DK – Ch 238

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The Dark King – Chapter 238

I would like to thank MrMartinke & KageMugen for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“From the Scott consortium’s perspective, we are a small consortium which has invested all our funds in leasing the passage through the giant wall. They know that we have offended the Mellon Consortium and in the future, we can only rely on them. So they are not taking us too seriously.” Dudian could analyze everything more in depth because of experiences of prison life.

“Even though I am hunter an inventor who can create more benefits than a hunter. They are too short-sighted as they can’t value the gift in front of them.” Dudian said.

He pulled a chair and sat on it: “They are not short-sighted, but they are considering other things. There is already a contract with them regarding the new looms. It would be very difficult to improve them in the future. A success of once or twice is nothing but a lucky blessing by the gods in their eyes.”

Old Fulin sighed: “We can only wait for your arm to heal. We have to save the dividends from the new looms to buy ‘fountain of life’ from the Holy Church to solve your arm for good.”

Dudian nodded slightly as his eyes swept over several newspapers. He grabbed one of them and asked: “Is there anything important on the news today?”

“The same thing. Nothing new about us or related to our consortium.”

Dudian read the newspapers and didn’t see any news about the attacks on the dark church. Most probably the information was suppressed by the dark church. Most probably Holy Church would suspect that a beast invasion or attack has happened in that town.

Dudian read the articles and ate his breakfast. Afterward, he looked at Old Fulin.: “These days I will focus on resting. If there is nothing big, then don’t let anyone bother me, including you.”

Old Fulin laughed: “Do not worry, I will not bother you. You should take care of your health. I’ll order the people in the kitchen to bring your meal to your room.”

Dudian nodded and got back to his room.

Dudian took off his coat after closing the door. The energy tube was hidden in his left armpit. In addition to the energy tube, there was a large chip reader hidden in the inner pocket of his coat.

There was a wide smile on Dudian’s face. He came towards the wardrobe and opened the bottom drawer. There were few clothes for summer and a jewelry box. In addition to gold and silver coins, there was the supercomputer chip inside the jewelry box.

Dudian always kept the supercomputer chip in the corner of the courtyard of the house assigned to him by the Mellon Consortium. The reason was that he was worried back then that a thief might sneak into his house and steal the safe. At the time when he was imprisoned Jura, and Gray were forcefully moved, and his luggage was thrown out. However, the supercomputer chip was still hidden in the courtyard of the house. At the time when he assassinated the deacon Huey, Dudian passed by that house and dug out the supercomputer chip.

Dudian inserted the supercomputer chip into the card slot of the card reader. Then he plugged the card reader into the energy tube’s jack. There were six jacks above the energy tube. In the middle, there was a rectangular groove which was aligned so that it could connect directly to the frozen storage capsule.

Dudian inhaled deeply as he clicked the reader.

The screen suddenly lit up, and a hologram popped up.

Mount Er. The Burong family castle.

Rudolph was eating breakfast while he was alone in the spacious dining room. Once in a while, he checked the daily newspapers. He was especially focused on economic news. He looked up at the butler: “Is little miss eating her meals on time?”

The butler respectfully said: “After you promised the little miss that thing, she has not longer gone on a hunger strike. She eats all the meals we give her every day. These days she is actively studying the law and intends to return to the magistrate in a few days. ”

Rudolph nodded. “Make sure that people in the magistrate look after her carefully. She can’t pick up dangerous cases.”

“I will notify them.” Butler nodded in affirmation.

“What about the town of Song town?” Rudolph asked again.

Butler replied: “Everything is within the budget. It will be opened up in a few days. These days lots of businessmen are moving to Pine town, and several organizations are looking for the person in charge for cooperation. Song town is on the caravan line, I have heard that the prices of rent for shops have improved a lot.”

Rudolph nodded: “Make sure that little miss doesn’t get to know about anything. I don’t want to have trouble with her again.”

Butler looked at him and went silent for a moment. He was hesitant as he voiced out his opinion: “Master, Miss has finally agreed to no longer meet with the boy. The thing has passed. Why don’t we ignore the kid?”

Rudolph’s expression was indifferent as he pointed to the breakfast: “Look at the dishes. Bright. Delicate. My appetite increases as I look at it. However, if a fly flew over it. Would you eat it?”

The butler’s face changed slightly as he knew that the master was furious at him. He understood the meaning behind his words. Even if the fly didn’t eat the snack, but its appearance alone was enough to devalue the snack.

“She isn’t a kid anymore…” Rudolph looked out of the window and spoke in a gentle tone: “She was supposed to marry the young master of the Milan family, but the kid ended up in prison. This time I have to make sure that she marries into the Parker family. I hope…I hope that in my lifetime, I can lead the Burong family and return to the inner wall. I want to complete my father’s death wish. I also want to see… see the landscape!”

Butler looked at Rudolph’s rigid face. He sighed and didn’t say anything.

Time passed by.

The news of Dudian’s wounded arm had spread wide. The Ryan family was back to its usual quiet life as they operated their own small business. The level of their life hasn’t changed much, and some of the members of the family were not happy with all of this and weren’t able to restrain themselves.

“Mr. Dean, when will your arm heal?” A pretty girl in her early twenties, spoke out loudly as everyone was seated at the lunch table.


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