DK – Ch 222

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The Dark King – Chapter 222

Dudian naturally wouldn’t let it to succed. He rubbed it out before it got past the armor covering his finger. There was no blood and wound.

“If I take it back to the wall and hand it over to Holy Church then we will get compensation of fifty to eighty thousand gold coins for the ghoul’s parasitic worm. Although it is an ordinary but it was a precious one. It was the same level as the magic marks Glenn got from the black weaver.” He was thinking about the details. “According to the atlas the magic marks ability of the ghoul is the resistance to the virus of the undeads and eating them…”

In the book it was the only ability recorded. As the people who had consumed the parasitic worms haven’t gone through the second evolution so they were not aware of what kind of ability would sprout out the second time.

Actually if he had such an ability he could hunt outside the giant wall infinitely. He could kill and eat the undead’s the moment he felt he was hungy. He would have immunity towards the virus which meant he would have stronger resistance to the other plague diseases. Some hunters would die in the second quarter of the year at ‘Black Death Season’ because of the plagues.

“So if it drills into my body it will climb to my chest and replace the magic marks from the juranzhi to the ghoul’s. The parasitic worm from the black weaver had replaced Glenn’s previous magic marks by replacing them. It is not guaranteed that I’ll keep my previous abilities such as tracing or consuming the cold crystals. ”

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he recalled the words of young instructor who had taught him archery.: “If I want to stimulate my magic marks and make them evolve then I have to baptize it in the blood of other parasitic worms…”

It was called baptism but the process was a bit different to normal ‘baptism’ notion. You would have to use a syringe to inject the blood of the parasitic worm into his magic marks. The impurities would be extracted by the magic mark automatically while the rest of the cells will be moisturized by the blood. Afterwards the magic marks would go through the transformation.

Dudian didn’t intend to bring the parasitic worm of the ghoul back to the wall because of few reasons. First of all, the Holy Church had to assess the value of the parasitic worm and convert it to gold coins accordingly. For that the Holy Church was going to get a fee. This was one of the terms states in the contract. The Holy Church extracted ‘gate passing tax’ from all the consortiums. It meant that all the materials brought back through the passages would be priced and afterwards some amount from it would be taken by the Holy Church as a tax.

Once he took back the parasitic worm of the ghoul, all the other consortia will soon get the news. Right now all of them were mutually in a ‘wait and see’ position. The consortia were clearly observing them. Most probably the other consortia thought that either New World Consortium will go bankrupt or the hunter would die out of the giant wall. In the second case the Ryan family won’t be able to continue to support the consortium as they would lack hunters. In both situations the moral of the story was demise of the New World consortium.

If these consortia knew that not only he returned back but brought a parasitic worm of a ghoul from the ‘death passage’ then most of the will be provoked. They may even try to find ways to occupy this passage.

As he thought about these issues Dudian looked at the parasitic worm of the ghoul in his hand. He was silent but the next moment he took out a small box from his backpack. He cut a bit flesh and blood form the corpse of the ghoul and put it inside the box. Afterwards he put the parasitic worm inside the box, at least for temporarily until he decided what he would do with it. He left a bit of gap for air to infiltrate the box.

“Something to inject …” Dudian glanced around the surroundings. Everything had long turned into dust. He wouldn’t be able to find any syringe. Neverthless, he racked his brains as he remembered knowledge about a certain grass which he had learned back from the scavenger days. There was a plant called ‘spear grass’. It would grow up in dry places. It was small and tubelike. Its insides were holloy while the tip of it would be very sharp and fine. Moreover, its juice contained anesthetic features. Most of the anesthesia juices would be extracted from this ‘spear grass’ within the wall.

He stepped onto the ground. It was a hard and dry place. He began to search for the area where the spear grass could be found.

It didn’t take long to find area with lots of weeds and grasses. He had located a large spear grass.

Dudian immediately used the dagger to cut off a spear grass. He opened the box and saw the parasitic worm was lying inside box on the flesh. IF the host died for too long and the parasitic worm didn’t find a new host then it was going to die.

However even if it died, it still could stimulate the magic marks. The main point was that it doesn’t rot.

Dudian found clean and large leaves. He put them on top of the luggage and placed parasitic worm on top of the leaves. Dudian used the dagger to slice parasitic worm’s body. A very viscous blood squeezed out from its soft body..

Dudian quickly crushed it and poured all the blood onto the larger end of the spear grass. The whole process was going extremely slow as he was using his right hand only. After he finished preparing the natural syringe, he took off the armor from his upper body. His chest was pale. A dark red vein like scar was on his chest. He pinched the tip of the magic mark and gently pierced the spear grass onto it.

Dudian felt sharp pain all over his body.

It felt as if his brain was going to burst out. The magic mark was very fatal and extremely weak location on any hunter’s body. He didn’t dare to penetrate too deep or else it was equivalent to suicide.

After the spear grass had entered a little he began to blow from the large end of the grass.

The air squeezed the blood of the parasitic worm along the spear grass and injected it into Dudian’s magic marks.

Dudian felt that as if another foreign or alien form has invaded his heart. It was an extremely weird and painful process. He was sweating a lot.

After few moments he saw that there was nothing left within the spear grass and everything was already injected into his magic marks so he pulled out the spear grass.

Dudian looked down at his magic mark. The hole which was pierced by the spear grass was healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Additionally he still felt bursts of pain coming off from the magic mark. It felt very strange. One moment he would feel that his body was frozen and the next it would be burning hot. He couldn’t tell whether it was too cold or too hot.

Dudian felt very tired and exhausted. He leaned against the luggage to rest. The pain coming off from his chest gradually subsided. But an extremely hot feeling began to cover his body. It was as if hot magma was flowing inside his body. He used his finger to touch the magic marks. It seemed the magic mark was shrinking down… As if it was…digesting the blood of the parasitic worm.

Dudian felt very uncomfortable. The sharp bursts of pain tingled his scalp. He shook his head to loosen the dizziness. Dudian stood up and took the luggage and began to walk towards the giant wall. A strong exhaustion and tire invaded every cell of his body after he made few steps. He knew that he was in wilderness and it was extremely dangerous but he couldn’t resist the sleepiness. He softly sat down and closed his eyes.

Dudian woke up when he felt a cold breeze brushing his cheeks.

He instantly opened his eyes and stood up. There were red clouds hanging in the sky. The sun was setting in the west. It was evening.

Dudian sensed the smells in the surroundings. There were two monsters in the previous fighting ground. They should be attracted to that location because of the smell of the blood.
Cold sweat flowed down his spine. He knew that if he slept close to that location he would be dead by now. Fortunately, he had covered the smell coming off from his body and the luggage before injecting the blood of parasitic worm.

He remember the magic marks and looked down at his chest. He was surprised to see that the shape of the magic marks has changed a little. The length of the previous mark was about a finger long. Right now it hand increased for about one-third.

Dudian’s hand touched the magic marks. He didn’t felt pain but it was cold. He put on the armor. He knew that temporarily he had to stay here for the night.

Dudian had returned to a previously cleaned ruins by the time sun completely set off. He was hiding in the basement floor of a collapsed building. There were dust and vines all around the place. He picked a place to sit and put off the luggage. He picked dry wood and piled them up. After using the matches to ignite the flame the place got a bit warmer.

Dudian was excited to check his body. He knew that after the magic mark evolved his constitution would substantially increase. Moreover he may get a new magic mark ability or one of his previous abilities may strengthen again.


His running speed was much faster than the time before his magic marks evolved. It was a proof that the rough injection method had worked. Now, its time to check the abilities.

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