DK – Ch 221

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The Dark King – Chapter 221


The ghoul roared loudly. Suddenly an amazing force broke out from its body and it was able to force Dudian back. It rolled for a few times and turned to sit a toad-like position. It’s dark red eyes were staring at Dudian. There were no emotions in them. It was a cold look of a hunter staring at its prey.

It jumped towards Dudian.

Dudian’s face change. There was no way back!

He clenched his fist and punched.


Dudian’s left hand bounced out and hit the face of ghoul. The blood splashed out. It wasn’t ghoul’s but Dudian’s blood. More bone cracking sounds echoed out form his left arm.

The ghoul was hit and fell to the ground. It issued a scream and immediately stood up.

Dudian pulled out another dagger from his legging and rushed at the ghoul.

Puff! Dagger was able to puncture the ghoul’s scale and pass through its cervial spine.

“ARGH … …” Ghoul screamed as it waved its claws.

Dudian saw that his attack was successful so he put the pressure of his body way to pierce the dagger deeper. Pop! A sound echoed out. Dudian knew that the dagger had pierced some kind of important artery within the ghoul’s neck. He didn’t daze but continued to put pressure.

“Ow …” The ghoul screamed in pain as its body twisted.

Dudian tightly pressed the dagger. He changed the dagger’s direction and cross-cut its neck. He made a proper cut and the blood began to spout of the wound.

The ghoul was not an undead but an evolved one. It had digestive system and awareness. Its throat was naturally one of its weak points.

As its throat was cut halfway the pain was so bad that the ghoul went mad. It used both of its sharp claws to sweep over Dudian’s legs. Dudian was wearing senior hunter’s armor but it was stil torn and there were bloodstains on the armor.

Dudian loosened the dagger and grabbed the ghoul’s leg. He lifted its body up.

As Dudian’s pulled its legs the small body of the ghouls was also lifted. Its body was hung in air as it swung around the claws. The blood gushed out from its throat as if water was dumping from a bucket. The ground was filled with red colored blood. The weeds were also stained.

It didn’t take long when the ghoul’s struggling weakened. Its head was softly hanging form the loose neck. It looked like it will fall down any time soon.

Dudian repeatedly hit the ground with ghoul’s body. He pulled it up and hit the ground, continuously for a few minutes. The moment he felt that the ghouls was not struggling and reacting at all he stopped. The ghoul’s body was not moving and there were no groans coming off from its mouth. It’s claws were motionless.

Dudian’s tight muscles loosened down. He felt that his right arm was extremely sore. There were claw marks on both of his legs which burned him in pain. He picked up the dagger and inch by inch cut off ghoul’s head. He threw away the dagger and sat on the ground. Dudian’s was taking big breathes.

After few moments Dudian’s vigilance was raised as he saw the blood covering everywhere. He bit his lips. Dudian found the daggers, bow, arrows and as well as the luggage bag. After recovering them he looked around the blood pool to check for the parasitic soul worms. He couldn’t find them so he took the ghoul’s head and dragged its body along the direction of the giant wall.

After making enough distance from the previous battle ground Dudian found a stone to sit down. He unlocked his luggage and took dry food and water. He ate a bit to recover a little physical strength.

At the same time Dudian’s eyes fell on the corpse of the ghoul. There was a daydreamy look in his eyes. Few minutes ago he was desperately running for his life but right now he was able to kill a ghoul!

“I was actually able to kill a level twenty three monster!” Dudian couldn’t believe the situation. Even the experienced senior hunters wouldn’t be likely to kill the ghoul along on their own. Glenn who was a top level hunter but still she would need someone else to distract the ghoul for her to successfully kill it.

Dudian suddenly though of his left arm. His face became ugly as he the state of his arm. It was miserable. The bones of the arm were split and broken into many parts. In about three or four places the flesh and blood were clearly visible because of the fractures.

“I had to pay some kind of a price … ” Dudian’s mouth slightly twitched. He didn’t feel any pain coming off from his left arm but still he took gauze from the first aid kit. He pressed back the bones that were protruding out and wrapped the wounds using the gauze. He winding up all of his left arm with the gauze.

He knew that if his left arm was conscious then by this time he should have fainted because of the massive pain.

“All I can do for now is to tie my arm… I will see what can be done after I go back …”Dudian clenched his teeth. Although he has paid with his arm but he has saved his life. Which hunter haven’t been hurt? However, he couldn’t think of a future where one of his arms was disabled.

He was looking forward to see how advanced the medical technology of the giant wall was. Would they be able to heal his arm? He hoped that nothing serious would result and his superior body would be able to recover on its own.

Dudian restored some of his strength as he leaned against the rock and rested. He looked at the head of ghoul by his foot. His face was gloomy but still he took the head and put it upside down. He began to cut it from neck down to check the inside of the ghoul’s head. There was flesh and blood only. He used the dagger to to pierce the intracranial tissue. It didn’t take him long to find the parasitic soul worms. Their bodies were chubby.

“Parasitic worms from the ghoul …” Dudian whispered as he looked at the worms. He raised it with dagger and pinched it with his finger.

Dudian picked up the parasitic worm. It was struggling but the moment worm was picked up by Dudian its body twisted and drilled down his finger.

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  1. Wait, so is Dudian not concerned about the fact that the ghoul clawed his legs. Isn’t that enough to infect your average hunter?

    Granted, Dudian’s magic marks is to absorb the undead’s “cold crystals”, so he probably has some resistance to the undead infection.

    Also, are the worms compatible?

    Thanks for the chapters as always.

    1. I don’t think the worms can conflict with each other because the worms die once they drill into the flesh, hence why Glenn previously hunted a black weaver to upgrade her powers.

      I guess we’ll see what happens but I’m excited though, this novel is so good!

  2. Maybe if the ghoul’s worm is already inside him, he won’t get infected. It is like when the first time he get magic mark…

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