couldn’t forget it because of the deep humiliation back in that day.

“Huh?” The middle-aged man’s eyebrows wrinkled: “Do you know me?”

Dudian indifferently said as he saw the man admit his identity: “You have a good collar. It’s a shame that you won’t wear it for long.” Afterward, he turned away and left.

The middle-aged man looked at his exquisite men’s necklace that hanged about his neck. He specially asked a master to forge it for him. He looked back at Dudian, but he had left. He was furious, but at such an occasion he couldn’t directly shout out. He stared viciously at Dudian’s back as he memorized Dudian’s appearance.


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  1. “So what if you can only find sixteen-year-old ones. There should be older ones too. It would be rare to find anyone older than twenty, but still, there is some. wait isnt he 16/17 Himself they seem pretty much around his age he also said woman who are older than twenty are rare too so why is he complaining???

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