DK – Ch 199

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The Dark King – Chapter 199

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Vick dragged his body to the courtroom. His eyes searched the audience and found his father Abel and grandfather Alex in the first row. There was a pleading look for help in his eyes.

Alex looked at him and shouted: “Do not be afraid my child! Your grandfather will give you back your innocence!”

Vick’s face turned red. He felt the care his grandfather showed to him in the moment of the disaster. However, his heart was full of self-blame and shame. He hated the people who framed him for the murder.

Vick was seated. One of the deacons hit the hammer and coldly said: “Silence!”

The people were pointing to Vick and whispering to each other. However, after the deacon’s order, the place was dead silent.

“The investigation was made by four disciplinary officers and two deacons. Current decision. Mr. Vick Milan from theMilan family on the 18th of this month sneaked into the late Deacon Huey’s house and killed his wife. Do you plead guilty?” The old slim deacon who was sitting in the middle and overlooking Vick coldly said as he stared into Vick’s eyes.

“I do not!” Vick yelled: “I was wronged, I am a knight, I will never lie!”

The old man cuts him off: “Silence! Your knighthood has been deprived by the Knight Hall yesterday afternoon!”

Vick’s face was stiffened. He started back at his father and grandfather. He had grown in a noble family and knew that what deprivation of knighthood identity meant. It was not a simple thing, but most probably they were facing pressure from the outside. So the Knight Hall had to make a decision. Their decision was to deprive him of the identity!

“Deacon Huey’s son Ken has witnessed you kill his mother. Moreover, when you left in a panic, the neighbors had seen you. Additionally, you have left the necklace that you had stolen before. There are witnesses and evidence. Do you plead guilty?” The thin old man shouted.

Vick’s face turned ugly as he clenched his fists. He felt that he was going against the world by himself: “I was framed! Why don’t you let deacon Huey’s son to face me? If I killed his mother why I didn’t kill him?”

“Moreover, you are saying that I have stolen a necklace! It is simply ridiculous! Our Milan family started with the precious stone business. I have seen all kinds of rare gems and stones. Why would I steal a necklace?”

Slim the old man indifferently said: “Perhaps you didn’t notice Ken’s existence, so you haven’t killed him. As to why steal a necklace?! The reason is simple. Maybe you thought that the value of the necklace has been too much just to give it a dancer of the Moulin Rouge. Maybe it’s your personal hobby too. Stealing! Moreover, the witness says that you have stolen the necklace and it appeared in deacon Huey’s house! This can’t be fabricated!”

As Vick heard his words, he thought that it was the biggest joke in the world, but he didn’t laugh. The anger bursting within him almost burned his chest. He understood that when the evidence appears the trust and truth don’t exist anymore. The explanations didn’t matter, but were taken as a cover!

He clenched his fists firmly and said: “I want deacon Huey’s son to confront me!”

The old man looked at Vick then turned to glance at a knight of magistrate: “Bring the boy over.”

Knight nodded in approval. Moments later a young boy was led by the knight into the courtroom.

The little boy’s emergence caught the attention of people from various news agencies. They took his records.

“Ken, please describe what had happened.” The old man looked at Ken and spoke in a peaceful tone.

Ken nodded slightly and looked at Vick with eyes full of hatred. Vick saw that the kid was up to no good, so he grabbed the opportunity to talk before the kid: “Boy, do you have a good memory? Are you sure that you saw me? My face?!”

Keno stared at him: “You were wearing a mask while you killed my mother. But I remember your clothes!”

Vick was angry: “Kid, if I killed your mother why didn’t I kill you too?” He said and almost wanted to strangle the kid to death.

Keno shook his head and said, “You did not find me.”

“I’m a knight. How can’t I detect the presence of a child in the house? ”

“I said, I was hiding!” Ken shouted: “I was playing hide-and-seek with my mother, so you did not notice it.”

Vick was almost suffocated. He was speechless.

Dudian looked at the little boy. He was somewhat surprised. But after a little thought, he understood why the kid would lie. He sighed. Hatred could make a person crazy! Even a child would turn into a mad man.

“Now the evidence is conclusive. Do you plead guilty?”

Vick angrily growled: “I did not kill, I do not plead guilty, I will not plead guilty!”

Alex slowly stood up and said to the thin old man: “Your honor. You must show fairness on behalf of the magistrate. The matter had to be seriously investigated. Others framed my grandson. The commercial means were used to repress the truth, and it was aimed to take revenge on our family maliciously. My grandson was a knight, although he is now deprived, he was an upright knight! He would not murder anyone!”

“Is he?” Slim old man indifferently said: “If someone is deprived of his identity as knight then he does not deserve to be called a knight. Knights are glorious and just! Holy light surrounds them! If I remember well, Vick has always preferred cabarets such as Moulin Rouge. Is this the behavior of a knight?”

Alex was slightly stifled: “But he would never kill a deacon of magistrate. This is a conspiracy! He is framed!”

“There is no evidence, do not speak!” The old thin man’s eyes swept over him. Their ages were almost the same, so he naturally didn’t give face to each other.

“Who says there is no evidence?” Abel, who was silent all the time stood up. He spoke in a cold tone: “We, the Milan family has done a private investigation and have arrested the murderer. He will be brought here now! ”

All the people present in the courtroom were stunned because of his words. They looked at the slim old man.

The old man’s face turned ugly. First of all, if magistrate couldn’t catch the murderer, but a mere aristocracy could catch. It was just not believable. Even if they caught the real murderer, then it was like slapping the magistrate system in the face! It was even more embarrassing! The old deacon spoke in a cold tone: “Caught the murderer?”

“Yes, of course. He has confessed everything,” said Abel.

Old Fulin whispered: “The scapegoat.”

Dudian nodded slightly as his brows slightly wrinkled.


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  1. What up with the “Dudian nodded slightly as his brows slightly wrinkled.” bit? Maybe I’m dull, but what kind of facial expression is that? Not to mention I don’t understand what emotion this is supposed to represent.

    Thanks for all the chapters as always.

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