DK – Ch 229

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The Dark King – Chapter 229

“100,000 alchemy points?” Dudian was surprised. As far as he knew to be one star alchemist he needed to accumulate 100 points. One thousand points was required for two stars and 10000 points was required to be a three star alchemist. 100,000 alchemy points was equivalent to becoming a four star alchemist in one go. Normally, an alchemist would immerse in research for decades or even more to get this achievement. Now as long as a person was able to open the object then they would be able to get this much of alchemy points!?

Nightingale sighed.: “II would be able to know how to open this object if I learned some knowledge from the era of the gods.”

Dudian’s mouth twitched as he knew that it didn’t matter how much knowledge you learned it wouldn’t change anything. For this frozen storage capsule to unlock his fingerprints and eye verification was needed. In addition to him no one would be able to unlock the object. Unless they violently dismantled it.

“Is it going to be here for good? “Dudian asked.

Nightingale shook her head.: “I heard after a period of time it will be moved to another branch of the dark church. So while it is exhibited, watch and observe as much as you can. Maybe you will get some kind of inspiration. I heard from someone that the gods had found the mystery of the air flow. I hope we can find the secret behind it.”

Dudian wryly smiled. He knew that with today’s technology and mentality they would never understand the concepts behind the frozen storage capsule. However his heart was moved as he thought about the reward of the one hundred thousand alchemy points. In Rosyard’s alchemy notes it was written that after an alchemist gets more stars he would get the right to mobilize dark knights. As a three star alchemist, Rosyard had the right to mobilize dark knights from the dark church for his protection and for them to fight in his stead.

The lowest of these dark knights was comparable to a primary hunter in comparison of physical strength. A squad of dark knights was enough to fight against and cope with a group of Knights of Light.

However, the alchemist had to reach five star level to be able to mobilize a squad of dark knights.

In addition to being able to have dark knight the alchemist would receive a very high monthly salary. But the best benefit for the alchemist was the ability to get information from the intelligence network of the dark church.

Dark Church’s intelligence network was extremely large and covered more area(it’s not just physical) than Holy Church. It was intensive, wide and penetrated into various fields. As long as you could give the corresponding price then any information would be at your hands. Even some military secrets were not an exception!

“I had last seen the frozen storage about four years ago. So it must fall into the hands of dark church for a long time. They could not break the password for so long on their own. If I opened the frozen storage then I would acquire unwanted attention of many parties. Maybe it would lead to an endless suspicion and interrogation! In such a long time period they must have tried all the possible solutions. Even if I had told them that it was a coincidence but the explanation… ”

Dudian’s eyes lit up as the stir in his heart calmed down. The reward was like a hidden sharps bars. The bait was very attractive and if he was tempted to bite then he would be caught.

He looked at Nightingale and said.: “Let ‘s go somewhere else.”

Nightingale saw that Dudian had lost the interest and didn’t want to continue to stay here so she didn’t urged him to stay. She had seen it for many times so she didn’t mind much.: “I’ll accompany you to collect your medal.”

Dudian nodded.

Both of the came to a counter before the hall. Dudian handed out his temporary identity certificate.: “I have come to receive my medal.”

There was an old man behind the counter who was responsible for registration. He didn’t wear a mask. The old man glanced at Dudian and lazily yawned. It seemed as if Dudian had disturbed his peaceful nap. He checked the temporary identity certificate and looked at Dudian.: “Boy you are brave but don’t forget to lay low. Such a code name! Be careful of the Holy Church.”

Dudian stared at him but didn’t reply.

Old man saw Dudian avoided to reply his rhetoric. He felt that he was rude. He looked back at the wall and opened a drawer. He searched for a moment and found a box. He pulled string of keys from his waist and opened the box. Afterwards he took out few items from the box.

“This is your medal! This is your entry fee! This is the recommendation letter from the dark church to the alchemy college. I hope you will be able to live in the dark side. Welcome.” The old man handed out medal, bag of gold coins and the letter. His previous bleary appearance disappeared. His face became solemn and pious as he stared at Dudian. He raised his hand to his chest and began to make the prayer in serious tone.: “After sublimation to the darkness even if you return back the sun will tingle your eyes! The darkness will make your eyes bright! From now on you will became the believer of the darkness and serve our lord! You will be subjected to purgatory in case of betrayal. Do you accept?”

“I understand.” Dudian nodded as it was part of the ritual. The Holy Church believed in the God of Light while the dark church referred to demons as their gods. None of them recognized each other.

The old man’s original appearance was restored the moment the ceremony ended. He waved his hand.: “No matter what you do, where you should go its up to you. DON’T DISTURB MY SLEEP!”

Dudian put away the bag with gold coins. He estimated that there were more few hundred gold coins inside. Although it wasn’t much in his eyes but for an ordinary civilian they wouldn’t be able to earn this much in their lifetime. Most of the wealth was concentrated in the hands of nobility and wealthy businessmen. There was a serious imbalance in distribution of wealth.

He checked his medal. There were ‘two hands holding a stone’ engraved on it. It was the symbol which referred to turning stone to the gold. It represented the faction of material alchemists.

If he belonged to the faction of life alchemists then two hands holding a head would be depicted on the medal on behalf of eternal life.

“Recommendation letter?” Dudian was surprised as he read the envelope in his hand. He looked at the old man.: “Alchemy College?”

Old man glanced at him: “Of course your friend should be attending it. Why don’t you ask her? Do not bother me! Go! Go!”

Nightingale said to Dudian as she saw the old man not interested in them any more.: “Let’s go, I’ll explain to you.”

Dudian nodded and followed the Nightingale out of the hall. Nightingale spoke as they walked side by side.: “Alchemy College is branch of Dark Church. It is like an ordinary college where all kinds of alchemy knowledge is taught. But the tuition fee is expensive. Of course, you will be exempt from tuition fees if your results are excellent.”

Dudian was surprised.: “Would not the college easily exposed?”

Nightingale nodded: “Indeed the possibility of the exposure is relatively high but we are still under the protection of the dark church. Holy Church would not go into details unless there is too much of a trouble. So don’t worry the safety level is still relatively high.”

Dudian understood that the relationship between dark church and Holy Church was quite complex. They would mutually drum out each other while mutually act like parasites to feed on the same source.


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  1. how to keep rifle hidden? damn usually this kind of thing will be leaked and holy church gonna get their claw on it, then hot weapon era will come.
    then holy church gonna wage war to demon…oops different story

    the capsule. Dean already take the data storage, right? so it just a piece of junk. so even they open it they wont get technology except refrigator system at best.

    1. It’d be easy to make a rifle that looks like a spear or javelin… Or he can do it assassin style and just separate everything into individual parts. He could carry the guns outside in crates and then just assemble them after he gets out there lol. He wouldn’t be able to bring it back inside, but he can easily take stuff outside lmao.

    1. btw,

      “Replacing a heart or head was already the limit.” -> I didnt knew that we can replace the head… are you sure or was this a typo?

      thanks for translating this amazing work.


        1. I think i read aboout this procedure the doctor thought he can do it but didnt have volunteers so it wasnt realized.

  2. Replace the head lol… What kind of technology is this? They can’t even fix bones but somehow replacing eyes or head which needs such precision i’m not even sure how they can be doing such a thing… Especially the eyes. Connecting the tiny nerves one by one is already hard enough but that’s not all they would also have to find the corresponding nerves of the new eye and match them with the reciever. Even then it possibly won’t fit since there is no rule saying one persons eye nerves will grow the same to anothers so how? How can they have such technology but fixing bones is hard? WTF!?

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