DK – Ch 212

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The Dark King – Chapter 212

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

The other consortiums also received the news that Dudian had gone to the giant wall.

“Old Fulin has gone and rented the death passage?”Several elders of the Scott consortium were stunned as they received the news. They didn’t think that Old Fulin would dare to lease an underground passage. One hundred thousand gold coins a year is not something that can be afforded by anyone. Also, consortium’s would lease the passage to make quick money, but the New World consortium had only one hunter!

“It’s crazy.”

“Fulin is old and has gone senile.”

“Does he have a death wish?”

“It seems Old Fulin have sent the inventor we have signed a contract with!”

“I hope nothing will happen to the kid. Otherwise, we will have a big loss! The old man has gone crazy!”

The Mellon Consortium.

“Old Fulin rented a passage?” George fell into contemplation as he received the news. He said to himself: “The Huasheng consortium had suffered a major loss in that passage then years ago. No one dared to rent it because of that. Does he think that the habitat outside the passage will change as a decade has gone by?”


“Old Fulin took the stone to throw away, but instead has smashed his feet. ”

In addition to the Scott and the Mellon Consortium, the others got the whiff of the news. Everyone was inexplicably shocked. They knew that the New World consortium has recruited an intermediate-level hunter. According to their investigation, the hunter didn’t have ‘light physique’ which meant that he will have a limited number of time hunting. Even if he returns without any injuries, Dudian would ultimately die young because of the radiation. The problem with hunters without ‘light physique’ was that the radiation would accumulate in their bodies and begin to rot their internal organs.

“Ryan family has made a wrong move in this game of chess …” An old man sitting in the Huasheng consortium’s top office said and softly sighed.

Dudian saw that there were two Knights of Light before the passage. Although there was no one around, they didn’t slack and stood tall. They had a solemn expression as if they were kings standing in front of their citizens.

“Please stop.” One of the knight’s shouted as he saw Dudian and the carriage approaching them.

Dudian pulled the horse’s rope and stopped before the two Knights of Light: “This passage has been rented by our New World Consortium. This is my hunter medal.”

He showed them his medal.

The knight took a glance and looked up at Dudian. He saw Dudian dressed in hunter armor. He looked behind Dudian to the carriage: “What is the carriage for?”

“There are some things that our consortium gave me for the hunt. ” Dudian replied.

The knight slightly frowned as he took back his eyes and glanced at Dudian: “Your teammates?”

Dudian answered: “I’m the only hunter in our consortium.”

Both Knights of Light were surprised. The previous knight looked up and down at Dudian and said in a solemn tone: “This passage is totally different from other entry points. It is equivalent to area zero of the other consortiums. You are just a junior hunter, so it’s best for you to go back. Don’t seek death on your own will.”

Dudian asked: “I heard it was like that a decade ago. Is it like that now?”

“Of course.” The knight said without hesitation: “The beasts are regional creatures. Occasionally we can hear the howls coming from the other side. They can’t be normal beasts. So it’s better for you to quickly go back.”

Dudian nodded and said to the two knights: “The consortium has sent me so I can’t go back. Thanks for your good will.” He recovered his hunter medal and looked at the two knights: “Would you please help my friend to go back so that he could avoid danger in the radiation zone.”

The knight frowned as he saw that his persuasion didn’t work, but he didn’t continue to talk about the issue: “He is an ordinary civilian so that we will protect him.”

Although the Knights of Light didn’t like hunters for some unknown reason, they had a very good attitude towards ordinary civilians. Especially towards the ones who were believers of Holy Church.

Dudian stepped forward and opened the heavy iron gate. He took the boxes from the carriage and transported them to the passage.

“What is this?” The Knight standing next to him asked out of curiosity.

“The God of Light inspired our consortium’s inventor had had created few things to help us out to hunt monsters.”

Knight slightly frowned, but didn’t say anything. There was no way to ask for in-depth information. As after all, it was the private matter of the consortium. They were only responsible for goods and materials brought back from outside.

It didn’t take long for twelve boxes to be transported to the passage.

“I’m going. You should follow them back.” Dudian told Barton.

Barton was worried: “Be careful, and don’t try to be a hero!”

Dudian smiled and closed the iron gate as he went into the corridor of the passage. Two cheap oil lamps were exuding faint light. There were pictures of the goddess of harvest and the goddess of hunting carved on the walls.

Dudian didn’t like how the hunters and scavengers prayed to them on every trip. Instead, he took the gunpowder boxes and came to the other side of the passage. He put the boxes over and tilted his neck. His ears were affixed above the iron gate as he quietly listened. The process lasted about fifteen minutes. He didn’t hear any movements from close by. He put the key into the door and unlocked it. Later on, he lightly pushed the iron gate.

Dudian didn’t fully open the gate ,but instead made a gap for him to observe the outside situation. This passage opened to a vast wilderness. He was able to see large rocks covered in moss and vegetation. It seemed that they were the remnants of a collapsed building.

This place was not a suburb, but inner city.

Dudian couldn’t help but think that when the giant wall was built, it chopped the city into two parts.

Dudian didn’t rush to go out, but instead took short and rapid breaths. Through breathing and inhaling, he could identify the monsters.

“The odor of rotten bodies?… … undead?” Dudian sensed some sparse old rotten smell.

Dudian was surprised. Wouldn’t the monsters outside kill the undead? How could they survive if there were ferocious beasts in this region? Or did those beasts leave this place?

“It seems this place has undergone some changes in the past decade.” Dudian murmured.

He continued to sniff. In addition to the smell of the undead, some other strange smells originated from afar. At least twenty miles away. Although his body has gone through physical enhancement the sense of smell was not based on physical growth. He could smell from far away, but everything depended on air. If the odor were mixed with other smells, then it would be very hard for him to detect the presence of monsters. Of course, unless his body had reached an extreme degree where he would be called inhumane. That way he could break the fleshly limits and detect everything within range.

Dudian firmly recorded the various smells in his mind. He gently pushed open the iron gate and transported all the gunpowder outside. He closed the iron gate and locked it. But he didn’t carry it by himself to prevent losing it. Instead, he went seven or eight meters away from the gate and shredded a pit. He buried the key inside and covered it with weeds.

Afterward, Dudian looked back at the ruins which stood tall in front of him. His heart tightened as from this moment on he was on his own in this dangerous environment.

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