DK – Ch 240

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The Dark King – Chapter 240

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“It’s good that you have come to join us at the ‘Temple of Elements’. We will award you with a medal.” Kerry laughed: “I have to tell you that getting a medal in the Temple is a difficult thing. The medal that you get this time is one of the highest level ones. Many architects struggle for their whole life to get this medal but they can’t. However, you were issued with one before you even were a member of the Temple.”
“There are medals!?” Dudian was slightly surprised, but didn’t care much about medals. Both of them entered the Temple together as they chatted about random things.

The spacious hall was lit by the most advanced light oil. A calming fragrance was floating in the hall. There were tables in the corner of the hall. A figure was sitting while he held onto a book and read it. Once in a while, he tasted the tea.

“Come on.” Kerry took Dudian to the office at the side of the hall. There were seven or eight desks. More than a dozen figures were sitting by the tables. There were documents on the tables, and the people were busy reading them.

“I’ll give you information,” Kerry said. He came to an empty desk and sat down. He took out a few documents and handed them to Dudian.

Dudian understood that Kerry had the same position in the ‘Temple of Elements’ as Peter had in the scavenger headquarters. Kerry should be responsible for personnel management. Dudian took up the contract and looked up through the content. It was almost the same as Kerry had told him about. He would be given a castle to live and generous monthly payment. Moreover, he would be able to freely enter the major libraries and could even join the libraries belonging to the nobility in the commercial district.

It had to be mentioned that his household registration status wasn’t stated as a noble. But all the aspects of life were at the same level with nobility. Of course, they could be compared to the lowest level of aristocracy. After he reaches a senior architect level, then he would be able to get a fiefdom, collect taxes, construct farms and be the lord of the land.

“I am an intermediate architect?” Dudian was surprised as he read the contract.

Kerry laughed: “Although you are a newcomer your textile machine is proof of your talent. Because of that, there was a special approval, which increased your status to an intermediate architect. If you had invented the loom after joining the Temple, then your status would be higher than an ordinary noble’s.”

Dudian understood the terms: “It’s written that there will be a severe punishment if I can’t finish the monthly task on time. What is the punishment?”

Kerry asked: “As you complete the tasks you will get reward points while the double amount of points would be deducted if you haven’t completed. Although you are an intermediate architect right now if you don’t work hard in the future, then you will get your points deducted, and you will be downgraded to a primary architect. Nevertheless, the castle will not be taken away, but other rewards such as your salary will be reduced.”

Dudian was stunned. It was almost the same system as the dark church. Thinking about it, the Temple of Elements and the Dark Church do the same thing only the Temple is the legal version. Because of the long battle between the Holy Church and the Dark Church, it seems the Holy Church have reproduced the best sides of the Dark Church and made it legal.

He puts the ideas away and focused on contract. He had to confirm that there were no word games. Once he signed the contract, it would be effective. He wouldn’t be able to overwrite or change the contract even if the magistrate was brought in.

Kerry smiled and put away the contract after he saw Dudian sign it: “Welcome to the Temple! Your medal will be produced in about three to five days after I submit the contract. I will be given to you in person as soon as the medal ready. This is your temporary proof of identity, and now I can take you to pick a castle.”

Dudian nodded in confirmation. A castle was not something that could be bought with small amounts of gold coins. It was not something that you could build on your own too. Only the nobility had the right to build a castle. So if a rich businessman wanted to live in the castle, then they would spend double the price to ask an aristocrat to help them build a castle. Afterward, they would purchase the castle from them. However upper-class nobility was very distinct on the issue. For a long time, a castle has been the exclusive symbol of aristocracy households. If such a thing occurred a lot, then the castles would pop up everywhere. That way they wouldn’t be able to distinguish their identities from the civilians. However, it didn’t mean that they control everything. Holy Church was able to directly award castles to people they wanted to.

He followed Kerry into another room. There was a table which was dozens of meters long. The entire commercial district was mapped there by using sand.

“The castles marked with green are available for selection,” Kerry said.

Dudian was stunned. For a long time, he wanted to have the map of the commercial district or even the entire giant wall’s map. But it didn’t sell and wasn’t available to the public. He didn’t expect to see such a thing in front of him now. It was a large, intensive and complete mapping of the commercial district. There were four parts of the commercial area. Northwest and southeast of the commercial district were wilderness. The other areas that were 30 percent of the commercial district were meant for the population to live. Every town, villages and other areas were depicted in the sand map.

