DK – Ch 226

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The Dark King – Chapter 226

Neither Old Fulin nor middle-aged doctor expected Dudian’s injuries to be so serious. Old Fulin thought that Dudian’s previous claims about injury was just a light understatement. He was injured so badly but he could still talk and move so easily. What kind of willpower the kid had?

The girl who was holding onto medicine box was stunned. She didn’t expect the kid who was similar to her age would have such a terrible injury. There was pity in her eyes as she looked at Dudian.

Dudian felt her gaze but didn’t look at her. He said to the doctor.: “Can you fix it?”

Middle-aged doctor recovered from daze.: “I have to look carefully to know details about the fractures.” Then he gently touched Dudian’s arm. He felt the fractured bones under the flesh. It was like countless heap of stones inside his arm. He was shock as he looked at Dudian’s calm eyes. How could he restrain his emotions? He said to Dudian.: “It’s very serious. Curing our wounds would be very… difficult!”

“It’s not a problem as much as there is a hope for recovery.” Dudian looked at middle-aged doctor.: “What about surgery?”

Middle-aged doctor nodded.: “Yes we have to do surgery. We will need to peel the skin off and look at the degree of fractures. If there are no defects then we will fix them up. Hopefully it will be healed back to normal in few years.”

Dudian nodded in understanding. In this era this kind of promise was already quite a good result. Because the level of medicine wasn’t up to par with the old era, he didn’t expect much from them.”

“Then I’ll rely on you.” Dudian said.

“I will do my best to help you.” The middle-aged doctor reached out to the girl: “The bandage.” The girl handed out new gauze and the doctor bandaged Dudian’s arm again.: “We don’t have required tools with us. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“Alright.” Dudian nodded.

Middle-aged doctor bowed in salute. The butler of the house accompanied them out.

“Your injury was too heavy!” Old Fulin’s face was pale as he said after the middle-aged doctor left.: “I have some painkillers in my room. I’ll tell the maid to bring them over.”

“No need.” Dudian shook his head.: “The pain will make me stronger.” He didn’t want to tell Old Fulin that his left arm was numb. Actually he valued the knowledge about his physical condition a lot. He was very confidential about it and wouldn’t reveal it unless he was forced to.

Old Fulin deeply sighed.: “I will tell the butler to improve the quality of your food. You have a good rest.” Afterwards he left the room.

The next day middle-aged doctor came over with a large medicine box to make the surgery.

“This is the best anesthetic. It has long lasting effect. You will sleep and won’t feel any pain. ” Middle-aged doctor said to Dudian as he cut off the bandage. Although it was the second time that he met Dudian but yesterday’s performance made him to admire Dudian.

Dudian said.: “Don’t worry I won’t interfere with your surgery.”

They no longer went with the advice but began the surgery.

As they cut some parts of his flesh they saw that not only the bones were broken but blood veins were punctured too. It had caused the blood flow not to work properly which hand ended up in necrosis.

Middle-aged doctor was sweating because he was too nervous. They were homing the bones, meridians and the blood veins.

The surgery lasted for five hours. They used anesthetic for four times and each one was effective for about an hour.

The surgery was completely over by the afternoon. Dudian’s left arm was stitched together. They had used plywood to make sure that his bones would fix together in the right direction. The middle-aged doctor almost collapsed after the surgery. He warned Dudian.: “You can’t touch water with your left arm. IF there is an uncomfortable reaction then immediate inform me. I’ll come to check once every week.”

“Thank you.”

Old Fulin came into the room after the doctor and his assistant left.: “Do you feel comfortable?”

Dudian smiled.: “Its to early to say anything. Is there any news about us in today’s newspaper?”

“Look at you! You still care about this.” Old Fulin didn’t hesitate to scold him in elderly way but still continued.: “As we have expected the other consortia have been informed about your injury. The matter was highlighted in special newspaper about hunter. Actually, these days you can be considered a famous figure in hunter circle but not in a good way … ”

Dudian said: “Let me take a look.”

Old Fulin asked the butler to bring newspapers. He handed them to Dudian.: “Green consortium has hunted an unknown monster. According to ‘Temple of Elements’ the monster’s bone marrow contains high fat. It can be made into a portable torch for exploration … ”

“Mellon consortium has completely cleaned out area no 6 under their command. There is a potential to make a lot of money in the short term …”

“Scott consortium lost three primary hunters while cleaning area no 7. They have hunted a rare ‘corruptor’. Scott consortium hasn’t decided to sell the magic marks or use it themselves…”

Dudian read the article until the end. According to the atlas the ‘corruptor’ was ranked in top three. According to the assessment the monsters are divided into ordinary, rare and legendary. There were eight known monsters in the legendary rank. Only a handful of people have been able to consume magic marks from legendary rank monsters in the last two hundred years of the history.

The most recent hunter who acquired a magic mark like that appeared thirty years ago. The hunter belonged to Noel consortium. Single-handedly he had pushed Noel consortium to the top of the list . However later the legendary hunter died outside the giant wall and his body was not found. Since the Noel consortium had gone an economic downturn and now ranked as the third consortium.

“Young corruptor should be in the same level as a ghoul.” Dudian’s mouth curled up. He was lucky that he was able to consume magic marks from a rare beast.

“The New World consortium has dispatched an intermediate level hunter to the ‘death passage’ that they have rented. The hunter has returned and his arm is seriously injured. The harvest is low… ” Dudian saw that they were high-lighted in the newspaper. The layout of the column was relatively large. He knew that they were not concerned about New World consortium but were more inclined to report about them because of the ‘death passage’.


The author is a hard core gamer… All the beast names originate from different games:)

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    If all the monster are from other games, is there a way to show a picture of them when they are introduced? I remember the DotA 2 Weaver and it really helped my imagination while reading

  2. thanks for the chapter xD
    man, i read these chapters within a breath xD totally shocked when the suddenly was no next button xD

  3. His arm is going to take a couple years to heal!? That is way too long! Also wth are meridians! Is the doctor quack? Meridians are not real and he can’t be connecting something that doesn’t excist ffs… What’s next is he going to open up his chakras? (눈 _ 눈)

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