DK – Ch 207

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The Dark King – Chapter 207

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

“A hundred times, two hundred times?”

Everyone present was shocked because of George’s reply. After a long while a dignified aristocrat lady said: “Mr. George, are you sure that such a machine exists?”

Old man George slightly smiled as he looked at her: “There is no doubt about the productivity of the new textile machine. I have contacted three inventors from the ‘Temple of Elements.’ They are secretly building it. The problem is that we have to react quicker that the other consortiums and fully occupy the market with the new loom.”

Everyone felt great and incredible at such news. They knew that it would be meaningless and pointless for George to deceive them. One of the middle-aged men said: “Firstly we have to contact all the textile mills as soon as possible. They have to get orders right now.”

“Yes.” The attendees of the conference agreed.

“I think with the introduction of this new textile machine we should let the ‘Temple of Elements’ present and honor us as the inventors of the machine. This way the trust that we will get from civilians would increase many folds.” An old man voiced out his opinion.

George shook his head as he looked at the old man: “The invention wasn’t made by our consortium.”

Everyone was stunned and puzzled.

“I believe all of you have heard about the recent application and creation of a new consortium called New World.” George slowly said: “This new textile machine was invented by them. They have submitted the application regarding the invention of the loom to the ‘Temple of Elements.’ At present, we are the first people who got the news regarding the loom. It seems that the New World Consortium isn’t able to swallow and grab over the market.”

Everyone glanced at each other as they heard the news.

“Mr. Rudolph, I have heard that your daughter is quite close with the New World consortium. Why don’t they make a partnership with us?” A middle-aged man asked.

Both George and Rudolph’s face change. Rudolph frowned as he said: “My daughter has nothing to do with the business of the consortium! Moreover, don’t be misled by the newspapers of other consortiums. My daughter knew the hunter as he was recruited by our consortium so when she learned that he was released from prison she had gone to visit him. It’s just an interaction between children that shouldn’t be considered as nothing more than that!”

The middle-aged man shook his head: “Even though it is friendship between children but we are facing a situation where the other consortiums mistakenly believe that we want to co-operate with the New World consortium.”

Rudolph frowned.

A few people saw that the atmosphere was getting stiff. One of them said: “It’s better to cut them off and completely take them out of business as we have no intention to cooperate with the New World consortium. I don’t know how Old Fulin dared to open a new consortium with the old bones of his. Does he want to return the Ryan family to their glorious old days?”

“Old Fulin is too greedy.”


However, there were others who had different attitudes who observed in silence.

George said: “The New World Consortium had taken a lot of textile orders. We have sent people to grab those chances. The only thing that the New World consortium will get would be deposited. We will slowly stabilize the market with the new textile machine and slowly chew at the New World consortium.”

“The Scott consortium has been checking us closely. If we make a big mess, then it will inevitably attract their attention. ”

George said: “Now as I have convened the matter at hand we have to discuss how to deal with it.”

Ryan Castle, that night.

The family carriage entered the estate.

Old Fulin got off the carriage with the help of a servant. He entered the estate and saw Dudian sitting in the hall. He winked at Dudian.

Dudian nodded but didn’t urge him to talk about details.

At the moment, family members were waiting for Old Fulin to return so that they could eat dinner. As Old Fulin took off his hat and coat off the crowd got seated.

Dudian and old patriarch went back to Old Fulin’s study room after the meal was finished.

“What happened?” Dudian asked.

“They agreed to pay us two percent of the future deals. However, in the afternoon, it seems they got a whiff of the news. ”

Dudian was relieved: “That’s alright. Did not they want to pay one hundred thousand gold coins?”

“No.” Old Fulin shook his head: ” Even a large consortium such as the Scott consortium can’t decide to give such a big amount of gold coins before discussion held their board of directors. Moreover, they took into account the market saturation so they didn’t give us too much. Tomorrow they will send us people to learn how to produce the new loom. You should give me drawings so that I can present it to them. Maybe they will come over tonight so that they can begin manufacture process.”

Dudian nodded: “Time is money. If their intelligence has gathered information about the new textile machine, then you should know that Mellon Consortium has news about it too.”

“I intentionally revealed hints during the negotiations so that they didn’t have time to consider. They signed the contract on the spot.”

Dudian gently smiled: “How much they are going to give us at first?”

“Ten thousand gold coins.” Old Patriarch smiled: “If we count the thirty thousand from your compensation and other earnings then we have close to fifty thousand gold coins.”

Dudian nodded as everything was within his expectations. Although they had sold ‘matches’ to Scott consortium, but they will have to wait until next month to get the results. The Ryan family businesses were made up of small shops in remote towns, so their revenues weren’t that much. It would take very long time for them to establish their new business in the market.

“The shares that we will get from textile and match business will be out by the next month. We will see how much we can get.” Dudian said.

“According to my calculation if sales of Scott consortium are good, then at fastest we will be able to raise enough money in three months.”

Dudian was desperate to upgrade his strength so that when once again Mellon Consortium send an assassin he would be able to retort. Although they had two senior knights and the other one was a knight, but his fighting capabilities and strength would be stronger than a usual assassin. If he had the strength, then he would not need to wait until they sent the assassin, but could find the person himself and make sure that no future problems would arise.

“I have to practice a lot so that I can improve my skills,” Dudian said. He knew that his archery skills was stuck at primary hunter level. Unfortunately, the Ryan family was too poor to hire an instructor to teach him. There weren’t books about the methods, so the only way was to hire an instructor to pass the skills.

“I’ll handle the rest. You shouldn’t be worried about business for now and focus on training.” Old Fulin was worried as he looked at Dudian. Although they could rent the underground passage to the outside in few months Dudian was the only hunter hired by their consortium. If something had happened to Dudian outside the giant wall, then the Ryan family would be finished.

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  1. He never cared about what the instructor taught him before and just trained on whatever he wanted, now he suddenly needs an instructor!? Dafuq???

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