DK – Ch 217

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The Dark King – Chapter 217

He continued to hit the stones for several times to test that the snake tailed crocodile was dead. Dudian carefully approached it. He wielded the dagger and stabbed its eye. Puff! The dagger pierced the cuticle and the took out its eye. The was no response from the snake tailed crocodile. It was dead for good.

“I didn’t expect that I would be able to kill a level nineteen monster…” Dudian felt that his body was stiff and tired but his heart was full of excitement. Even an experienced veteran intermediate hunter wouldn’t be able to hunt a level 19 monster alone on his own. It was a level which required a senior hunter to act but he was able to do it!

“Mercury! It works!”

Dudian smiled. The human’s were weaker than the rules but they were the species that ruled on this planet. The main reason was that humans would rely on their brains to compete with the beasts instead of relying on brute force. Wisdom is the most dangerous weapon held by a human.

He rested for a moment, then boldy went forward to cut the monster. He used to dagger to slice off its mouth apart. He wasn’t experienced with the snake tailed crocodile’s anatomy so he went with general knowledge. At the beginning the process was slow but as he gradually mastered the texture of crocodile’s body the cutting spead significantly increased.

It didn’t take long for Dudian to open up snake tailed crocodile’s body. Gastric acids, flesh and bones of its previous preys in addition to horned lizard rushed out of its stomach. All of them were stained with gastric acid. Moreover the smell of stench gushed out.

Dudian endured the pungent smell as he completely cut it off. The hardest part was the scales on the monster’s back. He wiped the blood on weeds and folded them into his luggage. Moreover he took its claws. They were the excellent material that could be used to produce weapons. They could be even used in production of arrows.

Dudian didn’t collect anything from the horned lizard that was chewed by the snake tailed crocodile. Although there were few valuable parts that could be sold to factions in the dark church. However the prices would be very low. His luggage space was limited so he picked only the most valuable parts.

“Its very hard to make money inside the giant wall. You have to be a bit smart and mostly suck up to customers. However, its very easy to make it outside the giant wall. The hunters would be lazy to pick up the gold coins(he refers to cold crystals) that is infront of them. But in this case (outside the giant wall) the risk is too much as you could lose your life.” Dudian put the luggage on his back and looked at the corpse of the snake tailed crocodile. He sighed and shook his head. He recovered the iron arrows. The problem was that the tips of some of the arrows had gone blunt. He would be able to use them to hunt level 8 or lower monsters as they won’t be effective against higher level monsters.

Dudian knew that they have rented this passage so he would be able to come out any time he wanted. Hunters of other consortiums were very reluctant to come out. Most of the time consortium would put tasks for them to make sure that they implement them. However he was ready to come out any time.

“Oh?” Dudian’s brows wrinkled as he was about to move forward. He sense the smell of an undead. Actually there were three other smells that he detected. It seems they were mutated skeletons.

Dudian’s face change. He knew that the bloody smell exuding from the body of the snake tailed crocodile had attracted this monsters over.

“They are too far away for now. An ordinary undead wouldn’t be so sensitive to the smell of blood. The beasts that are coming over should be mutated skeletons!” Dudian felt the smells of the fast approaching monsters. He looked back at the gunpowder box. They along should be enough to kill up to two or three mutated skeletons. However, he knew that if he used it against the snake tailed crocodile at best he would seriously injure them.

Dudian quickly brainstormed. He put away bow, arrows and dagger. He hid the luggage inside the nearby grass. The scales and skin of the snake tailed crocodile had stains of blood. It would expose his location.

Moreover, he wiped clean the blood from dagger using the weeds. Afterwards he turned around and fled to a distant location.

After a few minutes the surrounding grass rustled. The mutated skeleton which had four long legs came out form the bushes and went towards the corpse of the snake tailed crocodile. The rich blood smell had stimulated its brain and instincts. It roared in excitement and began to bit the body of the snake tailed crocodile.

As it was eating the body of the monster, three mutated skeletons appeared from different direction.

However, the moment these three began to close on corpse of the snake tailed crocodile they sensed the existence of each other. They roared and began to attack each other.

Dudian was stunned as he was lying on top of a moss covered rock and looking at the scene. The four mutated skeleton’s began to attack each other in crazy manner. They tried to bit each other. Additionally they would use their scythed arms to attack. Soon one of the mutated skeleton’s was able to cut the head of the second one. It grabbed its head and was about to eat it when the other one attacked and killed it.

There was only one mutated skeleton surviving after four of them battled. It held the heads of the three others and began to bite them. It ate the flesh on the skulls, eyes, ears and other bite. Moreover, after finishing it cracked the skull and began to swallow intracranial tissues.

Dudian was scared at sight.: “Do they kill each other?”

No wonder there weren’t much mutated skeletons. They were each other’s prey!

“They eat each other …” Dudian’s face turned ugly. He could understand why there were so little number of mutated skeletons and why they were distributed so sparsely.

None of them went to eat the snake tailed crocodile after they were aware of the existence of other mutated skeletons. “Are they cannibals by nature?”

He was surprised but still dazed in a sense as he was speculating about the sitution. He recovered when he heard a roar. The remaining mutated skeleton had eating the heads and bodies of the other mutated skeletons. It’s mouth was open wide as it was roaring.


However what shocked and stunned Dudian was that it was evolving right in front of his eyes. Its mouth sprout of for several inches as its teeth got sharp. The bones were growing at eye sight. It was simply an incredible show. It addition to its body size the scythes it had on both arms got bigger.

What kind of a digestion system it had? Moreover how could it absorb the essence(cold crystals) of others at such a visible speed?


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