DK – Ch 233

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The Dark King – Chapter 233

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Two days after Kerry invited Dudian.

As usual, Dudian ate the breakfast together with Old Fulin early in the morning. Afterward, he left the Ryan castle to another town. He got off the carriage and walked through the wilderness and reached the town where they produced gunpowder. They had purchased a small carriage which was parked in the yard behind the workshop.

The carriage seemed very ordinary. Dudian had asked Barton and the other two to prepare gunpowder in advance. They had produced seven boxes of gunpowder, which were moved to the compartment of the carriage. He drove out the carriage and went to the division of the dark church.

He stopped in front of the manor. Dudian showed them his alchemist medal. They made few tests to verify the validity of his identity. One of the guards checked the compartment of the carriage: “What are these?”

Dudian replied.: “Its products for sale.”

The guard didn’t talk anymore as he opened the door to let the carriage into the mansion’s yard.

Dudian parked the carriage in a remote place where another six carriages were parked. Dudian jumped off the carriage, tied the horse to the column and entered the manor.

After passing through the check ups by the huge oil painting, he passed through the passage and came to the dark square. Dudian looked around and saw that there was nothing unusual. He went into the hall and observed for a while. Afterward, he came back to the square and went to one of the potion shops. There were many bottles and jars of different colors placed in the shop.

Potion masters were extremely high-ranking people. People would try to avoid provoking their wrath. Some of them were comparable to senior hunters regarding combat. By dropping a small venom, they would be able to kill the opponent easily. This was the most frighting point while fighting the potion masters. It was just hard to detect their attacks.

“Hey, Boss. The thing that I have ordered. Has it arrived yet?” Dudian asked the shop owner in a hoarse voice.

The boss of the shop was shrouded in a purple robe. She had a slender and slim figure. Occasionally her white wrist would be exposed when she moved around. There were several ugly black scars on her wrists that were very eye-catching. Most probably it was the result of erosion by the toxins. She looked at Dudian.: “It’s ready. After the deposit, you have to pay us two hundred and fifty gold coins. Have you brought them?”

Dudian nodded and took out a bag of gold from the robe and handed it out to her.

The purple robed woman poured out the gold coins from the bag onto the table. She randomly selected a few and tested them to check if they were genuine gold coins. Afterward, she slightly nodded and began to take all of them one by one to put back into the bag.: “Good, it’s the right amount. I’ll give you the bottles.” As she finished counting the gold coins, she put the bag inside a cabinet and locked it. Then she took out two green ink bottle and another small bottle from a drawer.

“These are the anesthetic poisonous fog, and this is the antidote.” The purple robed woman passed the bottles to Dudian. She looked at him.: “Please use with caution. A small drop of the poison is enough to make an adult wild boar unconscious. Moreover, one of these bottles is enough to make population a small town fall into a coma.”

Dudian carefully put away the bottles as he heard her words. He turned away and began to wander around the other shops.

Time passed and evening came.

The number of people in the square didn’t reduce but increased as the time passed. These people would be busy during the daytime with their things, but in the evening would have more time to spare for alchemy activities.

Dudian found a place to sit down and rest as he waited for the time to pass.

By seven o’clock the number of people in the square was very dense. It was very lively as the people went left and right. After 12 o’clock in the night, the numbers gradually began to reduce as the people departed the division.

Dudian saw that the time was mature. He returned to the outside the manor and fiddled with the carriage for a moment. Afterward, he came back to the square and went into the hall. He saw the cage where frozen storage unit was held. There were hundreds of people who were looking at the storage capsule. The number of members of the dark church was not inferior to Holy Church.

Some people who were acquainted with each other pointed and whispered. They would voice out their opinions and discoveries.

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he stood behind the crowd and looked around. He saw that no one was looking at him, so he slowly took out green ink bottles from under his robe and threw them out in different directions. Both bottles hit the stones and the sounds of glass bottles crashing echoed out.

People were scared because of sudden noise.

People saw dark green smoke rolling around the hall. The second bottle had hit the top and as a result glass fragments dumped onto the heads of some of them.

A woman screamed.

“It is poison!”

