DK – Ch 203

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The Dark King – Chapter 203.

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Pus Avenue. The Magistrate building.

A carriage which had the Burong family insignia stopped at the doorsteps of the magistrate building. The door opened and Jenny slowly came out from the compartment. Sh was wearing an official judge’s uniform. She walked upstairs to the second floor. Most of her colleagues saw and greet her.

“Miss Jennifer.” Said a co-worker: “I heard you were ill. Are you better now?”

Jenny was ashamed. The decision of taking the leave of absence and the reason was made up by her father.

“I’m good now.”

“Jennifer, you are quite early.”

Everyone who saw Jenny warmly greeted her.

Jenny looked around to see several colleagues standing together and whispering. She approached them: “Has there been any big case in recent days?”

These people were focused on chatting. The one who noticed Jenny turned around: “Did you come to work? Aren’t you on leave?”

“Just arrived today.” Jenny looked curiously at several people: “What are you discussing about?”

One of the young judges said: “There are no big cases in our section. However, we were talking about the recent matter that happened on Artemis street. Haven’t you heard? Deacon Huey was assassinated, and his murderer was finally found. It was young master of the Milan family. Geez! You say that these aristocrats are not… … “The person stopped talking as he thought that Jenny too belonged to upper nobility.

Jenny was puzzled: “Why would the young master of the Milan family assassinate deacon Huey?”

“It is not known.” Another young girl shook her head: “It is said that the deacon Huey had helped the Milan family to deal with some shady cases. The family was worried that deacon Huey would expose them and affect their family, so they had secretly assassinated him.”

Jenny was startled: “Deacon Huey has handled so many cases! He was just and strict! How could he help out the Milan family…This … …”

“The sentence has already been given.” The previous youth shrugged his shoulder: “Most people say that deacon wasn’t able to resist the money. After all, deacons are also short on money.”

Jenny couldn’t help but say as she heard his words: “Money isn’t that important as when we become judges are not we supposed to punish the evil and reign the justice?”

The young girl looked at her and said: “You are a noble! You have never lacked the money from childhood. Naturally, you don’t feel the charm of money … …” She saw the youth next to her wink, so she immediately stopped. She looked at the youth: “I have to deal with the case! Go away. I’m busy.” Then, turned back to her seat.

The others also scattered.

Jenny’s face turned ugly as she bit her lips. It was as if she felt a pain in her heart out of nowhere. She quietly returned to her seat, but couldn’t afford to get the slightest passion for focusing on work. She thought about a way to recover time, so she glances across the table to see newspapers on colleague’s desktop. She approached: “I’ll take your newspapers to check.”

This colleague saw her and smiled: “Take it.”

Jenny whispered “thanks!”. She took the newspapers and returned back to her seat.

“Deacon Huey’s assassin was sentenced!”

“Vick Milan is in jail. Who is the Milan family’s future successor?”

Jenny fingers gently shook as she read the titles on newspaper. She didn’t think that murderer turned out to be Vick Milan, who wanted to marry her a few years ago. Although she didn’t agree to marry, she had a good impression of him. She didn’t expect that such a bright man would make such a heinous thing. He was a knight!

“He had killed deacon Huey’s wife …” Jenny felt pain in her heart as she read the following report. The Knight Hall certified him! How could he do such a cruel thing?

She clutched the newspaper. However, she accidentally saw a word. It was just a glance, but it made her heart beat inexplicably.

She saw a story in a corner.

“The Longshan Ruby of the Milan family was not lost! It was a misunderstanding. The magistrate ruling returned the trainee ‘Dean’s’ innocence. The Milan family has given thirty thousand gold coins as compensation…”

As she read the story Jenny’s brain went blank and her mind buzzed! She recovered a long time later! She once again looked at the newspaper. She read it three times to confirm that she didn’t see wrongly.

Jenny’s body slightly trembled as she remembered the scene in that dark prison three years ago. The despairing boy and his stubborn words at the moment they parted.

“Why should I admit? I have committed no crime!”

“I am not guilty …”

These words echoed in her ears as if she heard them yesterday. She could vaguely able to feel the grief and pain filled in them.

“He was not guilty … ” Jenny’s eyes reddened. Large tears fell out from her eyes and soaked the newspaper. “It was me who wronged him! I didn’t believe in him…” She remembered the sad and desperate mood on Dudian’s face. Pain suffocated her! It was as is a knife was stabbed into her chest.

The Ryan Castle.

Dudian and Old Fulin sat at the table and ate breakfast.

“Your report has been written so obscurely. There is no mention of the Milan family’s crime or about you being wronged. Instead, they have focused on writing about the Milan family compensation.” Old Fulin folded the newspapers and shook his head. “The Milan family seems to have spent a lot of money on it.”

Dudian nodded. The assassination of deacon Huey and the Milan family’s involvement was circulated and reported like a storm within the giant wall. Their reputation was severely affected. This matter was a like a double-edged sword which affects both the Magistrate and the Milan family! But the magistrate was affected slightly while the Milan family got the heavy punch.

As for the influence of the whole aristocracy. It was negligible.

Not all civilians worship aristocrats. There are some who feel deep hatred towards them. All civilians are divided into two categories. However, no matter how much they loved or hated the rich the only option was to endure. They didn’t dare to show their hatred.



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  1. Hnn… I’ve experienced the kind of betrayal where no one believed me.

    I’m happy to say that…


    That is all thank you o/

    1. I completely agree with you. I hope her guilty conscience crushes her,
      I also hope even more she will seek forgiveness but be crushed even more.
      That would truly be perfect.

  2. She does not deserve the pain if you are going to think about it. Her fault is that she is just ignorant and naive at that time. And also her lack of trust towards Dean :c

  3. well, it went and ended up exactly as we predicted didnt it?
    Now we only need the mc to go and comfort her, saying it wasnt her fault, forgive her, quit being a hunter, get married, have children, happy ending <3
    MY ASS!!
    I SWEAR! I would go and burn the damn author's house if it really happens, someone with me?
    just kidding, but I really will have to drop this novel if it happened.
    I've been disappointed to many times so I wont hold much hope(that Jenny girl and mc will definitely get together), so I would like to thank the translator in advance for all the hard work in translating, it was fun.
    Well I would be more than delighted to hear someone say that im wrong though.
    Anyway, I will read until that moment arrives, and when it does I hope to see you guys again on another novel~~

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