DK – Ch 220

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The Dark King – Chapter 220

It was a high level beast!

The ghoul was not a rare type of monster. But it was very rare to meet it during a hunt. A hunter who would go out for five years may not be able to meet juranzhi or ghoul which is why they were precious beasts.

However, Dudian wasn’t excited because he had met such a rare monster. All the hair on his body was erect because of the cool. Dudian knew that it was an adult stage ghoul because of the previous movement of the monster. Normally, it would be classified as level 23 monster.


Dudian’s palms sweated. He was aware that if he made a slight movement then the ghoul would be alerted. He would not be able to outrun it.

Nevertheless, standing still wasn’t an option either. If it continued like this then it would rush over after it finishes with eating the horned skeleton’s corpse.

What to do?

Cold sweat flowed down his forehead. He controlled his emotions and calmed down. He was rapidly brainstorming as he thought about the information about the ‘Ghoul’s written in the atlas.

Favorite meal: Eating undeads.

Geographical habits: It’s dominant in dry places. Rarely could be found in swamps and other wet places.

Weak parts: eyes, abdomen.

Special reminder: Ghouls fear light and fire. If flame is used then there is a great chance to scare it away.

There was very brief information about ghouls in the atlas. After all few came back alive after fighting against it. So the intelligence gathered about it was very limited.

“Fire … …” Dudian’s body was tight and he was nervous as he thought about matches in his pocket. Dudian’s eyes were on ghoul’s body while his hand little by little was raised to touch his armor.

The ghoul seemed to be extremely hungry. It was focused on eating the horned skeleton’s corpse and didn’t care about Dudian’s existence.

Dudian didn’t dare to think that a rush movement from his side would be overlooked by the ghoul. His fingers touched the matchbox and he carefully clipped it out from his pocket. The whole action seemed to take an eternity to happen. His eyes were focused on the gunpowder box on the side. He thought to lit the match, throw it on the gunpowder box and run the hell away.

“Its just too raw away. Even if it detonates it won’t injure the ghoul much!” Dudian continued to think.: “If I ignite the weeds then it will take time for fire to spread. Moreover most of the grass is green and the ground should be muddy. A small match won’t ignite a fire!”

“I’m in a difficult position.”

“Explosives are too far away.”

“I can’t fight head on with the monster.”

“Running away seems unreasonable.”

Dudian came to a conclusion after racking his brain for sometime. There was a slim hope. However he was anxious. He looked at the corpse of the horned skeleton. Ghoul had eaten almost everything. Only the ribs and few internal organs were left. The ghoul was grabbing flesh and stuffing into its mouth. Dudian knew that his time was running out as the ghoul was almost finished with the horned skeleton’s corpse.

“I gotta fight!”

He quickly opened the match box and took out matches. He began to friction them to ignite the matches. He fired the leads covered in gunpowder and continued to fire another four or five of them.

The ghoul noted Dudian’s actions. Its face was stained with thick black blood. The scene made Dudian’s heart go crazy. There was no human expression on child-like ghoul’s facial features.


The ghoul suddenly jumped as if its was a monkey. The action was as fast as lightning.

Dudian didn’t turn to look back as he ran away.

Even if Dudian was first to leave the scene the initial distance between the two was a bit more than ten meters. It quickly shortened with ghoul’s quick reaction.


Dudian suddenly relaxed his hand as he pulled out the dagger and shot back at ghoul as if it was a javelin.

The ghoul didn’t expect that prey it was going after would cast something to fight back. It was late to avoid the dagger and it hit the ghoul’s shoulder. A crisp sound echoed. Sharp dagger which was flying at high speed failed to pierce the ghoul’s scales. It fell to the side after the dagger hit the ghoul’s shoulder.

The ghoul didn’t get hurt but was provoked. It issued a roar in anger and jumped again.


Dudian once again threw the dagger which was on his waist.

The length of this dagger was much larger in comparison to the other.

The ghoul was in the air saw the dagger shot at him. It raised its claw to block the dagger. The scale covered claw hit the dagger but ghoul’s momentum was broken because of it. If Dudian hadn’t attacked then ghoul would have reached him by now. Dudian used this opportunity to rush out of ghoul’s range of attack.