The scream was the source of the rapid uneasiness that proliferated the crowd in a matter of seconds. The other didn’t have to react as they were scared and shocked the green mist which was infiltrated the place. The people began to run out of the hall in a hurry.

Because of dissent and panic, the people began to knock each other as they tried to get out of the hall. The ones who were knocked to the ground would be stepped over and trampled by the panicking crowd. People began to push each other and the numbers of people who stumbled and fell increased.

Green mist spread like boiling water.

Dudian took out the pill from the antidote bottle and put it in his mouth. His eyes were calm and quiet as he sticks to the wall. The crazy crowd was bypassing by him. He came to the front of the huge cage and saw that ten dark knights that were stationed there haven’t moved yet. Their faces were pale, but continued to protect their positions.

In the end, they raised their hands to protect their mouth’s as their eyes carefully looked around. They had pulled their swords from their waists. The dark knights would not hesitate to kill if they saw someone approach the cage. They were aware that the poison attack was made by the people whose goal was to snatch the object of the gods.

Green mist rapidly spread around the hall and shrouded the place. The majority of the people inside the hall couldn’t escape and were covered in green fog. One by one they fell to the ground.

The green mist interfered with Dudian’s sight. He used a dagger to pierce through the dark knight who was close to him. The knight didn’t have the chance to scream and alert his mates. But the sword that he held onto fell to the ground and made crisp ‘ding dong’ sounds. The attention of the other dark knights was concentrated on the location the sound echoed from. They knew that the invaders had begun to attack.

Dudian saw that his eyesight was low. Although he was covered in green fog at least, he was able to see dark shadows of the people. One of them seemed to rush over to him. As his left arm was injured, he hadn’t practiced archery for some time, but focused on practicing melee combat using swords, daggers, knives and other weapons. Although he wasn’t proficient he was not a stranger to their use either.

Because of the advantage of the vision, Dudian quickly stabbed three dark knights consecutively. The fingertips of his left hand were sweeping the sturdy iron column while he killed the dark knights that attacked him. He was convinced that because of the thickness of the iron columns it would take a bit of time to break them apart.

As he killed the third attacking dark knight, the others weren’t able to stand against the poisonous fog as their bodies softly fell one after another.

Dudian immediately grasped the chance to use both his hands to break the iron column as he saw there was no one to obstruct him.

Dudian was nervous as he was counting the seconds. Finally, after two minutes, he was able to cut off the iron pillars, and there was enough space for him to squeeze in. He was late for more than 10 seconds according to his calculations. He went towards the frozen storage capsule.

After passing the fingerprint verification, the dark hall was lit up suddenly. The light was projected from frozen storage. If someone else saw the scene, then they would think that it’s a miracle.

“Iris verification … ” A female voice echoed out from the frozen storage.

Dudian brought his face closer to the capsule. He opened his eyes as he closely looked at the machine. His fingerprint may be copied and used to open the frozen storage. But eye verification was not possible to be replicated by others. At least it would be very difficult.

After the verification was completed the closed, frozen storage slowly opened. It has been almost eight years that he has gone out from the frozen storage because it didn’t have any more energy to continue to keep his body in the dormant, frozen state. However, the frozen storage capsule had its solar function. After a long time, it would gradually restore the energy. Right now it had enough to operate the simple functions.



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  1. Are there no guards with the equivalent power of a veteran hunter to protect the capsule?

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. the elites of the dark church playen around with it for months an couldn´t open it.
      I think they don´t see why/how would anyone try to steal it. it´s a giant thing,it´s not easily moved away i think xD

  2. although the author said it has solar function, i doubt the capsule is placed in a place where solar energy can reach it, so the power wont increase.
    or it’s not solar cell, but other thing that not very clear
    the only reason that he would risk his life is the hard disk right? but still he need electricity to access it later.

    1. didn’t he took out the hard disk before and hid it in his room before he became a scavenger? so the capsule shouldn’t have brain in its current state.. Or am i missing something?

  3. Lol solar function… Yeah i bet they took that thing outside to air it out… It’s not like they kept it closed away from eyes right ^_^

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