DK – Ch 228

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The Dark King – Chapter 228

Dudian wore black robe and mask after he came to the town. Once again he went to the entrance to the division which was camouflaged as an aristocratic manor.

Dudian took out his temporary identity certificate and handed it out to the guards at the door. Several guards questioned him before letting Dudian pass.

Dudian saw four attendants below the huge oil painting in the hall of the manor. After showing them the temporary identity certificate they let him pass through the secret door.

“I don’t know whether my last submission have passed. I was busy with consortium’s business so there was not enough time to come over to receive the results.” Dudian thought about his application as he walked through the dark passage. He came out to the underground square. It was lively this time in comparison to the previous visit. There were many people wearing robes and masks walking around the square.

Dudian began to check the shops selling services and products along the square. It didn’t take long for him to find a shop owned by an alchemist from life faction. There were pots and glass buckets where variety of biological organs were kept. One had a woman’s arm while another had baby’s head. There were liver, heart and other internal organs which were soaked in some kind of syrup to keep them fresh.

In addition to sales of alchemy materials the store was also selling few low-level alchemy formulas.

“Replacement of the biological eyes. Embedding someone else eyes and getting it work properly?” Dudian saw the description written by the alchemist. He was surprised as how these alchemist were able to do such a transformation with this level of simple technology. Even in the old era this area of technology had a superficial grasp on the issue. Replacing a heart or head was already the limit.

Dudian looked around but didn’t see anything about arm replacement. He looked at the shop owner and asked.: “Are there any ways to treat the shattered and fractures bones of the leg?”

The shop owner was a slender woman with brown hair. She suppressed her original voice and spoke in a low tone.: “The treatment is very difficult. We don’t have any ways to help you out with that but we can help you replace with a new thigh. We guarantee that there would be no side effects. Moreover, we can get high level thighs from hunters and ensure that it will be very easy to use and you will feel it as if it was your own leg. Do you want to try?”

Dudian was startled.: “How are you going to get hunter’s thigh?”

“This is our shop’s secret so please forgive me for secrecy.” Shop owner politely answered.

Dudian thought for a moment.: “Do you know any place where I can get full treatment?”

Shop owner saw that Dudian wasn’t interest in a purchase so her tone changed.: “I don’t know. You should ask the alchemists from life faction. There will be clues.”

Dudian frowned and nodded.: “Thank you.”

“No need to.”

Dudian turned around and left the shop to look for other places. In addition to life faction alchemists he though about the potion masters. Although they mainly were involved in production of poisons but after all they were in contact with pharmacological aspects too. So they may had a way too.

“Huh?” Dudian heard a sound calling out to him.: “Hound? Oh no, the devil?”

Dudian looked back to see a pretty figure wearing an owl mask. Although the mask was different colored in comparison to the last time but through her body odor he knew that it was her.: “Nightingale?”

“Yes.” Nightingale saw that Dudian called her nickname so she was aware that it was Dudian.: “It has been so many days. Why didn’t you come over after three days to receive the medal?”

Dudian coughed: “I was delayed because of business. How did you know that I hadn’t come over?”

“Of course I know. I come over every day.” Nightingale whispered.

Dudian smiled.: “You’re hard working.”

“No!” Nightingale looked at him.: “Did you come today to visit the object from the era of the gods?”

Dudian was stunned.: “the gods?”

Nightingale continued to talk as she saw his reaction.: “It seems you really don’t know. Ah! Come over, I’ll take you to see. You will be shocked!” She walked towards the front side of the dark hall.

Dudian was curious as he walked after her.

Dudian saw ten dark knights in front of the huge cage as they entered the hall. The steel columns were extremely sturdy. The bars were as thick as an adult’s arm. His eyes narrowed the moment he saw the object inside the cage. His heart was shocked first but afterwards it was filled with ecstasy.

“Well, this is the object!” Nightingale dragged him to the front of the cage.: “Check it out! All the parts are made of a metal. It seems very rare compound alloys were used to construct it. It is simply a masterpiece. My alloy alchemy isn’t worth mentioning if you compared it to this object.”

Dudian wasn’t listening to her as his eyes were concentrated on this familiar object. It was the frozen storage that helped him to survive for three hundred years.

Dudian’s heart beat speed up and his blood boiled. He wanted to rush out and use the remaining energy of the frozen storage capsule to learn knowledge from the super chip.

Nightingale saw that Dudian didn’t answer to her but was dumbfound looking at the object. She was quite satisfied.: “Isn’t it very shocking?”

“Um!” Dudian recovered and nodded.

“Just look at this curve. I have never seen a large metal object shaped into such a model. It is very hard to imagine how it was refined. Moreover it hasn’t decayed for more than three hundred years. So amazing!”Nightingale exclaimed as she couldn’t stop expressing her feelings.

“How did thing appear in here?” Dudian asked.

Nightingale answered.: “It is said that it was moved here for exhibition. Do you see the gap in the middle? According to the speculation this thing is empty. However no one can find the right way to open it unless they brute force and destroy it. Dark church is brainstorming to find a solution so they are exhibiting it to see if there is anyone who knows a correct way to open it. Look there, there is a reward for anyone who is able to open it.”

Dudian looked at the bulletin board Nightingale was pointing to. At the top column there was the reward notice. “Reward of 100,000 alchemy points will be given anyone who can open the object of gods.”

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  1. I’m kind of getting numb and bored of mc constantly getting injured… Every time he somehow gets injured and then recovers but it’s really getting boring. 1 time is fine 2 times is ok 3 times is meh but more just makes me numb…

    1. he is a Op , but is human too XD , but I think the whon must to cure his body . Remonster , and other series too the past the same problem to the MC

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