There was a long black line similar to a narrow wall referring to the border fortresses at the outermost parts of the map.

“There are seven or eight towns in the vicinity of Yard town.” Dudian murmured as he found the location of the Ryan Castle. The area of the Yard town was the size of a small peanut in the map. According to this ratio, he imagined what the few meters diameter meant in the map. The commercial district was a huge bustling place.

His eyes swept over and over again as he repeatedly looked at the map. It was a rare opportunity, and if he would record the map into his mind, then it would undoubtedly be a great opportunity to use in the future.

At the same time, he looked at the castles marked with green color. There were dozens of castles. He was surprised as he gained insight into the unfathomable strong power and capital of Holy Church.

“This one seems nice…But let me take a look again…” Dudian pointed above a castle. It seemed he intended to pick it, but there was hesitation in his words and facial expression. However, his eyes were scanning the entire sand table. He tried to memorize as much as he could.

Time passed.

The smile on Kerry’s face had become stiff. He had thought that they would be quickly done with selecting the castle but didn’t expect that Dudian would take two or three hours to select one. Though Kerry suspected that Dudian was interesting in taking the opportunity to check the map, Dudian’s hesitant appearance told otherwise. He quickly dispelled that idea. But thinking of Dudian origin, the kid was just an adopted orphan, and it was very rare for him to choose a castle for himself in the commercial district. So it was understandable to Kerry that he was so cautious in his choice.

“This one.” Dudian pointed to a castle which was located by a small river.

Numb eyes of Kerry brightened: “This one?”


“Don’t you want to decide more?”


“Are you sure?”




After repeated confirmation, Kerry saw that Dudian had made up his mind. He immediately flipped the green flag from the castle and said: “I’ll help you with the check-in. From now on this castle is yours. It will belong to you for 50 years. It can neither be sold nor inherited.”

“Alright.” Dudian nodded.

Kerry went through the formalities in a rush. After a moment all the procedures were finished. Kerry’s spirit was restored too: “I will take you to your workplace.” They came back to the hall as they exited the room.

There were lots of people gathered in front of a wall in the hall.

Kerry noticed the turmoil and said to Dudian: “There seems to a task with a good reward. Let’s go check it out.”

Dudian looked up to the place where the crowd was gathered. There was a bulletin board, and dozens of announcements were written on top of it. The contents were a bit strange.

“Recruiting: Five water element primary architects, five wood element primary architects… …” Kerry came and stood behind the crowd. He looked at the contents of the bulletin board as he stood on tiptoes. He murmured: “Turns out it is a recruitment notice by master Terence! It seems he has found a way to make a hydraulic machine!?”

Dudian was curious: “What is the water element?”

Kerry looked back at him and explained: “There are nine schools of study in the Temple. Gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, dark, light and lightning are the nine elements. Gold elements refer to anything from precious metals to base metals. Wood elements include from flowers to trees. The carpenters belong to the wood element division. The new loom machine that you invented belongs to the wood element field.”

Dudian was startled as he didn’t expect the ‘Temple of Elements’ would classify the research areas. It was more meticulous that the way dark church approached to scientific research.

“Your medal is the Medal of Wood.” Kerry said to Dudian: “If you have another research area, then a new medal will be issued to you. But it’s good to stick to one area so as not to get lost. ”

“I will.” Dudian nodded.

“If you are interested then you can participate in the research of Master Terence. After the completion of architect’s orders, then you will get corresponding reward points.” Kerry continued: “It would be good for you to join another architect’s research team. It should help you to get familiar with how things are done in here.”

Dudian’s eyes were caught by another humble notice. The paper was yellow and dilapidated. He read the content and asked Kerry: “As long as the rewards are there, then I can join any team. Can I?”

Kerry looked at the direction Dudian was looking at.: “Do you want to join them? But this is the lightning faction.”

Dudian nodded.

Kerry went silent as he saw Dudian nod in confirmation.

“I suggest you not to get involved with them.” Kerry was patient as persuaded: “Lightning is too dangerous. It’s been several years since this notice was posted here. Many had taken the offer, but all of them failed. Moreover, two people accidentally lost their lives.”

“No wonder the notice didn’t mention factional requirements.” Dudian thought.

Kerry wryly smiled: “There are very few members in the lightning faction. They don’t dare to put way too many requirements.”

Dudian said: “I want to try.”


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