DK – Ch 204

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The Dark King – Chapter 204

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“How’s the match sales? What does the Scott consortium say?” Dudian shut the newspaper and looked at Old Fulin.

“They have been discussing the operation plan after signing the contract. Moreover, they have gone to promote the ‘match’s role in all the industries within the commercial and residential district. The effect of the matches is really good. It is easy to fire. But the only problem is that consumption is too fast, and the price is a little high. The sales in the residential district are not popular, but the performance in the commercial district is over the top. The fame has spread all over the areas in the commercial district. These days all the financial newspapers report about matches all the time! They call it ‘magical fire.’”

Dudian nodded. Scott consortium was able to compete with an old consortium such as Mellon. They had the resources to expand in the market in this short period. Even if the other consortia found alchemists to deconstruct match and find the ingredients to produce it. They would be too late as Scott consortium would monopolize the market. At best the other would be able to seize 10 to 20 percent of the market share.

“How much can we get?” Dudian asked.

Old Fulin laughed: “The monthly statistics for the sales haven’t come out yet, but I guess we will get at least a thousand gold coins every month from it.”

Dudian knew that thousand gold coins per month were a good return from matches. Normally, ordinary citizens would be able to earn that much in their lifetime.

“If we count that and the compensation from the textile mills then in about six months we will be able to accumulate 100,000 gold coins and rent an underground passage!” Old patriarch laughed out loud. Once they leased the passage, then the wealth will flow. He would be able to nurture their scavengers to clean the areas swept by Dudian. The accumulations of funds will be enough to recruit hunters. The gold coins would roll like snowballs.

Dudian sighed as half a year was too long. He would be able to train himself properly as he hasn’t done anything in the last three years. He had to familiarize himself with the skills and upgrade them as soon as possible. That way the extent of his hunting would increase. Or else he would suffer outside the giant wall.

The Burong family castle. Second floor.

Rudolph had his breakfast. He was sitting on the balcony while the maid kept massaging his shoulders. He tilted his legs and began to read the newspapers from various agencies. He was like a child doing his homework and preparing for school. This routine had to be done every day.

“Someone has framed the Milan family. I do not know who is the real murderer …” Rudolph murmured as he read the newspaper. He believed that the Milan family was not stupid to kill the deacon of magistrate. Unless there was a big secret, which he wasn’t aware of!

“Master.” The butler walked in a hurry: “We got a letter from the person who was checking on little miss. She had arrived at magistrate in the morning, but she left soon. She was alone as there were no colleagues with her.”

Rudolph frowned: “Where has she gone?”

“Temporarily we are not sure.”The butler shook his head: “However, it seems the carriage had gone to the west.”

“West?” Rudolph frowned as he thought of something: “Go to the Ryan Castle to bring back Miss immediately! If she shows resistance, force her back!”

The butler understood as he nodded and left in a hurry: “Yes.”

“The little devil!” Rudolph’s face was gloomy. He ordered the maid to bring a cup of hot coffee.

The Ryan Castle, the training ground.

This training ground was used by knights and squires of the Ryan family for daily training. But it saw Dudian’s training site. Dudian’s health was nursed back to normal. He had almost healed fully. A servant was adjusting the target while he took a small break. Afterward, he kept shooting the arrows. Most of the time he would hit bulls-eye.

Some of the knights and squires would stay on the training ground to watch Dudian train. Their hearts are full of curiosity as they knew that hunters would go outside the giant wall and fight monsters. The moment Dudian shot the arrows they would cheer for him.

Also, Dudian has let the butler help him build spiral arrows with double bundles. The arrows were made of lead. They were denser than usual arrows. Moreover, heavy iron arrows would shoot further and had more destructive power.

Although the cold weapons were dominant in this era, everything wasn’t about skills. It was a bit more complex. In a sense, it was not just arm strength, but the quality of the bow, string, arrow’s weight, accuracy, distance and other stuff that influenced the quality of shots.

