DK – Ch 216

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The Dark King – Chapter 216

Dudian thought over the matter. At the end he decided that there is no option but to go forward and singlehandedly continue to delve into depth of ruins.

This time he decided to stop about three or four kilometers away from the monster. He unloaded the gunpowder box and began to arrange traps. He would make pits and fill them with powder or circle an area with it.

Dudian quietly sensed the smell as he finished making the traps.

The closer he got to monster more nervous he became. If the monster had a strong physique and was good at speed then he may not even have the opportunity to lead it to the trap. Although he had considered various combinations but nevertheless there was a low probability of such a situation which would put his life into very risky and dangerous situation.

Dudian saw that there was no reaction from the monster as he reached a thousand meter distance. However, the monster began to approach him at high speed as Dudian reached five hundred meters.

Dudian’s heart turned cold as changed his direction and ran.

He sensed the distance between the monster and himself. He sighed in relief as the monster was not the speedy type. He turned back to check the monster after he passed the region with sparse weeds. It was a large reptile which had similarities both to a lizard and insects. He had seen the monster in atlas. It was a horned lizard which was graded as a level 12 monster.

It was an omnivorous monster that fed on grass and meat.

Dudian looked at the horned lizard whose appearance was similar to a crocodile. He took out iron arrows and began to shoot at the monster as it entered the 200 meter range.

Puff! Puff! Iron arrows hit its head and pierced the scales. However they stopped after they went in for several inches.

The horned lizard stopped as it felt the pain. Instead of continuing to follow after Dudian, it turned away and run toward the weeds.

Dudian began to ran and shot after it at the same time.

However it was very difficult to shot it as both of them were moving at high speed. Two arrows couldn’t hit it while the third one was successful. He continued to pull the string and shot arrows as he caught up with the horned lizard. Moreover, the lizard’s speed had increased as it ran for it’s life.

There was about three hundred meters distance between them when the horned lizard that was fleeing stopped in front of the grasses to consider where to go next.

Dudian immediately seized this great opportunity as he quickly aimed at it. However before he was able to shoot the arrow, the scene and situation suddenly changed. It seemed the horned lizard got frightened as it stood frozen in place. The next moment a large mouth attacked it from the grass and bit it in one go. Horned lizard’s body twisted and its tail kept swinging but the monster opened its mouth once again and swallowed it. Blood sputtered from horned lizard and dripped from the other monster’s mouth.

Dudian was shocked to see that horned lizard was killed by a snake tailed crocodile! It was a level 19 monster!

Even the senior hunters had to be very careful if they met such an existence.

“Should I run away?”, Dudian thought for a moment.

“I must!”, he hesitated for moment. But in that moment he took out a silver arrow and aimed at snake tailed crocodile’s mouth which was chewing the horned lizard.

Puff! The arrow shot and pierced its mouth.

The monster roared in pain and its eyes focused on distant Dudian. Before Dudian’s shot the snake tailed crocodile was focused on eating the horned lizard. However after it felt the pain, it quickly swallowed the horned lizard and rushed after Dudian.

Dudian’s face slightly changed as he ran away.

boom! boom! boom!

The ground trembled as heavy footsteps of the snake tailed crocodile echoed out. Dudian’s face was ugly. He rushed past chaotic heaps of rubble. He was very flexible as he ran over the rocks. There was about 1500 meters for him to reach the traps. However, he could feel that the snake tailed crocodile was about 100 meters away from him.

Dudian’s body sweated a lot because of the stress. He roared and put all of his strength to run. His legs moved so that it seemed he was flying. The sound that was made when he moved seemed like a whistle.

“Not enough! Not fast enough!” Dudian panicked as he felt that there was about forty of fifty meters of distance. He was going to get caught before getting to traps.



Dudian’s cried in his heart. His blood was boiling as he desperately ran.

Gradually he heard the footsteps lagged behind. However he didn’t dare to go back to check. Finally he came to the area where the traps were arranged. He was a bit assured as he heard the footsteps coming from few hundred meters away. He took out the match while he looked at the direction where snake tailed crocodile was expected to approach. He was that snake tailed crocodile was still approaching and was about four hundred meters away. However, it was just running a bit slower.

Dudian’s eyes lit up.: “Is mercury taking effect and playing its role?”

He put the match box in his mouth as he took out another silver arrow and tightly stared at the snake tailed crocodile which was running towards him. The crocodile was running while seven or eight meter long snake tail was swinging at the back. It was used to balance its body while it run at high speeds.

Dudian had a sharp and cold look in his eyes. The moment snake tailed crocodile reached the two hundred meters range, he gentle released the string of the bow.

Whoosh! Arrow left the bow.

The snake tailed crocodile had rushed past another ten meters of distance when the arrow hit its eye!

“Roar!” The monsters body soared up and fall down. The crocodile had no vocal organs but in the process of mutation and evolution it had evolved and could make tiger like low roars.

Dudian was merciless as he went for another arrow. This time he used normal iron arrow. After all, the silver arrow were limited and couldn’t be re-used again. However, he could fetch back the iron arrows.

IN the period that snake tailed crocodile’s body fell, Dudian continuously shot six arrows! Six successful hits!

The snake tailed crocodile rolled on ground and screamed for a moment. But it gradually stopped its movement. The blood oozed out from its wound and reddened the grass. There were six or seven arrows that had pierced its head. Its scalp was tingling.

Dudian waited for a moment to see the monster to come to complete halt. He carefully went forward. He grabbed a stone and hit it when he was around forty or fifty meters away from the monster.

The snake tailed crocodile which seemed to be dead roared the moment stones hit its head. Its mouth bit but there was no catch.

The last bite seemed to be the result of its last strength that was squeezed out. Afterwards its head heavily knocked onto the ground and it once again stopped moving.

Dudian thought that he was fortunate as he tried the stone hitting method. The monster was cunning. However it lacked the patience that human hunter’s had. For example bloody swordsman Linda was able to endure the pain until the last moment. The patience and tolerance seemed to be characteristic that belonged to humans!

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