DK – Ch 223

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The Dark King – Chapter 223

“It’s seems the evolution of the magic marks hasn’t improved the range sense of smell.” Dudian’s eyes lit up. As a primary hunter he acquired three abilities from the juranzhi. First was his super smell, second was dark vision and the third ability was digestion of cold crystals! If someone had acquired magic marks from a ghoul then they would have 2 abilities. So in comparison it was the advantage and benefit of acquiring magic marks from a rare beast.

“I don’t know whether I’m going to get a new ability or the capacity of the previous abilities would increase.” Dudian ‘s heart was in peace. However he looked forward to get a new ability. However verification of the new ability would be a bit hard. As the resistance to the virus could be found out if an undead bit him or he had to eat the corpse of undead to know if he could do so.

He began to sense the smell around the surrounding area. He determined that the sense of smell wasn’t strengthened. Although there was a difference but it was due to strengthening of his constitution.

His sense range had to be at least doubled if his sensing ability was strengthened.

Verification of dark vision was much simple. He looked at the corners and saw that there was no difference in comparison to his previous sight. It seems there was no effect to second ability.

Dudian took out all the cold crystals that he had gathered in the last two days. There were total of twenty five cold crystal taken from the horned skeletons and stored in a small metal box.

The metal box seemed to be almost frozen. A white chill floated out the moment he opened the box.

He looked at a smaller cold crystal which he had acquired from a juvenile skeleton. Dudian checked his left arm which was wrapped in white bandage. He hesitated to use the cold crystals on his left hand as it was broken and he didn’t know whether it could absorb cold crystals.

After a moment of hesitation, Dudian choose to test on his right hand. Because of excessive absorption of the cold crystals his left arm had became senseless so this time he was going to absorb only one.

He bit his finger and blood oozed out. He pressed his finger onto cold crystal.

The cold crystal began to soften. It didn’t take long for it to turn liquid and get absorbed into his body through the wound.

Dudian felt cold liquid disperse into his body through the blood vessels on his arm. It quickly climbed over his shoulder and went back to his heart. The cold feeling invaded his heart and his body trembled a bit.

The next moment this cold feeling began to flow through the cardiovascular flow to various parts of his body. His body temperature rapidly began to decline.

But soon he felt like a boiling heat spread throughout his body. It was like a volcano eruption. It was like his blood was boiling and strong power flowed through his body. Some of his numerous muscles in his arm twisted.

“Very strong …” Dudian was shocked. It was the first time that he had absorbed the cold crystal from a variant skeleton. He didn’t expect the effect to be so significant. Noe only his energy recovered but his body was full of strength!

It was same as the feeling he got after he had absorbed about a dozen of ordinary cold crystal he got from normal undeads. This effect was a bit stronger.

After a moment the feeling gradually calmed down.

Dudian looked at the rest of the cold crystals and wanted to grab one to absorb again. However thinking of his left hand he didn’t continue to do so. It would be ver inconvenient in the future if his right hand also lost consciousness. This time when he fought against the ghoul, his left arm saved his life. Although he was able to burst out the ultimate potential of his limb but he had ended up damaging his body.

Moreover, if there was no perception then it would be extremely difficult to control the power of his arms and hands.

“I hope I will be able to recover my left arm … …” Dudian secretly prayed in his heart.

The next moment he thought back about his body. Because it was the first time he was absorbing the cold crystal of a variant skeleton it was very difficult to distinguish whether his absorption ability has strengthened. He couldn’t determine that it was the effect of his ability that he recovered his energy or it was the cold crystal that was powerful.

“I have to return to the giant wall at dawn. The first thing to be done is to recover my left arm! We have rented the passage so I can came anytime I feel so. It’s not like the previous time when Mellon consortium would decide when I should go out.” Dudian made up his made and leaned back on wall to rest. He closed his eyes and went into a shallow sleep.

At about eleven o’clock in the evening Dudian smelled two or three beasts in the vicinity. It seemed that they were just passing by so he didn’t care about them.

At dawn. Next day.

Dudian woke up. The fire has long been extinguished but the charcoal was still hoat. He took out dry food and water from the backpack to fill his stomach. His hand seized the metal kettle which had water. He was startled as he saw the size and shape of his fingernails.

He remember that he had cut his fingernails before he came out. It didn’t take two days…Actually it was all good yesterday night. How could the nails grow so longer after a night? Moreover his original nails were oval but these ones were sharp like paws of the beast.

He suddenly thought of his magic marks. His three abilities were not strengthened but instead a new ability was developed!

However, rapid development of nails?

The joy in his heart immediately dispersed. After the second or third evolution sometimes an extremely powerful ability would develop from an ordinary magic mark. However, some rare magic marks like his would develop a very poor and ordinary ability after the late evolution.

A sharp nail?

After all, humans depend on armor and weapons. They would forge them out of furs and claws of creatures which would protect them.

“What the hell!?” Dudian was silent as he poked the metal kettle with his hand. The bitterness in his heart thickened. He sat in a daze for a long time before he grabbed the kettle to drink water. He shook his head as he didn’t want to think about it anymore. Just by relying on dark vision and super smell he was comparable to an average intermediate hunter. The most critical point is that he had the ability to absorb cold crystals that would help him to evolve quickly.

He comforted himself thinking about these. He raised the kettle but the next moment the water gushed onto his hand. He was scared as he looked at the broken kettle.

“Heavens are against me today…” Dudian thought. However the next moment his eyes widened as he looked at the kettle.

His fingers have pierced the metal!

Dudian was stunned. How could he pierce the metal?

He moved his finger along the kettle’s surface. The metal kettle felt like a piece of paper. His nails easily cut it off!

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    1. Every good hunter/archer/ranger needs a good “back off” ability. In this situation either an extremely high level of mobility a flexibility to dodge and retreat to range, very high level of defense/regeneration to take a hit and continue to get distance, and or a deadly close combat ability that keeps someone away. That’s the only way they can solo.

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