DK – Ch 201

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The Dark King – Chapter 201

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Alex and Abel had an ugly look on their face as they looked at Vick who was taken away. For two days they tried to mobilize all their connections, but didn’t expect that eventually, they wouldn’t be able to change the outcome of the judgment.

Abel recovered his eyes. His middle-aged body was trembling. He looked at Alex.: “Father doesn’t worry. I will take care of this. He would be released on bail as soon as possible.”

Alex sit down. It was as if he got old in an instant. He slowly shook his head and spoke in a low tone.: “It’s useless. He was charged for killing a deacon. He won’t be released on bail. The magistrate will try every means to advance his crimes and execute him as soon as possible.”

Abel slightly clenched his fists as he heard Alex’s words. He painstakingly cultivated and nurtured his son to present. He was planning to make him the next chief of the Milan family. Now the kid ended up in prison. How could he be so willing to depart with Vick?

The old Deacon hit the hammer.: “We are beginning the second case which is related to the Milan family’s Longshan ruby theft case. Mr. Dean, please come out!”

Alex and Abel were preparing to leave. But the Alex was startled when he heard the old deacon’s words. The Longshan Ruby theft? When was their family’s jewel stolen? How come he didn’t know?

“The Longshan Ruby was stolen?” Alex couldn’t help but look at Abel.

Abel shook his head: “No … ” Suddenly he thought of the small matter that happened years ago. He had almost forgotten about the issue. At this time, Dudian entered the seat while his pace was calm and there was a smile on his face. It was as if he was entering a grand banquet.

“It’s him?” Alex was stunned as he saw Dudian. He had a positive impression about the boy. He looked at Abel.: “What the hell is going on?”

Abel whispered: “About three years ago when the Burong family and our family were getting ready for the marriage their daughter declined the offer. Rudolph’s daughter had taken a liking towards a civilian hunter kid. Rudolph didn’t want to trouble her daughter but wanted to break apart the relationship. He asked me to do so that as if the kid had stolen our Longshan Ruby. We paid a bit to Deacon Huey to make sure that the boy was thrown to Thorn Flower Prison and put him into an execution list for a few years later.”

Alex hadn’t intervened with the family business for a long time, so he wasn’t aware of the details.: “So, why did Rudolph’s daughter didn’t marry? Didn’t she believe you? ”

Abel sighed. “She believed. To make her believe in Rudolph, we paid a lot to Deacon Huey to make the judgment. The deacon’s reputation was high so that no one would suspect anything. I didn’t expect that his daughter would be so stubborn. No one could persuade her. In the end, she said that she would work as a judge and didn’t want to marry. ”

Alex heard his explanation: “It was an excuse! But it is also strange that Rudolph’s daughter has such a temper. She is not worthy of our family.” Alex looked back at him. “Did he get out on bail? Who is so bold and daring to bail the boy? Scott consortium?”

Abel shook his head slightly and said in a low tone: “The Ryan family from our consortium.”

Alex looked back at him. “They were a brilliant family once upon a time, but now are on a decline. I didn’t expect that they haven’t learned their lesson. The hair has not healed, and they want to use the claws?”

The deacon looked at Dudian.: “What is the reason for the appeal? What evidence?”

Dudian nodded: “They said that I had stolen Longshan Ruby from the Milan family. As far as I know the gem is closely guarded by the knights of the Milan family. Moreover, at that time I was just a junior hunter and was dispatched by the consortium to take a task outside the giant wall. Many people in the consortium can prove this point if you do the investigation. Moreover, I was kept for seven days for infection check as I came back. There are medical records for that. The thing is that I was told the ruby was found in my house. How can I steal the ruby and bring it back to my house when I was outside the giant wall?”

The old deacon replied.: “Yes, let me see.” He beckoned to the knight who was next to him.: “Bring me the evidence of the investigation.”

The knight nodded and left. A moment later he brought back a roll of information.

The old deacon used a magnifying glass to check the information.: “Yes, you have been kept in the zone for infection check. Moreover, your peers have confirmed that indeed you were outside the giant wall.”

Abel’s face sank. He stood up.: “Mr. Deacon. Even if he was outside the giant wall, it does not prove that he hasn’t stolen the ruby. We found it at his residence. The evidence is conclusive!”

The thin old man looked at him.: “So, he stole it when he was outside the giant wall?”

Abel was stunned.

