DK – Ch 224

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The Dark King – Chapter 224

Dudian knew that it wasn’t an illusion. He verified it few more times. His nails were able to cut through indestructible metal as if he was cutting through a butter. He didn’t put any effort at all.

Next moment, he tried to cut the linen bag but previously sharp nails failed.

Dudian was alarmed. He grabbed many things around to check if he was able to cut through them. At the end he came to understand that his nails would reveal this strange ability once they came in contact with metals only. If he tried to cut flesh, blood, hair or anything else they would be just like ordinary nails just a bit more sharper.

“The hardest is the medal out of all that I had tried.” Dudian’s eyes lit up as he was surprised. He had the scientist side to him which was pondering about the issue. The metal was absolutely harder and solid than fabric. After many experiment he saw that nails were effective only against the metal.

Is it about the particles?

In order to test different metals he took out his daggers and arrows.

He could pierce them without exception.

The nail’s penetration rate was slower when he tried to cut through inner layer of the hunter’s armor which was made of lead plates.

Dudian closely observed his nails while testing their piercing power. He found out that the moment his nails came in contact with a metal a shiny layer gushed out on top of his fingers. But when he tried to grasp or grab clothing or other things he couldn’t see this shiny layer appear.

Dudian knew that this layer of luster was the reason why he was able to pierce through the metals. He thought about different elements that repulsed each other.

Perhaps it didn’t have anything to do with sharpness of his nails but the secretion of the layer which made an unusual repulsion when it came to contact with the metals.

Dudian was relieved thinking about this point. It seemed to be the only explanation. Otherwise how nail would be sharp enough to cut metal if it couldn’t pierce a fabric?

“Metal repulsion! It has to be the intermediate level ability that developed because of evolution of my magic marks. I can use to have surprise effect when fighting against other hunters but it wouldn’t be much of an advantage when hunting monsters.” Dudian slightly frowned. Although it was good ability as he could penetrate the metal but it didn’t have much of a use. Of course, unless he was involved in melee combat with a hunter. The ability wouldn’t play much of a role if he was against an archer or any other hunter who would put distance between them.

However, the life wasn’t perfect. He had many blows in the last few years so he was able to accept the reality of this ability. Moreover, he could use it in the future to carve metals. He may even produce some unique crafts!

He continued to study more but didn’t find any new role. Dudian gave up and began to eat the dry food. Afterwards he went out of the basement and breathed fresh air and continued to walk towards the direction of the giant wall.

It took him half a day’s time to return to the giant wall. He didn’t encounter any monsters on the way. Probably ten years ago there were many monsters in this part of the giant wall but now most of them have moved on because of food problem. In the short term they wouldn’t come back.

Dudian sighed deeply as he looked at the giant wall towering in front of him. He found ten boxes of gunpowder which were covered with the bags.

He planned to use explosive to create traps to hunt the monsters. Now it seems that this plan can be but into shelf to be used another time. He had to recover his body for time being. Afterwards he would go deeper to hunt for more monsters. Most probably at that time this gunpowder boxes will be handy. Moreover a box of gunpowder wasn’t able to injure a ghoul so he knew that he may meet a monster which won’t necessarily killed even if he used ten boxes of explosives.

“I’ll have to bring more the next time.” Dudian’s heart was in peace as this passage belonged to him and he could hoard gunpowder boxes without being afraid that someone else would find it out.

Dudian found the place he had buried the key. He dig it out and opened the giant iron gate.

Dudian suddenly thought about few things as he looked at the dark passage. There were twenty four cold crystals in the luggage. He pulled out twenty of them while he left the four of them into his backpack.

Dudian went in and closed the huge iron gate. After locking it with the key, he began to wrap it with thick chains.

Dudian came out from the inner door of the giant wall and saw two knights of light guarding the gate. Both of the guards were alerted when they heard the movement. They looked at the luggage at Dudian’s back. One of them said.: “Please stop! Don’t move!”

Dudian stoof by the gate.

The other guard took out a whistle. Moments later a black crow was summoned.

This Knight of Light took out paper and wrote something on it and tied to black crow’s leg.

Dudian knew that they had to let their headquarters informed about his coming. Moreover they had to prepare the place to check him. Both of them looked at Dudian with hatred in their eyes. After some time a team of knights came over. Most of them were squires who were wearing standard silver armor but there were two official Knights of Light leading them.

There was a huge carriage which looked like a portable prison cell.

Dudian looked at the carriage and thought about his days in the prison. If he had the nails piercing ability then he could escape from the prison in a more relaxed way.

“Onto the carriage.” One of the knights looked at Dudian from the gap of his helmet and spoke in a cold tone.

Dudian sat in the carriage and said.: “Come on, I’m in hurry!”

“Well!” The Knight of Light narrowed his eyes in disdain. He waved his hand.: “Let’s go!”

The team changed their direction and began to move.

They were going to the detention center which Dudian hadn’t been to for a long time. In accordance with the rules he handed over all the materials to the Knights of Light. They would be transferred to the ‘Temple of Elements’ for identification.

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  1. So the nails are only effective against metal, or are their other solid surfaces that could be affected?

    Either way, it’s a decent ability. Not as good as his others, but oh well.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. I really don’t understand the logic behind the nails. Repulsion doesn’t mean to cut things.

    Thanks for the chapters!

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