DK – Ch 200

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The Dark King – Chapter 200

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

The old man said in a cold tone: “I need to remind you that posing as a substitute for a criminal is same as covering the crime! It will have severe results!”

Abel’s eyelids didn’t move as he looked at the old deacon: “We caught this man! After torture, we learned through his confession how he did the murders! We would like the deacons to confirm! Moreover, our family will never cover up any criminals!”

The slim old man had nothing to say after hearing Abel’s cunning answer.

Moments later the supposed murderer was brought into the courtroom.

It was a middle-aged man who was looking down at his toes. He was escorted by two knights of the magistrate and a high-ranking judge.

The high-ranking judge came to the court, leaned slightly towards the lean old man and said: “We verified the basic information and the man’s confession. He was the one who killed deacon Huey and his wife.”

Thin old man indifferently said: “The evidence.”

The high-ranking judge nodded slightly and took out a roll of information:” The criminal Nolte, 36 years old. He was working as a knight, but didn’t receive his honor medal from the Knight Hall. Five years ago his wife was suffering from ‘black death’ and she died soon. He was left with a single daughter.” He stopped here and continued:” Nolte confessed to committing the crime. Five years ago deacon Huey’s carriage had hit his dying wife. Nolte has attributed the death of his wife to Huey. He had secretly investigated Huey’s whereabouts and seek the revenge.”

“After killing deacon Huey he was not satisfied. So, later on, he sneaked into his home and killed his wife.”

The high-ranking judge continued: “The evidence was in his home. We found spikes and they were stained with dry blood. Also, the people familiar with Nolte confirmed that he likes to abuse dogs seriously. The spike that was infected with dog blood was a result of Nolte killing stray dogs with them.”

The first intuition was that the family tried to replace the murderer. Otherwise, they would have found this knight early on.

“Dear Deacon, now the evidence is conclusive, and criminal is in here. Why aren’t you releasing my child?” Abel wasn’t humble at all as he said.

The thin old man looked coldly at him, then turned to high-ranking judge: “How did he explain the scene with the bracelet?”

The high-ranking judge looked at the middle-aged knight: “He said that he picked up this bracelet in front of the Moulin Rouge.”

“Do you mean, the dancer girl was lying?” The old man slammed the hammer in anger: “Let her come up.”

Soon, the dancer girl came to the courtroom as her face was covered with a white mask. She timidly looked at Abel then looked back at the old man: “Deacon I was drunk and a bit dizzy because of the work. I can’t clearly remember what had happened that day.”

Old man cut off her words as his eyes narrowed: “Take her away.”

The dancer left the courtroom.

Alex played around with his cane: “Now the truth is out I hope the magistrate can bring down the justice!”

The thin old man frowned as he turned to whisper with the other deacons.

Suddenly two shadows entered the courtroom. It was Michelle and the disciplinary knight with the sword scar. Michelle looked at thin old deacon: “Sire, please let us question the criminal.”

The thin old man saw that she had come forward, so he nodded: “Alright, I will give you fifteen minutes to investigate.”

“No,” Abel stood up and spoke in a sulky voice. The truth is clear as daylight. The criminal has already admitted the crimes. What do you want to investigate?”

“Since when are you ordering the magistrate?” Michelle looked at him.

“You!” Abel stared at her.

The old man ordered:” Take him.” Then he looked at Abel:” There are lots of evidence in this case. We need to confirm each one.”

Abel’s face turned ugly. He looked at the middle-aged man who was dragged down by Michelle.

Old Fulin looked at the instant changes in the courtroom. He whispered to Dudian: “It seems the magistrate has identified Vick as the murderer. Those two disciplinary knights will take this scapegoat and torture him a bit. The truth will come out!”

Dudian calmly said: “A deacon was assassinated! They would allow such a thing to go like this. They would be worried about their future safety too.”

Old Fulin was startled as he hadn’t thought about this. He looked to three deacon’s who were presiding the courtroom. There was a bitter smile on his face.

Moments later, Michelle and the disciplinary knight with the sword scar came back. The middle-aged knight was shaking and trembling.

He wasn’t hurt, but he was constantly sweating, and his body was gently shaking.

“Sire after a thorough investigation, we found that this person is lying,” Michelle said as she bowed.

The old man’s eyes lit up: “Please elaborate.”

“Yes.” Michelle nodded and turned towards everyone: “After an investigation, the person himself admitted that he was hired to cover for the murderer. He was told that after he was imprisoned, he would be released on bail. Moreover, he would get a lot of money. That’s why he was willing to do it.”

Abel, Alex as well as Vick’s face turned ugly.

The old deacon breathed in relief, “Who hired?”

Michelle looked at Abel and Alex and said: “He said he did not know the name and appearance of the opposite party.”

Old Fulin sighed in regret. His expectations didn’t come true. He whispered: “This Milan family has done the job meticulously.”

Dudian nodded slightly. He had regretted too. If the middle-aged knight said that the Milan family had hired him, then it would cause a heavy blow to both the Milan family and Mellon Consortium. It seems some people from the consortium had expected such a turn of events so has prepared in advance.

The old Deacon glanced at Alex: “Now the things have been investigated thoroughly I sentence Vick Milan from the Milan family. He has assassinated deacon Huey and his wife. According to Article 28, I sentence him to death after a year of prison time. He shall be imprisoned immediately and sent to Thorn Flower Prison! ” As he finished, he hit the hammer, and the matter was settled. There was no room for maneuver.

The instant judgment was like a slap in the face to Abel and others. For a time they seem to be shocked and ignorant of the sentence. They couldn’t believe that magistrate would be so decisive.

Vick’s mind went black. He looked at his father and grandfather whose faces were drooling. His heart sank, and despair crazy gushed in. He roared: “I am not guilty! I am not guilty! I was framed! Ah ah ah … …”

Pat! His roar suddenly stopped.

Michelle’s slap had hit him in the face. The heavy force made him stumble and hit the floor.

Michelle waved: “Take him away!”

Two knights came over and grabbed Vick by his shoulder and escorted out of the courtroom.

“Finally over.” Old Fulin felt a bit tired.

Dudian looked at Vick, who was dragged away: “I hope he can take care of his body.”

Old Fulin smiled: “You have a little sympathy.”

Dudian smiled: “It’s my turn now.”

Old Fulin nodded: “I will back you up.”

Dudian smiled.


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  1. It may have been a quick case, like the magistrate wanted, but it was ever so satisfying for me.

    Justice! Well not really, a lot of innocent people, and animals, were harmed in the process. But, MEH. I don’t care for them.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. Yeah, under torture, people will literally tell you whatever you want them to, so it’s basically impossible to get any conclusive evidence or reliable intelligence lol.

  2. yay 200 chapters finished, i feel tired agh.
    I can’t still forget about the girl and what she said in chaprer one and about the chip also and the freezer hehehe. =d

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