DK – Ch 202

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I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Abel immediately understood the meaning behind the old deacon’s words: “The deacon says that the matter will be thoroughly investigated. So on behalf of the Milan family, I will give 100 gold coins as compensation in the hope of making up for Mr. Dean’s loss.”

One hundred gold coins?

Dudian was about to give up, but when he heard Abel’s claim, he went crazy: “One hundred gold coins. Can it make up for three years of the sentence in Thorn Flower Prison? Can it make up for my three years of losses? Can it make up for my reputation?”

A cold flashed passed by Abel’s eyes. I thought you were a little hunter. What reputation are you talking about? But his face was still calm: “Since Mr. Dean is not satisfied I’m open to listening to you about the compensation.”

“When I entered prison, I was the primary hunter. How much is a junior hunter earning in gold coins each year? Does a primary hunter earn 100 gold coins per year? Do you think that I am someone homeless from the slums so that you call such a shabby compensation?”

Abe’s face sank and said: “Do not be too insatiable, this matter has not been thoroughly checked out. You still have the identity of a suspect!”

“Is it?” Dudian said coldly: “Then I hope the people from disciplinary committee could investigate until the end. I believe they can find a lot of things!”

Abel’s eyes turned cold as he understood the meaning behind Dudian’s words. His eyes swept of Michelle and the other disciplinary knight. He saw that they didn’t speak and were silent. Abel understood that they naturally would not publicly say, “We will not intervene in this case.” In this case the silence becomes a default. It was an opportunity for Dudian to use as a pressure!

“The magistrate will go through investigation even if you didn’t say” Abel quickly replied: “Out of goodwill I will give you ten times more money. It should be enough for the rest of your life.”

Dudian scornfully looked at him: “I think the patriarch of Milan family is bad at maths. In that case, I’ll make a calculation in your stead. An ordinary primary hunter in addition to hunting material would get gold awards. If you count six tasks per years and the income of lowest five hundred gold coins to highest 100,000 hold coins, and if you add good luck then I could earn 100,000 gold coins!”

“Even if by the lowest income I would get 1500 gold coins for three years. Isn’t your compensation is too ridiculous?”

Abel spoke in anger: “Note your rhetoric! A small civilian dares to speak to me?

Dudian sneered: “Patriarch Abel should grow up. Please note that we are in court! By the provisions of the magistrate, there is no distinction between nobles and civilians in here. The only distinction is you are guilty or not!”

Abel smiled and glanced at Dudian: “I will give you five thousand gold coins. Is that enough to make up for the loss?”

“Five thousand?” Dudian continued: “Five thousand gold coins? Abel patriarch, I just said that ordinary junior hunter’s annual income! It does not mean that this is my yearly income! My magic mark is from juranzhi! My perception and the role I play can’t be ignored in the team. I’m not slightly exaggerating, but it is not even a fraction of my yearly income!”

Abel stared at him in anger: “Mr. Dean, are you trying to blackmail me?!”

Dudian narrowed his eyes: “Blackmail? Would patriarch Abel want to gamble with me? I bet that 5000 gold coins would be a fraction of my yearly income! ”

Abel stared back at him: “Yes, since you are so confident we can make a bet. But the premise is that it must be effective within three years! If you delay the term to ten years, then the hunting efficiency naturally would be high!”

Dudian’s mouth tilted: “Since we are going to bet so big, then if I win your family’s Longshan Ruby will belong to me. What about it?”

Abel flatly refused: “No!” He was worried that other consortiums would secretly help Dudian and he would lose the ruby.

The old deacon said:” According to me, since Mr. Dean was wrong and sent to imprisonment and he was a hunter. So if we count ten thousand gold coins per year, then you should pay thirty thousand gold coins in total.”

Dudian frowned, thirty thousand gold coins? It was not as good as his goal.

Abel was about to say something when Alex cut him off: “So be it. Let the matter go away. We shall give thirty thousand gold coins.” He turned away and left.

Abel looked gloomy. He glanced at Dudian but didn’t say anything. He turned around and left the courtroom.

The judgment was over, and the people dispersed.

Dudian looked at two disciplinary knights: “Thank you two for the help.”

Michelle replied: “Justice does not need to gratitude.”

The other knight glanced at Dudian and turned away to follow Michelle.

Dudian watched them disappear. He turned to Old Fulin: “We should go back.”

Old Fulin sighed in relief: “You scared me! Five thousand gold coins was a lot! I didn’t expect that we can get thirty thousand gold coins. Although this money isn’t much for the Milan family. It’s like plucking a hair from the lion. But for us, it is a huge sum! We are a step closer to hire an underground passage!”

Dudian replied: “We are about to recover some money from the factory too.”

Dudian helped old Fulin to come outside the magistrate and sit in the carriage.

The Ryan castle was bustling with today’s news. Everyone rushed to visit Dudian as all of them were excited about the compensation money. They thought that their best days were coming. They were not aware that the money wouldn’t be used to better their daily lives!



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  1. Oh Yeah, it just keeps getting better. Can Dudian not get tired of winning, granted they are small victories compared to the opponents assests.

    Thanks for the chapter.

      1. Screw them really. They already gave up on him and picked up another convenient eight year old “son”. Pretty sure they’d throw that one out too at the slightest inconvenience.

        1. That’s harsh. They’re a lonely couple who adopted a child. It’s not a betrayal on your first child to get a second one. Especially since he was gone, most likely forever, and they were still lonely.

  2. I wanted more argument, more shouting, more debate… But I’m satisfied. Thumbs up Dudian! xD

    A big THANKS and THUMBS UP to MadSnail !!! =)

  3. hahaha, now that Jenny girl will learn that he was really framed as he told to her and she will understand how stupid she was..
    Honestly, if she was somewhat smart, she could investigate the matter by herself secretly and would found out that he wasn’t really guilty..
    The problem is, she never actually had any shred of trust to Dudian..

  4. Didn’t dean have a shit ton of money in his safe? What happened to that thousands of gold? He could prove he earned that much in just a few months and ask for so much more using that as a pretext. But not only did he loose that money he only got a small sum back. Why? He can’t think of this simple thing or author just forgot about it?

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