DK – Ch 232

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The Dark King – Chapter 232

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

After a few moments, a man wearing a suit was accompanied by the butler into the dining room. He was a middle-aged and courteous man. He took off his hat and saluted Dudian and Old patriarch.: “Old Patriarch how are you? This must be Mr. Dean!?”

Old Fulin smiled.: “Thank you. Yes, he is the person we talked about last time. This time you can personally talk with Mr. Dean. Although our consortium has recruited Mr. Dean, our contract doesn’t constrain his personal freedom.”

“That’s great.” The middle-aged man said in a delighted tone. He looked at Dudian.: “Mr. Dean you can call me Kerry. I assume you have heard of ‘Temple of Elements’ as you are a hunter. All the materials brought by hunters and scavengers from the outside are taken to ‘Temple of Elements’ for final assessment for identification and pricing purposes. I’m here on behalf of ‘Temple of Elements’ to invite you to join us.”

Dudian wasn’t surprised. He had seen newspapers refer to him as ‘inventor’, so he had a hunch that at one point ‘Temple of Elements’ will invite him to join their rows. However, he didn’t think that it will be this fast.: “I have heard a little about ‘Temple of Elements, ’ but I don’t know much. Can you talk about the details?”

Kerry was happy as he saw Dudian interested in the topic.: “This is my favorite topic. The members of ‘Temple of Elements’ are inventors like you. But also devout believers of God of Light. God of Light’s will and blessing have spread all over heaven and earth. Our job is to find his will and make sure that it is generously treated after being passed to public. So people will talents would work and invent things with the blessing of the God… ”

“I am a pious believer of light myself. I will be faithful until the end of time. But I have a little doubt which I want to voice out. I hope Mr. Kerry would be able to answer it. ” Dudian said as he squinted his eyes.

Kerry laughed: “Mr. Dean, please.”

Dudian asked: “We are only finding out the blessing sent by the God of Light, but we are called inventors. Isn’t it blasphemy?”

Kerry was stunned, but replied immediately.: “Mr. Dean you will be wrong to think like that. ‘Temple of elements’ is the creation of Holy Church. We not only find but also understand the will and blessing of the God of Light. By using the word ‘inventor’ we represent our gratitude and awe, but nothing more.”

Dudian said: “This is the original interpretation.”

Kerry smiled.: “Mr. Dean you shouldn’t be burdened by such an issue. The inventor was used back in early periods and is a very backward call of the description of our job. We are all faithful followers of the God of Light. In the ‘Temple of Elements’ we prefer to call ourselves as the God’s architects.” (the original word was “shen shi” literal translation is God’s makers. However, it can be translated as God’s envoys, God’s designers, God’s Architects, God’s smiths, etc.. I have chosen the word – architect. Imagine the architect from the matrix.. hahaha)

Dudian nodded. “Mr. Kerry should be aware that I am a hunter. As a hunter, I am a pragmatic person who follows the personal interests and gains. What kind of benefits would I get if I join the ‘Temple of Elements’?”

Kerry smiled.: “There are many benefits. The first is that Temple can provide you a housing in the commercial district. If you perform well and become a senior architect in the future, then the Temple will give you a fiefdom. Additionally, you will be given a hundred gold coins as a reward in the initial stage. The monetary rewards will increase as you status increases.”

Dudian was surprised and was afraid at the same time. Could the holy church grant ordinary civilians a fief? Isn’t it the sole right of the military?

Kerry continued to sweet talk and seduce him.: “In addition to these if you join ‘Temple of Elements’ not only you could get endless wealth but also supreme glory!”

“What are the requirements as there are so many benefits?”

Kerry was a bit surprised as he saw Dudian’s calm expression.: “As long as you join the ‘Temple of elements’ and complete few tasks issues by the Temple there is nothing else.”

“What tasks?”

“Small tasks such as identification of the value of materials brought in from outside the giant wall. You can be assured that there won’t be anything that will be unreasonable. Even if you can’t complete the tasks, you can apply to support other architects. “Kerry laughed.

Dudian understood the conditions.: “I will think about it.”

Kerry was stunned as he didn’t expect that he won’t get an instant reply. He was a bit hesitant, but ultimately said.: “Alright. I’ll be waiting for good news from Mr. Dean. However, I have to tell you that those evil alchemists like to attack God’s Architects. If you join the Temple, then we will provide you with safe protection, and you will be sheltered from the danger.”

Dudian looked up at him.: “Thank you for the reminder.”

Kerry no longer stayed as he greets Old Fulin and the butler sent him off.

Old Fulin looked at Dudian after he left.: “Do you want to join? There are lots of benefits by joining the Temple, but some disadvantages. You will be busy over there, so it’s kind of taxing on your time. However, it is worth joining the Temple. Others dream of chance such as this. The threat he was talking about was true too. Some dark church members may try to harm you. Although you are a hunter assassination methods are one or two. They may use poisons and other things and easily kill a hunter.”

Dudian understood that hunters were strong but not invincible. Obviously, any hunter could be defeated.

“Temporarily I will stay away from them, but I will consider the option.” Dudian continued.: “However, if I join the ‘Temple of Elements’ then I will be clear to buy ‘fountain of life’ as architects are members of Holy Church too. In a sense, it is a shield for our consortium too.

Old Fulin nodded in confirmation. He knew that Dudian was interested in the offer.: “You should consider options on your own. I believe you will make the right choice.” He picked up the crutch, got up and left the table.

Dudian didn’t stay too much. According to his original plan, he put on his coat and left the Ryan Castle. He hired a carriage and went to a division of the dark church.

Dudian was more cautious along the way so as not to be tracked. More than a dozen people were standing near the cage frozen storage capsule was put it and observing the object. Nobody could touch the object as it was quite a distance inside the cage.

Dudian also observed, but his attention was focused on the surrounding environment.

Another day passed in a hurry.

Dudian went back to the Ryan Castle. He finished his drawings and began to practice his left arm. He didn’t dare to make difficult postures as there could be bones that haven’t fully healed yet. He didn’t want to fracture them again. Moreover, he didn’t want to join the Temple because of the blue crystal scales on his left arm. If it was exposed, then the only option for him was to live in the darkness.



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  1. darkness is where the dark king should live wahahaha! anyway the darkness is the better choice it won’t restrict you that much in exchange for safety =d

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