Dudian sneered.: “The patriarch of the Milan family argues that I stole their family ruby. I was just a junior hunter. How could I steal a tightly guarded ruby? Moreover, the moment I had gone outside the giant wall there was no news regarding the theft of Longshan Ruby on any newspaper. There should be some news about it! If the various new agency archives are checked. The deacon should know that the Milan family has never reported that their ruby was lost.”

Abel’s face changed slightly. Indeed, at the time Dudian was only a small character, so they didn’t elaborately plan when they framed him. They weren’t planning to give Dudian any chance to be interrogated.

They have forgotten about this matter as the years has passed. Now Dudian was released on bail. But it would be difficult to patch the holes from three years ago. As Dudian had said through a normal search, everyone would know that the ruby was not lost and no news about that matter appeared in newspapers.

“We have found it and did not report it.” Abel continued.

Dudian sneered: “Found? How long did it take to find it? If we take out the task time when I was outside the giant wall, then there is still seven days within the check up zone. How long did it take you to find the Ruby?”

Abel’s face was gloomy. It was the first time he saw Dudian face to face. Originally the kid looked modest on paper, but he found the boy a bit unusual as he faced him now.

“I have forgotten, but it should be found quickly,” Abel answered cleverly and did not give a clear date or time to prevent Dudian to find the relevant people to investigate the loopholes.

“You have forgotten, but some people remember.” Dudian slightly sneered.: “You said that it was found in my home! I was directly escorted to a cell, then directly transferred to Thorn Flower Prison. I was not interrogated!”

Abel knew that there would be loopholes that would be investigated by the magistrate.

“The case was already investigated, and your sins were brought up by the deacon. Don’t make any nonsense.” Abel didn’t give up as he tried to give Dudian a negative image.

Dudian saw that Abel tried to throw the blame onto magistrate. His face was cold as he replied.: “The deacon judge by the evidence! You have falsified all the evidence against me!”

The old deacon thought that Dudian would denounce the judgment casually, but didn’t expect him to say those words. He nodded in approval. The old man knew that Dudian was wronged. He didn’t think that a primary hunter would be able to steal the Longshand Ruby. If it were so easy to be accomplished, then Longshan Ruby would be stolen hundreds of times over.

“We will strictly review the matter! But also give you a fair judgment.” The old deacon said.

Abel didn’t say anything. He knew that because of today’s previous situation if he continued to argue he will only lose their demeanor.

“Deacon we have already investigated.” At this time Michelle’s voice echoed out. She had come back with the disciplinary knight with the sword scar.: “This matter was indeed sentenced with injustice. The deacon Huey didn’t seriously review the case. His students have looked over the case, and deacon Huey had made the negligence when sealing the case.”

The old Deacon understood every as his face had turned ugly.: “I’m afraid there have been misunderstandings. The deacon Huey’s work attitude has always been serious and strict!”

Michelle opened her mouth to say something, but the knight behind her secretly pulled her sleeve and winked at her.

Michelle understood and continued.: “Yes, deacon. This time the main reason is that the Milan family had forged evidence, slandered and framed others.”

The old deacon looked at Abel.: “I need an explanation.”

Abel didn’t expect that there would be disciplinary intervention to such a small case. He knew that he would be unable to cover up anything. Even the money would not be able to block.: “The existence of misunderstandings may be true. We have troubled Mr. Dean. I’m sorry.”

Dudian’s eyes turned cold: “Do you think sorry will be able to solve everything that I have gone through?”

The old Deacon was touched. He looked at Abel: “I will carefully review this. We will make the decision at another date. But before the Milan family must give compensation to Mr. Dean.”

Dudian’s face turned ugly. It seems the magistrate wasn’t intending on pursuing this matter in depth! He understood that the Milan family belonged to the aristocracy. The deacon Huey’s assassination was completely different to his case. He was just a little person, and they wouldn’t waste their time to go against such a family for him.

He was silent down.

Fair and just?

Sure enough! He still had to rely on himself!


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  1. Damn, so not only will he most likely be declared as innocent, but Dudian wants to push for corruption and framing charges.

    A bit ballsy in my opinion, but lets see how it plays.

    Thank for the mass release, you guys are the MVP’s of translation.

  2. Mixed feelings…. He act like he’s so righteous. While he was a victim, he did kill the innocent wife without the slightest trace of guilt/second thought. While he’s justified in seeking more payback/revenge, he did’t seem to realize he was the same as his enemy in using and killing innocent people for his selfish desires. =/

  3. There is a logic loophole. They are always saying something like “he was just novice knight, he couldn’t do it”. But again, he was able to jailbreak the strictest prison

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