DK – Ch 242

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The Dark King – Chapter 242

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Kerry looked back: “Oh, it’s the old man. Why are you going out?”

The old man glanced at Bernard and Dudian who were beside Kerry. He knew that Dudian was the new face: “Is this the new man who was just promoted?”

Kerry laughed: “Sorry, I have forgotten to introduce him. He is Mr. Dean the recent receiver of ‘epoch’ medal. He is also the creator of the new textile machine.”

Haisong slightly frowned as the gentle smile on his face slowly disappeared: “Is he? If I am not mistaken, then it has been a long time that the new textile machines have been produced. Why have you invited him now?”

(T/n: damn it, hai song means Loose Sea, so I’ll stick to the name)

Kerry immediately explained: “We invited Mr. Dean a long time ago, but he was busy and couldn’t respond. He came today and joined the Temple.”

Haisong looked at Dudian and spoke in a counseling tone: “I heard that you have grown up in a family of a tailor. Your father must have been an excellent tailor. We know that your father has been the main influence behind the machine. Your talent is good, but don’t be too proud. The mysteries of God are as deep as the sea. You can be successful only after hard work. Don’t waste your time and talent!”

Dudian frowned and did not say anything.

Haisong looked over at Kerry: “I will go to get some materials. I don’t want to disturb you people.” Afterward, the old man left.

Kerry recovered his eyes and looked at Dudian. “Don’t mind his words. The old gentleman said so because of kind intentions.”

Dudian shook his head: “Enough with this place. Let’s go. I’ll apply for that notice.”

Kerry wryly smiled: “Well”. He then led them out.

Bernard was surprised: “What notice? If they miss some then may I join the project? ”

Kerry snapped: “There is no need for you to participate! Dean is planning to join master Eivissa.”

Bernard was stunned. He looked at Dudian: “Master Eivissa?! Isn’t that lightning magic faction? Dudian, you belong to our wood element faction! Why would you join the lightning faction?”

“I’ll check it out first.” Dudian casually said.

Bernard wryly smiled: “The people of the lightning faction are crazy and careless. They come up with dangerous experiments. I’ll pass…Yes, I will pass… If you want to go then go on…”

It didn’t take long before trio came out of the building. Bernard stopped: “I still have other stuff to do. I’ll go back so good luck. I’ll see you.” As soon as he finished, Bernard left away.

Dudian and Kerry continued to return along the same route. Soon they met the previous old man who was walking slowly. They caught up to him and passed. Kerry greeted him: “We are a bit in a hurry master Haisong.”

Haisong nodded slightly, but did not say anything.

Kerry went along the hillside with Dudian. After some time they reached the 12th castle: “This is the place.”

Dudian looked up at the castle and followed him.

The guard at the door recognized Kerry, so he didn’t stop them. Both of them entered the castle and Kerry went straight into the castle hall. He talked to Dudian as they walked: “Eivissa is a master at our Temple. Each master has a separate castle. Most of the time they won’t be interfered with by the outside world. If you had joined the Temple and created the new textile machine over here, then you would have the ‘master’ title too.”

Dudian faintly smiled as he knew that titles were nothing but sugarcoated words. The only reason Temple hasn’t issued him ‘master’ title for his new textile machine was that he had sold the contract to the Scott consortium. The actual income is probably close to nothing, so they weren’t promoting Dudian because ‘masters’ enjoyed lots of free resources that had to be provided by the Temple.

Kerry looked at the guard by the hall: “I want to meet master Eivissa.”

“Wait a moment.” The guard went into the hall and returned after a few moments. He looked at Kerry: “Please.”

Kerry took the lead and entered a very spacious hall. Several maids were standing around the hall. One of the maids with a different clothing in comparison to the others came up to them: “Master is upstairs waiting for you two.” She turned around and took the lead.

They came to the second floor. Kerry opened the room, and Dudian heard hearty laughter echoing from inside. Two men were sitting on the sofa and enjoying hot tea. One was middle-aged and wore casual clothing. The other was an old man with a white beard. Both of them were chatting and laughing.

Kerry was surprised to see the middle-aged man: “Master Terence?”

Dudian heard the name and felt that it was somehow familiar. He remembered that the man was the guy who posted up the notice. He was the person involved in hydraulic research.

“Little Kerry?” The old man looked back to Kerry: “Why have you come over here? Am I being promoted?”

Kerry wryly smiled: “Good day masters. Let me introduce you. This is Mr. Dean, the inventor of the new textile machine. We have come because Mr. Dean wants to be involved in your project and receive the rewards.”

Eivissa’s smiling face stiffened while the middle-aged Terence sharply looked up and down at Dudian. Master Terence’s eyes met with Dudian’s. He felt an unknown feeling that he couldn’t describe. It was as if a beast was looking at its prey. It made him feel uncomfortable.

Dudian’s eyes moved away and fell onto the old man Eivissa. He nodded and said: “Master, I want to receive your reward mission. I would be interested in researching bio-energy.”

Eivissa looked up and down at him while he measured Dudian: “Although the reward points are rich, the requirements aren’t low. Have you studied the art of lightning?”

“No.” Dudian shook his head.

Eivissa looked at him: “It is too regrettable, but you don’t meet my requirements. Sorry.”

Dudian frowned: “I can learn. I can definitely help you out.”

“I do not need it.” Eivissa shook his head: “This notice has been hanging for so long. I should withdraw it. You have talent as you can make the new textile machine work that way. I hope you continue to study the path of wood elements. Don’t cover over small profits and delay your future. Life is very long, and you are young. Sit down and learn.”

Dudian looked at Eivissa’s facial expression. His brows wrinkled as he saw that the old man’s had decided. He sighed: “Well, Thanks.”

Terence also added few words:” Occasional luck may not last for long. Only by mastering the elements can help you grow in the future.”

Dudian glanced at but kept his silence. He turned to Kerry: “I’ll go back. Goodbye masters.” He left as soon as he finished his words.

Kerry looked at them: “Master, I will also go back. I will show him the way so that he won’t get lost.” Then, he immediately chased out of the castle.

Terence frowned as he looked at Dudian’s back: “Blessed by the God. After all, he is a son of a civilian. He is too short-sighted. He doesn’t know how to evaluate a rare opportunity to study and became an excellent architect.”

Eivissa shook his head and sighed: “If his textile machine hadn’t come out for a while, then you would have got the medal. Your idea of making hydraulic weaving machine has been there for a long time, but hasn’t been completed so it can’t be evaluated.”

Terence’s face turned ugly. This was the sore spot in his heart.

“Let’s not talk about these unhappy things.” Eivissa waved his hand as he saw Terence’s facial expression.


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  1. Ok isn’t this a bit pointless… Is he even going to give an electric generator to the church even if he makes one? If he’s not going to give it to the church for benefits then what the fk is he even doing here?

    1. The best case scenario would be for him to fuck about and do nothing to help them as he steals and squirrels away as many useful books and resourses of theirs as he can (and ideally snatch the formulas of their godly steroids and regen potion), then be like “oh I’m so sorry, in reality I indeed am a worthless upstart that relied on luck and doesn’t know shit unlike you, oh Glorious Masters. Boo-hoo, I’m leaving”, then toss the medal and resume with his hunter/businessman endeavours. Sadly that ain’t gonna happen and we’ll have to endure a useless and pointless arc with a new batch of insufferable old fart cliches. -___-“

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