DK – Ch 234

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The Dark King – Chapter 234

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Dudian couldn’t wait for the frozen storage’s door to open because of the thrill. Everything inside was as is the last time he had left it. There was a pile of rubbish on the sleeping mattress. It had dried up, and an unpleasant smell was emitted.

He wasn’t going to clean the garbage. He quickly pressed the button inside the frozen storage, and the energy repository opened up. There were three round energy tubes inside. The one at the bottom had a light blue luster on it which looked like precipitated magma. The others were dull looking in comparison to it.

Dudian quickly removed the energy tube and dismantled the chip reader. His face changed as he quickly closed the frozen storage capsule. He rapidly went out of the cage and moved towards the outer edge of the hall. There were alchemists and potion masters who were lying down as they had lost their consciousness because of the green fog. Not many were successful at escaping the calamity.

Dudian hid the energy tube and chip reader inside his robe. He sensed quite a few people coming from square towards the hall.

Dudian immediately laid down on the ground and faked his condition.

Moments later a team of well-equipped dark knights came to the center of the square. There was a green mist floating around the square. The team was led by a young woman and a middle-aged man. Both of them glanced at each other. Middle-aged man looked at the young woman.: “You should keep guard here and don’t let anyone go out! One of you should protect the passage!” He raised his hand and waved at two dark knights to step out and follow him into the poisonous fog.

It was obvious that they have taken antidotes. They ran at full speed into the hall. The first thing they did was to check the object of the gods. It was still inside the cage. However, there were pillars which had been destroyed. The middle-aged man sighed in relief because the object hasn’t been stolen. He looked at people who were lying unconscious in the hall. It seems the people who had run towards the exit didn’t want to be involved in such an attack.

The middle-aged man glanced around the fainted people and made a hand gesture towards the two dark knights behind him.

Both of them understood the meaning behind the gesture, turned back and ran outside. They came to the center of the square and looked at the young woman.: “Reporting to captain. The object of the gods is still inside. Captain Simon will be inside guarding it.”

The young woman was relieved. She turned towards the dozen dark knights and shouted.: “A team must stay on the outer edge. The two teams should immediately take the antidote and go inside for investigation. The attackers most probably are mixed with people lying inside. Check their bodies and see if they carry a weapon or a foreign object. Immediately arrest on the spot!”


The two teams of dark knights by her orders began to act up quickly.

The young woman’s gaze was focused on a particular dark knight.: “Tell the patrols to send people to clean the air. They should let the others evacuate and order them not to cause unnecessary casualties.”

“Yes.” The dark knight nodded in confirmation and left.

One of the dark knights began to give antidote pills to the other dark knights who were lined up. Afterward, they began to check the clothes of people who were lying unconscious on the ground in the square.

There was a cold look in her eyes as the young woman as she folded her arms across her chest and observed the place.


A sound of the violent explosion echoed out. It was similar to the sound made when the thunder hit the ground. Even though because of layers of soil the penetrating force was weakened, but still, it was an unusual occurrence.

The young woman was caught in surprise. She couldn’t help but look back at the passage.

The middle-aged man standing in the hall also heard the sound of an explosion. The sound seemed to be coming from above the manor.

What has happened?

Have the attackers already left the place and moving on the outside of the Manor?

Middle-aged man looked back at the cage. He clenched his teeth and looked at the dark knight.: “You stay here. I’m going out to see what has happened. If there is something unusual then immediately inform Captain Aisha.” He rushed out of the hall and came out to the square. After passing through the poisonous fog, he found the young woman.: “What has happened?”

Aisha was shocked: “There seems to be a big movement outside the manor. Do you think the attackers have mixed with the crowd and fled out?”

Simon’s face changed.: “Impossible! We have responded very fast. The attackers should have fought with the knights in the hall. Moreover, they had to destroy the pillars to enter the cage. It should take a lot of time. There is no way that they could do all of this and rush out to mix with the crowd in such a little period.”

Aisha looked at him.: “But you are saying that the object of the gods is still inside the cage. Most probably they were aware that they wouldn’t be able to break the cage and remove the object completely. They should have been scared of this and mixed with the crowd to run away.”

Simon thought about the traces of the destruction of the cage. The attackers seemed to have spent a lot of effort the destroy two small iron pillars. If they wanted to have enough space to remove the object, then they would have to spend several times more time and effort. His eyes lit up as he looked at Aisha.: “I will go out to check the situation. You continue to control the situation in here. Perhaps some of the companions were not able to escape.”

