DK – Ch 241

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The Dark King – Chapter 241

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Kerry was speechless: “This is a weak faction. Moreover, your talent lies in the wood element. Why are you bothering to set foot in another area? It’s not a good idea.”
“How would I know that I’m not good at it if I haven’t tried out?” Dudian asked.

Kerry looked at his serious expression. He thought that Dudian was able to develop a new textile machine because he took inspiration from his tailor father. Kerry thought that Dudian had no communication with the lightning element in his life so it would be very difficult to get started. However, he didn’t voice out his opinion as it was easy to offend people but hard to gain their favor: “Well, the choice is yours. But if you see that you are not successful, then withdraw as soon as possible.”

Dudian nodded and recorded the location assigned in the notice.

“I’ll take you over to see the other architects.” Kerry responded.

Dudian followed him.

Both of them left the castle and went to the rear of the Church Mountain. The mountain slope was rolling up and down like a dragon. There was another separate castle behind the main one. Both of them were looking at each other.

Along the way, Kerry explained: “The primary architects use the rooms close to the entrance while intermediate architects are using the ones in the middle. The senior architects work in the deepest part of the castle. It’s much quieter over there, away from the troubles. Intermediate level architects get separate rooms for themselves while primary architects share the rooms. So be sure to cherish your status.”

Dudian understood the implications behind his words. However, he had his plans and didn’t want to be mixed with them a lot.

After a moment, both of them were in front of the sixth castle.

Kerry said: “This is going to be your workshop. There are accommodation and working areas. You can move your things over. If you need anything else, you can order a servant to get it for you. Research materials can be bought in the material library, but you will have to exchange for them with reward points. Unless you have gold coins to spend, but it would be a bit expensive using actual currency.” They went into the castle.

The castle had a large area. There were farms and orchards within the castle. A few servants were slaughtering the poultry as Kerry and Dudian entered the castle.

There were several buildings within the castle. Some were for accommodation while the others were for research and relaxing.

The servants saluted in respect as Kerry and Dudian moved through the castle.

Soon both of them entered a tall building. The first floor was empty. At the corner of the hall stood a thin young man.

The youth noticed Kerry and Dudian. His eyebrows wrinkled as he asked: “Someone was promoted? Is it the third of the month?”

Kerry recognized him: “You have to work hard. Smarter people are joining us. Be careful, or the younger generation will catch up to you.”

Youth grunted as he eyes looked up and down at Dudian’s body. There was a trace of surprise in his eyes: “So young. He a few years younger than me?”

Kerry laughed: “Mr. Dean is ranked third regarding age. He is only two years older than that little monster.”

“Two years older?” The youth saw that Dudian had youthful vitality. He sighed: “He is a newcomer, but who knows, maybe in a few years he will pass me.”

Kerry smiled: “Put in a lot of effort and hard work. Don’t you want to introduce yourself?”

The young man smiled: “Hello, my name is Bernard.” (T/n: wtf? The original name used by the author is actually a Western surname. We will change it to Bernard for the name to make sense)

“Dean.” Dudian raised his hand to shake his hand.

Bernard looked at him: “Are you the creator of the new textile machine? Are you that Dean?”

Dudian touched his nose: “It should be me if it is the new textile machine.”

Bernard froze up for a few seconds. His eyes glowed as he spoke: “I have long heard of your deeds. At such a young age, you were able to create a new type of textile machine which is same as opening a new epoch. You are the pride of wood element faction! I wouldn’t have expected that the young newcomer will be you! We are going to be classmates!”

Dudian smiled as he didn’t know how to answer.

Kerry laughed: “Don’t be so happy too early. Be careful, or Dean will overtake you in the future.

“It should be normal for him to pass me.” Bernard was indifferent.

Kerry turned speechless: “You lack fighting spirit!”

Bernard replied: “I don’t lack fighting spirit. What I lack is money! Others do a lot of experiments while with no money I have to plan and formulate a lot before doing an experiment. The others are mixed with aristocracy while I’m on my own! I am not a fool!” His face was a bit sad.

Kerry knew about Bernard’s situation. He looked at Dudian: “I’ll take you to your room.”

“I’ll go too.” Bernard joined them too.

The trio went upstairs.

They came to the fourth floor. Kerry told him: “You will be in this layer. If you want to change your room, then you need to make an application.”

Dudian and Bernard followed after Kerry into the corridor. There were four spacious rooms. Each of them had special equipment for experiments.

“This one.” Kerry took out the key and opened the door to the second room. It was about a hundred square meters. Inside were some small tools and a sawmill.

“If you think that there aren’t enough materials, then you can make an application for them to be supplied or just buy them on your own.” Kerry continued: “In addition to the monthly tasks, anything else you make will be evaluated by the temple according to the sales it makes. You will get a corresponding commission.”

Dudian’s eyes lit up.: “Is my new textile machine included?”

Kerry shook his head: “You have signed a contract with the Scott consortium so we cannot give you dividends on that.”

Dudian regretted, but it was also within his expectations. He glanced at his study room.

“Hey, a newcomer?” An old man who was passing by the room saw the trio through the open door.


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  1. Some western surnames are used as first names as well. Also since in this world all civilians (not noble) have only a single name (no middle name or last name, etc) having a surname as a name is okay actually.

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