Dudian repeatedly practiced. Suddenly he heard the servant call out to him: “Mr. Dean, someone is waiting outside for you.”

“Who?” Dudian did not stop.

“Miss Jennifer from the Burong family.” said the waiter.

Dudian’s finger released the string. The arrow shot away and hit the target and shook it.

Dudian slowly put his bow away as he went silent: “Tell her I don’t want to meet her.”

The servant was surprised. It was the little miss of the Burong family. Everyone knew about the power and strength of the Burong family! She had come to the doorsteps to meet him, but he refused! However, he still nodded and left. The servant knew that he was working for the Ryan family, so he naturally had to obey their orders.

After the waiter left Dudian picked up an arrow, and his fingers gently rubbed it.

A few moments later the servant returned: “Mr. Dean, she said she would wait outside until you meet her.”

Dudian slightly frowned. His face was cold as he put down the arrow and turned away from the training ground.

Dudian came all the way to the gate. He saw an exquisite carriage parked outside the manor. A beautiful girl wearing formal uniform belonging to magistrate stood beside the carriage.

Dudian observed the girl from afar. In the past three years, the original childish look had gone. Her face contour was a bit more mature. She had become more beautiful.

He stared at her for a moment and went straight towards her.

After three years, Jenny once again saw Dudian. In the last three years, the boy had grown tall but thinner. He looked more handsome. But he had a somewhat indifferent temperament. His black eyes were like the darkness of the sky at night. They seemed deep and cold. She looked at Dudian as he came towards her step by step. There was a complex feeling in her heart. There was guilt, sadness also self-blame.

“I’m sorry.” Her eyes reddened as she saw Dudian approach. She whispered: “I read the newspaper. You have been wronged, I … … I’m sorry!” She knew the scale of damage she had done to the boy. She was aware that it couldn’t be recovered with simple words.

Dudian quietly looked at her as he went silent for a moment. He slightly shook his head: “I don’t blame you for that. The past is in the past! Do you think a broken mirror can be repaired back to original? I received your apology, so we don’t owe each other anything!”



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  1. Yes. If it was passes at that, this would be the best result. Dudian leaves Jenny alone, even if he plans to take revenge against her father some day. And Jenny gets a valuable lesson of how the world really works, and not how she believes it “should”.

    However, I know it won’t just end in that.

    Anyhow, thanks for the chapters!

    1. I mean, lets all be honest here, it wasn’t her fault at all.

      Did people expect her to believe the dude she has been dating for a while over her own father?

      I know some readers like to fanatically take the MC’s side in every situation, but come on. Be reasonable here. There is no way someone would trust an outsider they just met over their own family unless the family did something to deserve distrust.

      And her relationship with her family has always been solid and loving. It is perfectly reasonable that she didn’t believe the MC.

      1. It was perfectly reasonable for her to not believe the MC over her father… It would also be perfectly reasonable if the MC decides to kill both her and her father later on rofl.

        1. I agree. Everyone is brainwashed to a degree in this society. I can’t blame her. I only hope she realizes the darkness of this world. I can only forgive her if she cleans the world and takes her father to jail. That way it will be easier for the MC to control society.

      2. Yeah I know that I think that too but I am just doing it for fun no offense.since it’s a novel but if it was a true story then that is different

      3. understand in that moment She was a princess of the family block him of the world out , but when she work in the moment of that How going to no know of news of the city in the part she work ? and dont going to job? or how dont know how work the justice if you work there for few years ?
        Tree years of work and dont grow nothings that I dont understand

    1. I hope not, that would be nonsense. How can she make up for what Dudian went through in that horrible prison?

      I personally would neither forgive nor forget, but I then again neither would I retaliate.

  2. it is possible to lure hordes of monster from an area towards another? for example luring the undeads. If so then won’t that be a trouble for Dean bcuz he is a lone hunter to clear the area??

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