DK – Ch 243

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The Dark King – Chapter 243

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian returned along the same route after he left the castle.

Kerry caught up with him. He patted Dudian’s shoulder when he saw the expression on his face: “Don’t be frustrated. Master Eivissa didn’t accept you because he doesn’t want to obstruct your talent. This may not be a good choice, so you should concentrate on the element of wood. You may re-recreate another textile machine. There is nothing that is impossible.”

Dudian knew that he was talking out of kindness: “What is the task of this month?”

“The tasks are released at the beginning of the month. More than half of the month has passed, so you won’t be given a task for the remaining time. You can have this time to study and learn so that you will be able to do next month’s mission.” Kerry answered.

Dudian nodded. His aim was to produce weapons so that he could hunt outside the giant wall. As he got the knowledge from the super chip, he was able to create weapons that were out of this era’s reach. Now his main concern was to raise his physical strength to senior hunter’s level. Maybe even higher than a senior hunter. He knew that he couldn’t perfect the skills in a short time, so he had to rely on the physical constitution to make up for that.

His purpose in joining the Temple was to use his identity as an architect to buy materials that would be hard to get in normal conditions.

“Now that you have joined the Temple, there will be a ceremony.” Kerry said: “After the ceremony is over we will help you hold a banquet. All the aristocrats will be invited so that you can receive your ‘epoch’ medal from the Temple. Moreover, you are the youngest architect to get ‘epoch’ medal in history. When you become a senior architect, the Temple will focus on nurturing you. They may send you to the inner wall to study.”

To the inner wall? Dudian’s eyes lit up as he was quite interested in the ‘inner wall.’

Moments after Dudian and Kerry left the Temple of Elements. They got a carriage and went to the castle Dudian had selected to complete the procedures for the transfer of rights.

A few days passed in the blink of an eye.

Ryan Castle.

Old Fulin looked at the telescope Dudian had given him: “Have you improved it?”

Dudian laughed: “Check it out.”

Old Fulin raised it and looked out of the window. He was astonished: “I can see the face of pedestrians on the other hillside outside the town.”

Shortly after the glassware was invented the people at ‘Temple of Elements’ had created telescopes. However, the distance wasn’t good. Telescopes had a long development history in the old era. The once famous Hubble telescope wasn’t even considered a telescope after advanced ones which could observe the end of the universe were invented.

“Geez! I didn’t expect you to improve the tools of other architects after joining the Temple for a few days.” Old Fulin was amazed. He knew that Dudian was smart and he had seen his performance before. “If you submit it to the Temple then you should be able to get a lot of points. Can’t you?”

“It won’t be enough to buy a ‘fountain of life’,” Dudian said. In fact, he had secretly made a telescope, which could observe ten times more than this one. He was able to look at thousands of meters away.

Of course, if there was an obstacle, then the telescope wouldn’t be much use. Actually, outside the giant wall, the environment had more than enough of such obstacles.

He didn’t intend to submit the tenfold telescope right now. Although he would gain enough points to buy ‘fountain of life’ but it would appear too abrupt. In addition to the telescope, he has prepared another item which he would exchange for points. But he had to wait for a few days so as not to provoke doubt.

“Tonight, I’ll be present at the banquet too” Old Fulin was pleased to see Dudian’s accomplishments: “I didn’t expect for you to get ‘epoch’ medal for the invention of the new textile machine. If you didn’t sign a contract with Scott consortium, you would have gotten thousands of gold coins from the Temple. Moreover, the Temple’s dividends would be much more than Scott consortium’s.”

Dudian was stunned: “How much did the Scott consortium pay us for the dividends?”

“Three thousand gold coins. This is for the first month.” Old Fulin said.

Dudian’s face turned ugly.

Old Fulin saw his expression, so he asked: “What is the problem?”

“If I remember correctly, then we signed the contract five days before the beginning of the month. Did you receive dividends for that time frame?” Dudian questioned him. As he was fiddling with his research and was busy in the Temple, he didn’t have extra energy to manage the business.

“Well,” Old Fulin shook his head.

“You haven’t checked the papers?” Dudian asked.

Old Fulin understood what he meant: “Do you mean that they would falsify the accounts to give us less? It should be impossible. They would not care about such a little amount of money. After all, we are also a consortium. Moreover, you are an architect. They are not stupid.”

“Money is something that it is never enough. They would dare to pull the hair from the tiger’s head not to mention us. We aren’t even considered as a mouse in their eyes. ”

Old Fulin said: “Do you mean that the dividends are far bigger?”

“After a period, any new product’s popularity will decrease. But the new textile machine is different.” Dudian said: “Everyone was familiar with the improvement of the textile machines. The effects on productivity were significant too. The people with discerning eyes to understand this. The profit from the first month would be enormous. The most of the large profits would be gained in the first three months. Afterward, it will slowly decline as the demand is limited.”

Old Fulin was stunned. Although he knew that the new textile machine was very valuable and had great influence, but the three thousand gold coins given by the Scott consortium was a lot too.

“I will go back and investigate.” Old Fulin replied.

Dudian shook his head: “I’m not sure that they are greedy enough to do this. Even if they did, then they have covered up the numbers. I will casually ask someone in the Temple to do the estimate of the market value of the new textile machine. Afterward, we can talk to the Scott Consortium about our two percent.” His eyes narrowed as coldness flashed past.

Old Fulin understood that even if they traced out the falsification, then there was no way for them to recover the money.


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