DK – Ch 236

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The Dark King – Chapter 236

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Dudian’s speed didn’t diminish, but instead increased. He looked at the crowd in front of him, which was shouting and screaming. Without the slightest hesitation, he jumped up and stepped on the shoulder of the person in front of him. Then he moved to the next and so on. He was using people as stepping stones as he continued to run away rapidly. The chaos occurred as Dudian stampede the people.

Aisha was stunned as she saw Dudian’s action. She thought that he would stop as he would reach the crowd but didn’t expect that the latter would completely ignore the lives of these people and rush out at all costs.

“Bastard!” Aisha clenched her fists as she looked at Dudian who was trampling over the people. Dudian could make such a move, but she couldn’t. It wasn’t because she wasn’t able to do so physically. But she was a Captain level dark knight appointed by the dark church. The reason and purpose of her dispatch of the dark church were to protect these people from the attacks of Holy Church. However, if she went along and continued to trample people as Dudian did, then there was no guarantee that someone would be injured or lost their lives. It was something that she couldn’t afford to do.

Aisha raised her hands and tried to disperse and break the panicking crowd. Although she wasn’t acting as violent as Dudian, she still managed to squeeze a bit with the help of guards.

Dudian was already at the front and jumped down while Aisha was still desperately trying to drill through the crowd. Dudian overturned the several people in front and created a gap. Then he jumped down and went out of the passage into the manor. At the moment lots of people wearing robes and masks were standing front of the manor. They were pointing towards a direction and whispering to each other.

Dudian squeezed through the crowd and dug out from the window. He jumped on the neat lawn and looked back. He saw that there were quite a figures gathered in the place where his carriage was parked before.

Dudian glanced around but didn’t stay there for long. He bowed his head and moved towards the fence. The manor was surrounded by a high fence. As Dudian approached the designed part of the fence, he saw the guards, and they noted his presence. They came over to him.

Dudian didn’t bother with them and leaped over the wall and jumped over to the street. It was a secluded street, and there was no one around. He quickly walked around the pre-designated trail and left the manor in the wilderness.

Although the wilderness was full of vicious animals at night, he didn’t have anything to worry about.

One hour after the attack.

The potion masters dispensed the anesthetic green fog. The people were issued with antidotes, and most of them had already awakened. Some of them who were close to the fog had heart attacks because of continuous exposure to the green mist.

The main hall.

Aisha and Simon stood close to each other while there was another person close by to them. According to his armor he belonged to the same level as them. In front of the trio, there was a huge man wearing a black gown. His height was almost two meters tall. A black hood covered most of his face and exposed his thin lips which looked like cold daggers.

The man looked inside the cage. Afterward, he looked at the two iron pillars that were cut off. He was silent for some time.: “Do you know what would happen to you all if this thing was taken away?”

Trio’s face turned ugly, and their bodies trembled. They bowed their heads down.

Aisha clenched her teeth.: “Please give us the appropriate punishment as it is a dereliction of duty!”

The man didn’t say anything. After a few minutes he slowly talked.: “According to you people the enemy was not a person, but their numbers couldn’t be much. A single person wouldn’t be sent to steal away this. It would be impossible. Check the source of this paralyzed. It is likely that someone from our side has prepared the theft plan. Be sure to check everything out thoroughly!”

“Yes.” Simon nodded and left.

Aisha hesitated.: “Commander there is something that I want to tell, but I don’t know the right way to tell it.”

“Well,” The stalwart person glanced at her. “Go on.”

Aisha bowed.: “At the time that I was fighting with the attacker, I told him that he was killing innocent people. He responded that: ‘The people of the dark church are claiming to be innocent?’. Listening to his tone, I think he was very hostile towards the dark church. I wonder if the man was from Holy Church.”

Simon and the other youth’s face changed as they were startled because of Aisha’s words.

The man was silent for a moment before he replied.: “Even though the knights of light are sanctioning us at every corner, but they would never use poison to attack us. It is against their honorable dogma. The enemy’s purpose is to mislead us with such words. Don’t you understand that it was unnecessary for the other side to wrestle words with you? But he did so. The man is a very cunning guy. Such a statement is enough to prove that he is one of us. Follower of the darkness.”

“Go to search the details. You have to submit valuable information by the dawn. Don’t come up with garbage! Go!” The man said in an indifferent tone.

Aisha, Simon and the youth nodded and turned away.

“Brandon.” The man suddenly called the youth.: “What were you doing at the time of the invasion?”

The youth’s face turned ugly as his body trembled and cold sweat flowed down his spine.: “Co-co-commander…I was…drink …”

The man looked at his eyes.: “If such a thing happens again. Then I’m going to make sure that you drink a wine made out of your tongue and crotch.”

The youth turned pale.: “There won’t be.”

“Go on.” The man waved.

Time passed.

Five hours after the end of the attack. Early in the morning.

Aisha, Simon, and Brandon returned to the main hall. The man was standing in front of the cage.: “Commander, I found the source of the mist. It was a potion sold by a potion yesterday. The potion master said that the amount that she had sold was almost exactly that was diffused. She is sure that the attacker is the person who bought the poison from her.”

The man recovered his eyes from the cage and looked back at her.: “Who?”


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  1. Who? Well Dudian was cloacked and also used a hoarse voice to talk. They couldn’t possibly trace him with just that. Especialy since the potion master wasn’t alert for possible criminals when she sold it to Dudian.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. height,hair color, overall physique, especially if they narrow it to one person, also mask type and what not. But doubt theyll find his real life identity.

  2. He exploded the carriage he used to enter and he had to show his identity at the gate… They can also do an identity check to everyone and don’t let them go out of the manor untill everyone is confirmed. Whoever is not confirmed is bound to be an attacker. I sure hope author won’t make it so dudian gets out of this scot free… There is no way he won’t be exposed if you just put some simple investigation…

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