DK – Ch 225

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The Dark King – Chapter 225

In the blink of an eye seven days passed.

They let him out of the detention center as they saw no mutation had occurred on Dudian which meant that he wasn’t infected. The carriage that had Ryan family banner was waiting outside as Dudian left the detention center. The driver was Barton.

“Your arm …” Barton noticed the bandaged wrapped around Dudian’s left arm.

Dudian got into the carriage and said: “Let’s go back. We will talk on the way.”

Barton raised the whip after he waited for Dudian to sit tightly. The carriage began to slowly drive away.

Dudian was sitting in the compartment. After they left the detention center he asked.: “What has happened in the Ryan family after I left the giant wall?”

Barton shook the rope and lowered his voice.: “Nothing. The second day after your departure Old Fulin called his third son Sander to his room and dispersed all the servants. That’s why I’m not sure about the details of the discussion.”

Dudian nodded in silence.

“Old Fulin was happy when he got the news that you were back..” Barton added.

Dudian nodded and didn’t ask questions any more.

It didn’t take long for them to reach the border fortress. Dudian showed them his hunter medal and the proof issued by detention center.

After a few hours of ride they were able to pass the wilderness and reach the Ryan castle.

The carriage followed the path through the hillside to the castle. Old Fulin his second son Jake, third son Sander were waiting for Dudian at the entrance. Moreover Old Fulin’s grandson Hugh and and Jake’s daughter Gina were present too.

Barton jumped off the carriage and trotter over to help Dudian.

Dudian waved at him indicating that he didn’t need help. In addition he didn’t want to displace bones in his left arm.

Everyone was gloomy as they saw the bandages covering Dudian’s arm.

Sander helped his father to move as he was worried that Old Fulin may fall down.

“Mr. Dean, your arm … ” The first person to meet Dudian was Jake. His face turned ugly as he saw the bandage.: “Is it serious? Will you be able to fight later on?”

Old Fulin frowned and scolded him.: “Bastard!”

Jake recovered.: “Mr Dean you should quickly go to rest your body.”

Dudian looked at Old Fulin.: “I will bother you to find the best doctors to treat the shattered bones in my arm.”

Old Fulin’s face changed.: “You should go ahead to rest, I’ll solve out that matter.” Sander who was on side offered his help.: “Come Mr Dean.”

Dudian waved his hand to stop him and returned to the castle on his own.

Everyone greeted Old Fulin as he came to Dudian’s room on second floor. He ordered the others to leave and leaned against the bedside.: “Are you really hurt?”

Dudian replied.: “Do you not like the idea of me being hurt?”

Old Fulin saw Dudian admitting the injury.: “I knew it. I shouldn’t have rented this passage. The news of your injury will spread to the ears of other consortia. It will be a huge blow to our consortium.”

Dudian said.: “It’s alright let them look at us with disdain for now. ”

“I’m just worried that in the future your injuries will affect your hunting.” Old patriarch voiced out his opinion.

Dudian told him.: “You shouldn’t be worried about that. Even if my arm will be wasted, it won’t affect me at all. I will be able to kill monsters. ”

Old Fulin couldn’t understand his words but didn’t refute him.: “I will find the best doctor around so don’t lose your heart and hope. You must be cured even if all the money we have had to be spent.”

“I’m not frustrated.” Dudian smiled.: “I won’t surrender so easily.”

Old Fulin’s heart relieved and he laughed.: “How is the situation outside the passage?”

Dudian replied to his question.:” After so many years the number of the lower level monsters outside the passage aren’t much. Only the ferocious ones are left. Nevertheless, most of the have migrated to other areas because of the food. But I haven’t been to deep regions to I assume the situation is not optimistic. Perhaps I will have to wait to become a senior hunter before going deeper to explore.”

Old Fulin was silent for a while as he was focused in his thoughts. He looked at the Dudian who was lying on bed.: “You are even younger than my grandchildren. It is hard for you to shoulder the problems of consortium on your own. We can recruit few hunters to help you out.”

“No need for that. We don’t need ordinary people as we are doing extraordinary things.” Dudian smiled.: “Do not forget about the alchemy products that we use outside the passage. If we recruit other hunters then they will inevitable be exposed.”

Old Patriarch sighed.: “The other consortia use hunter teams and there is a clear division of responsibilities. It will help us out to hide many things.”

“For the time being I will act alone. Afterwards we may think about options.” Dudian replied.

Old Fulin looked at him.: “What about those three little guys that you have brought with yourself?”

“They are out of question.” Dudian answered.: “Their physical fitness is not suitable for fighting outside the giant wall. We don’t have time to wait for you to raise gold coins and recruit some hunters. But you shouldn’t be worried as I’ll find evil wolves…”

Old Fulin was startled. He didn’t think that Dudian had a great network. It seems he has again underestimated Dudian’s capabilities.

Old Fulin changed the topic.: “We have about twelve thousand gold coins. The new looms are used in various place so the orders we got are very little now. Right now we rely on monthly dividends from Scott consortium and your hunting. The ‘Temple of Elements’ have identified and given the total value for your hunting materials. They will issue three hundred twenty eight gold coins and 17 silver coins. It’s good to have such a harvest in the first exploration.”

Dudian asked.: “Can we get four cold crystals form the hunt?”

Old Fulin was slightly surprised but he shook his head.: “I will be very difficult. Although the value of a cold crystal is a gold coin but it belongs to Holy Church now.”

Dudian took note of his rhetoric.: “So, is there a way?”

Old Fulin helplessly replied.: “There is no way that we can’t get our hands on them as long as we give the money. If you insist on it then I would be able to get four cold crystals. However the price will be great. Four cold crystals that you have brought in would cost us about two hundred gold coins.”

Dudian immediately said.: “Then help me to get them. But tell them to give us the four cold crystal from my hunt. I have means to identify them so tell them that not to try to fool you.”

Old Fulin was surprised.: “Are these four cold crystals so important?”

“You must get them.” Dudian said.

Old Fulin nodded in understanding.: “Alright, I will help you get them.”

“Thank you.”

“I have to thank you.”

The next day.

Old Fulin had invited a doctor. He brought him upstairs to diagnose Dudian’s condition.

The doctor was a middle-aged man. There was a beautiful girl who was his assistant and carrying his medicine box.

“Hello Mr. Dean.” Middle-aged man said and looked at the gauze wrapped around Dudian’s arm.: “I will have to open the gauze to check your arm’s condition. Please relax your body. If you have pain then let me know.”

Dudian nodded and raised his left arm.: “I’ll be bothering you.”

Middle-aged person politely looked at him. He waved the girl to take out small scissors from the medicine box. They carefully cut the bandage and removed the gauze. Dudian’s left arm was exposed.

There were four or five places where fractures were clearly visible. There were signs of inflammation.

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