DK – Ch 235

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The Dark King – Chapter 235

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Aisha tightly holds onto the sword as she saw Dudian rush towards her. The moment Dudian ran into her attack range she jittered the sword in an oblique way as she displayed her swordsmanship.

Dudian’s eyes were fixed on her wrist. As he had expected, she was going to attack the upper body. He bent his body and put the force on his waist as he turned and kicked towards her abdomen.

Aisha’s face slightly changed. She staggered back to escape Dudian’s foot. She didn’t expect to fail in her attack. She coldly looked at the eyes behind the mask. Even in a condition such as this, the eyes revealed killing intent and calmness. She clenched her teeth.: “If you dare to kill the innocent, then no matter who you are it won’t be easy to leave this place!”

Dudian’s spoke in a hoarse voice.: “Killing the innocent? The people of the dark church are claiming to be innocent? Don’t try to delay time! Beat it!” Once again, his body advanced while this time he raised the dagger towards Aisha’s cheek.

Aisha’s face was ugly as she wielded the sword in haste.

The tinkling sounds echoed as Aisha’s sword, and Dudian’s dagger parried.

Dudian frowned as he didn’t expect this woman to be so tough at melee combat. Her physical strength was close to a senior level hunter. However, her combat experience was much lower than a senior hunter’s as if it was so, then she should have ended the fight after two or three strokes. He sensed the smell and knew that more people were gathering outside. There was a trace of urgency and alertness in his heart. He no longer went easy and stabbed the dagger towards Aisha’s chest.

Aisha tried to do her best to resist by using the sword. She knew that as long as she delayed the person, then there will be enough people to capture him.

Aisha raised her sword to resist Dudian’s stab. However, the dagger retracted. It was a faint! He used his foot to kick Aisha’s knee.

Aisha’s face slightly changed as she hurried back.

Dudian continued with another dagger attack and Aisha once again tried to protect herself, but this one was a feint too. Once again he attacked with a kick towards her leg.

Aisha was prepared this time and immediately dodged.

Dudian threw the dagger out as Aisha dodged half the way.


Aisha was shocked, but her body reacted on instinct. However, it was not enough to hide from the dagger. It cut through her beautiful cheek and left a bloodstain. The blood began to ooze out from the wound.

Dudian took advantage of the opportunity and quickly bypassed her and ran towards the passage.

The dark knight behind the Aisha saw that their captain was injured. They were surprised to see Dudian rush towards them who were close to the exit. They didn’t interfere in Aisha and Dudian’s fight as they were worried that they would be hindering Aisha. After all, Dudian could attack them without fear, but Aisha would be worried about accidentally hurting them.

Dudian was like a desperate animal as he ran towards the dark knights.

The knights were frightened as they didn’t expect Dudian to dare to attack them unarmed. The one in front used the sword to stab.

Dudian saw the dark knight had stabbed the sword out, but there was fright in the dark knight’s eyes. He made a sideways move and escaped this attack. However, he used his hand and grabbed the dark knight’s wrist. He made a hard twist, and the dark knight lets go of the sword because of pain.

Dudian released the dark knight’s hand and quickly grabbed the sword. His body rotated and waved the sword to protect himself from imminent sword attacks.

Puff! Puff! One of the dark knights who tried to attack was accidentally stabbed in the face. He screamed out and covered his face while the one who had released the sword was killed on the spot.

Dudian’s constitution was close to an intermediate hunter’s before he was imprisoned. However, after his magic marks had evolved and physical transformation that happened because of absorbing the cold crystals of the horned and variant skeletons his body was almost comparable to ordinary senior hunters. Even if his close combat skills were poor, but he could rely on his physical advantage to easily fight against the dark knights who were comparable to junior hunters.

Dudian waved and swung the sword to block several other dark knights. The horror had invaded their hearts because of Dudian’s extraordinary strength and agile actions.

Dudian broke through the encirclement as he didn’t want the Aisha to catch up. He ran towards the exit and saw that the passage was overcrowded with people. Some patrolling guards tried to calm the crowd.

It had been a total of only three or four minutes since Dudian had broken the poison filled bottles. The people in the square tried to evacuate in panic, but the guards had blocked the passage and maintained the order. They let people out slowly one by one.

Dudian threw away the sword after he broke out of the encirclement. He noticed the guards in the passage, so he began to shout out loud.: “The poisonous gas is coming! Run! Run!” Although he tried to change his voice and spoke in a hoarse voice, everyone had heard his shouts.

The crowd was scared and panicked because of his manipulation. Few of them wanted to look back and check the situation, but were pushed by the people standing behind them. The people began to fall onto each other and fell like dominoes.

“Stop! He is the attacker!” The guards pulled out their weapons as they looked at Dudian. Although they had not witnessed the fight between Dudian and the dark knights, they had already evacuated everyone into the passage. So it was obvious that this person was part of the attackers and tried to take advantage of the situation to run away.

Dudian had inquired and observed combat effectiveness of these guards. They were much weaker than dark knights. Most of them were apprentice knights. He didn’t pause, but rushed over.

The guards were furious as they roared and tried to attack Dudian.

Dudian closed the distance in a blink of an eye. The speed of their swords was very slow in his eyes. He easily escapes the first sword attack and hit the guard in his face. Bang! The guard’s body staggered backward and was entangled with the other guards.

The passage was full of people. It was very hard for guards to maintain the order, to begin with. Now the people were shouting and trying to escape in panic.


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  1. I hope it just ends like this, no mysterious senior master that comes a beats Dudian or an unexpected hidden boss.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. hope he isnt disillusioned that they are bad people, material alchemist aren’t all bad. half the peeps he killed probably haven’t done bad shit in their life. So either own up to your shit, dont be like “them evil so its fine.” nope. You is a murdering sociopath, but its who you are, so own it lol.

    1. Pretty sure he’s just trying to make it sound like he’s from the Holy Church or any other organization really, in the hopes that they might look elsewhere before considering a fellow alchemist would be the culprit.

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