Aisha’s eyes were full of worry as she looked at the back of the middle-aged man as he departed.

Dudian slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He focused on the dark knight who was standing a bit away from him. In a flash, he quickly jumped up and rushed towards the dark knight.

The dark knight’s reaction was slow and late. He felt the movement and turned around. But he was late as his eyes shrank. He wanted to pull out his sword while he wanted to shout and alert the others.


Dudian’s dagger pierced in the dark knight’s mouth and interrupted his cry.

Dudian was like a panther when he made a move. He was grasping onto the handle of the dagger as he put a bit of force and the dagger came out from the other side of the dark knight’s head.

The dark knight’s body went stiff, and his eyes turned dull.

Dudian pulled back the dagger and made sure that the dark knight’s body softly fall to the ground. He rushed out of the hall into the square. He moved through the green fog to stay unnoticed as long as possible. His footsteps were so fast, and light that the others couldn’t hear his movement until one of the dark knight’s saw a shadow moving towards him. The dark knights were focused on searching the bodies of people in the square who had fainted. The dark knight was a bit slow to react. The first thought that popped into his mind was that the attack had appeared. The second was to protect himself!

The dark knights held onto their weapons and were ready to deal with Dudian. Dudian rushed out from the fog and moved towards one the dark knight’s in a rapid momentum. The dark knight’s heart was timid. They were comparable to a junior hunter regarding strength, but they didn’t have ferociousness of a hunter.

The dark knight knew that he couldn’t go back, so he made the judgment instantly and stabbed the sword towards Dudian’s head.

Dudian’s body suddenly made a turn and twist. The dagger in his hand stabbed from bottom to up along the dark knight’s chin. It stabbed through the dark knight’s head, and he pulled out the dagger.

Aisha reacted instantly the moment she heard the movement. She didn’t think that an attack was still lurking inside the place. “What kind of stupid courage has he?” She quickly pulled out the sword from her waist. She tightly stared at the green fog. She was aware that the person(s) who dared to break into this place to grab the object of the gods were not of simple origin.


Dudian used the green mist as camouflage. It didn’t hinder his line of sight. He had already seen the young woman and the team of knights following her.

Dudian had determined the woman as the strongest of the team. His eyes quickly fell on the woman. In a flash, he went all the way through past the fog towards her.


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  1. Could he not chosen a plan that requires so much fighting? I know stealth is optional to most protagonist, but up to the last part he was using doing well.

    Confronting the woman and the rest of the knight directly is a mistake even if he wins this time. He may not be so lucky in the future.

    Thanks for the chapters.

    1. errm, he isn´t confronting them directly? he killed the one in the way and ran out to get out of the situation? Wasn´t the point of the explotion to draw their attention elsewhere?

        1. A usual Payday player, nothing new here.

          “Should we go loud or stealthy?”

          Three seconds later someone throws a grenade and all four whip out the heavy machineguns…

    2. From what I understand I don’t think he intended to use stealth as his main method at all. I’m pretty sure he only did at first because he didn’t want anyone to see him actually go inside of the frozen storage.

      Hell, maybe the layout of the location in the author’s mind has MC surrounded (very likely) and it just wasn’t mentioned explicitly. In which case, since they already decided to search those on the floor ruining what little chance at stealth had going, he’d end up fighting his way out no matter what.

    3. Reading it again, the woman explicitly she’s sent people to stay at the outer edge so he’s definitely surrounded and his only cover was about to be blown anyways.

  2. “Check their bodies and see if they carry a weapon or a foreign object. Immediately arrest on spot!””

    Think they might just have to arrest practically everyone there…

  3. haha, so it was in a cage xD Didn´t get that at first. Wouldn´t it be iron bars then? Aren´t pillars normally like columns, you know thick, made of beton, holding the weight of a building? xD Confused me a little there :p

  4. Why is Dean attacking?

    This just doesn’t make sense. It has no benefit whatsoever.

    And the attacks just make the story long. The story will drag!

    1. He’s surrounded, the woman has people on the outer edge waiting for anyone trying to escape and his cover was about to be blown anyways. He has to fight his way out no matter from what information we have.

  5. So let me see if i got this right… He exploded the carriage he entered with which he used his alchemist identity to get through the gate with… After that he used his identity and bought poison. Immediatelly after that he used that same poison… Is he burning bridges to join the elements or something?

    1. The badges only show a generic symbol identifying the alchemist’s rank from the way they’ve been described. Not to mention that he should be wearing a generic mask and a black coat just like every other time he’s gone out as an alchemist. No burning of bridges here.

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