DK – Ch 237

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The Dark King – Chapter 237

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Aisha hesitated.: “It was an anonymous purchase. Alchemy points were not used for trade. But the transaction occurred in private currency and the shop owner didn’t know his code. However, I have seen the gold coins given by the buyer. There were numbering of the coins and after a small investigation through the bank we found that the money belonged to Mellon consortium.”

“The Mellon Consortium?” The man was slightly startled. He said.: “I will send someone else to investigate the Mellon Consortium. You go to the Inferno family and see what their reaction is.”

Simon looked at him and whispered: “Commander, the Inferno family has been low-key for many years. Why would they be involved in such a thing? Although it was indeed the inflammation method of the Inferno family that was used to cover up for the attacker. The military also can mass produce the same thing. If the Inferno family were really after the object of the gods than they would use other means to cover their tracks, wouldn’t they?”

The man replied in a cold tone.: “I know that you are affectionate towards the Inferno family because they have raised you up but don’t forget your current identity. Anyone who dares to go against the dark church is our enemy. Although they lay low the sleeping tiger is the most dangerous one. No one would be willing to stay dull and lonely for long. They are just waiting for a new opportunity to rise. Do you think that their family cares for secular wealth?”

Simon’s face slightly changed, and he did not dare to say more.

“They can dodge the responsibility because the consortiums and the military are aware of the method. That’s why I said pay attention to their reaction. ” The man continued in an indifferent tone.: “It’s impossible for masterminds to be easily suspected. However, this doesn’t mean that this logical can’t be used against us.”

Simon said. “I understand.”

“Go! I have to appease the old guys. Find the identity of the attackers as soon as possible. That way you will also make your punishment lighter.” The man said and left the place.

Simon, Aisha and Brandon’s faces turned ugly.


In the wilderness.

Gray clouds were stagnant and covered the moonlight. However faint light passed through the clouds and shined over the wilderness. There were howls and growls of beasts that were full of sadness and loneliness.

Dudian advanced rapidly in the moonlight. He stopped on a slope and tried to sense the smells. There were no pursuers. He fell onto the grass slope and began to take big breaths.

“Fortunately, the purple leaves’ burning was right according to my calculation. The timing was perfect…” Dudian was glad that the explosives on the carriage detonated on time. Purples leaves were by nature resistible to fire. That’s why they burned very slowly. After several experiments, Dudian had mastered and predicted the timing of the purple leaves burning speed. But flame, after all, was a difficult thing to control, and a slight error could lead to catastrophe. Fortunately, he was blessed by the heavens, and there were no accidents during the execution of the plan. Otherwise, he would be somewhere in a dark room right now. The members of the dark church would be torturing him.

This was a high-risk bet, but it was worth the energy tube and chip reader.

The main thing that gave him the courage for such an unbelievable feat was the flaws that he found during his check-up. The Dark Church’s main assurance was protection of the indestructible cage. The dark knights who supervision and protected the cage were relatively free, busy with their things or enjoying their lives.

This was the main reason that he was able to go on with the plan.

The enemy’s deployed strength was too weak.

“I can grasp a greater power if I become a senior hunter. They are already the top combat power within the giant wall. Professionally trained top fighters are sent to capture a single senior hunter in times of a misdemeanor.” Dudian secretly thought. He wanted to recover his left arm as soon as possible. The next time he goes out of the giant wall, there will be a substantial increase in his power. But he needs to absorb the crystals one at a time and can’t be excessive with that.

Excitement surged in his heart as Dudian touched the energy tube and chip readers under his robe. The remaining energy inside the energy tube was enough to learn how to make his energy source. Once he learns to manufacture generators, then there is an inexhaustible source of knowledge within the super chip. Afterward, he would be beginning to make real moves.

The cold wind blew, and Dudian’s thoughts gradually calmed down. He took off his robe and mask and went along the way to the Ryan Castle. Because of the curfew time, the guards were patrolling the area, but it was very easy for him to avoid them.

In the middle of the night, Dudian returned to the Yard town. The lights of the households were out, and the streets were dark. He didn’t directly go to the Ryan Castle but stayed in the forest for the night.

The next morning

Dudian woke up early and went to the Ryan Castle.

Old Fulin was eating when he saw Dudian appear. There was a trace of a smile on his face as he looked at Dudian.: “I was told that you have gone to the Red River. Although you are a hunter and have strong physique the women, there aren’t clean enough. You should go to the Moulin Rouge at Lido Avenue. That’s the best place.”

Dudian lightly said.: “You should go if you can do it.”

Old Fulin laughed.: “No man will admit that they can’t, no matter how old.”

“Last week, the Mellon consortium built a large market next to the town of Pinea. We will lose a lot of business.” Dudian said as he changed the topic.

Old Fulin sighed as he saw Dudian talk about business.: “Yes! The textile mill hasn’t received orders. These wealthy businessmen read newspapers every day. They know that we have a conflict with the Mellon consortium, so they don’t want to offend them. That’s why we haven’t been getting orders. We had lots of orders before, but that was because no one had new looms but us. Now, all we can do is sell our things in the Yard town.”

Dudian nodded slightly. Since the Ryan family has sold the mine, their main income is the land tax from this town. The purpose of the Mellon consortium for building such a large marketplace in the remote neighborhood was to pressure the Ryan family. Their aim was to take away the business of shops in Yard town. Some shops have already moved out of Yard town as in the long run it seemed the place would become a desolate town. “

“They are trying to warn us. They want us to bow and take the initiative to contact them.” There was coldness in Dudian’s eyes as he looked at Old Fulin.: “How do you plan to deal with the problem?”

Old Fulin smiled.: “I asked help from the Scott consortium, but they flatly refused. They are way too lazy to fight the Mellon consortium in such a small-scale local battle. For now, we can rely on dividends from new looms, and for short term, we can afford to reduce taxes…”



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    “There were numbering of the coins and after a small investigation through the bank we found that the money belonged to Mellon consortium.”

    So…each consortium marks and distributes their own coins?

    1. i understood it, like how bills have a ongoing number on them. And by that you can follow where the money went from the bank.

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