The ghoul fell to the ground but its legs stretched as it made another jump.

Dudian was taken aghast as he the physical performance of the ghoul. His feet stamped the ground and his body rolled sideways.

The ghoul touched the ground Dudian was moments ago. It growled and turned towards Dudian’s direction.

Dudian got up and saw the ghoul rushing back at him. He didn’t continue to escape. There was about two or three meters distance between them. He would be caught anyway. Moreover it would be very dangerous if his back faced the ghoul.

Dudian took a deep breath.

The ghoul’s body jumped toward Dudian face as if was a smart black monkey.


Dudian got angry, growled and raised his hand to catch the flapping arm of the ghoul. He smoothly used his palms to catch and grip its arm and used the ghoul’s inertia to threw it to the rear.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. The ghoul was caught off guard.

Bang! The ghoul’s body hit the ground and rolled around as if it was a ball. The ghoul quickly stood up. It was not hurt but there was a grim expression on its child-like facial features. The original human like small mouth of the ghouls abruptly opened as if it was a highly elastic material. It’s spike like sharp teeth were revealed.

“Argh!” It howled in anger and was about to rush over at Dudian when a giant force surged over its body. The ghoul’s figure was swallowed in rapidly expanding fire.


Sound of violent explosion echoed out.

The ghouls was thrown out of the place. Previously it was standing on the place where the gunpowder box was located.

Although there was a distance of seven or eight meters between the explosion point and Dudian but the burning hot heat blew all over his body. Moreover, dust particles covered the air and a distinctive smoke taste radiated off the air.

Dudian’s chest violently pushed up and down. If he didn’t grasp the change and threw the ghoul’s body then he was planning to personally run to the gunpowder box and die with the ghoul.

Dust particles decreased.

Black smoke drifted around.

Dudian didn’t have time to breathe as a shadow quickly jumped at him. Because of the raging power of the hit Dudian’s body flew back. The armor on his chest was heavily hit by the punch.

Dudian’s spine hit the grass. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the ghoul. A fear and panic gushed out in his heart. He didn’t think that a box of gunpowder would kill ghoul. But he would never think that such a serious explosion wouldn’t injure the ghoul at all.

The ghoul’s mouth opened and its sharp teeth were revealed once again. Its head went down to bite Dudian’s face.

In this time of life and death Dudian roared in anger and burst out with extraordinary power. He used his left hand to severely punch the ghoul’s head.


Sound of the impact echoed followed by slight sounds of cracking bones.

The ghoul’s body rolled back for four or five meters.

Dudian stood up and looked at ghoul which slowly stood up. It’s actions weren’t clear as its whole body shook. It looked like a drunk person who wasn’t able to stand still.

There was only one idea popping up in Dudian’s mind as he saw the state ghoul was in. “KILL!”

He could survive and live on by only killing it!

He rushed on and kicked ghouls head. The ghoul fell down once again.

Dudian quickly grabbed from its arm and lifted ghoul’s body. Although the ghoul looked the size of a child but its weight was about two hundred pounds or so.

Dudian lifted his feet and hit its head. He was going to use his left arm to catch the other arm of the ghoul but he saw that the broken bones were protruding and piercing out from his left arm. Moreover blood was constantly flowing out.

Dudian understood why he was able to hit the ghoul moments ago with such a force. His left hand wasn’t conscious. In a sense, his nervous system was not working at all. That’s why in time of anger he had gone and punched the ghoul with all the power he could muster. But the outbreak of power was beyond the limits of his left arm. It was almost destroyed!

Dudian didn’t feel any pain yet so he concentrated on hitting the ghoul’s head down.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After continuous trampling the ghoul’s head was stuck deep into the soil.

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  1. I do agree, this one time, with Dudian that running away was the wrong choice and that the only way to survive was standing his ground. Like with bears, you never show them your back or fear.

    Depending on their color you either: fight them till they run away, fight them but then pretend they killed you, or pray to god if it’s a polar bear.

    Thanks for the chapters.

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