DK – Ch 198

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The Dark King – Chapter 198

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

“The Longshan Ruby was found in the house of a junior hunter called ‘Dean’?” Michelle looked towards the disciplinary knight with the sword scar as she read the description: “I remember well. We had investigated this case back then. ‘Dean’ was a suspect. He was a newcomer hunter in the Mellon Consortium. He was the first scavenger to get magic marks from outside and was promoted to be a hunter.”

“Yes, he was just a junior hunter.”

“Is there any way for a junior hunter to steal one of the treasures of the Milan family?”

The knight shrugged his shoulder: “Unless the Milan family has recruited crap instead of knights. Otherwise, it is unlikely.”

Michelle looked gloomy: “If it were not for his death, we could get more information about how many such cases were handled by Deacon Huey.”

The disciplinary knight with the sword scar exclaimed: “No one can resist the temptation of wealth. Even though Huey was a deacon, but he was a human being at the end of the day. He had family, children, a wife. Moreover, he loved gambling. He spent so much, but he couldn’t earn that much money.”

“Anyway, wrong is wrong! Any other reason is nothing but an excuse.” Michelle exclaimed: “The kid was clearly framed. How could he give such a contradictory verdict?”

The other knight smiled: “It is better not to talk about this outside. Because the aristocracy could get a whiff of this. Let’s keep it within the people of the inner wall.”

“The inner wall area is more complicated than this.” Michelle frowned and didn’t say anything anymore. She continued to read the following two cases.

The spacious hall. Milan family castle.

Bang! Alex threw the cup onto the floor. The value of the Cup was dozens of silver coins. The tea sprinkled onto the ground and soaked the red carpet. He looked at Abel in anger: “No way? He is your son! Damn it!”

Abel’s face was gloomy as he replied: “I have contacted the Mel and Burong families too. Moreover, they have used all the resources of the consortium. We could contact the high-level judges and deacons of the magistrate, but no one answered. It’s because a deacon was assassinated that no one can intervene. Moreover, the other consortiums newspapers are guiding and swaying the public opinion to pressure the magistrate. The Scott consortium is especially active in this matter.”

Abel’s fingers clenched into a fist: “The other consortiums are putting pressure too. They directly believe that Vick is the murderer. Evidence collected by the court is open to all. So everyone is analyzing it. They won’t release him if we come with sufficient evidence or any other way.”

Alex said: “Do no tell me anything! I want my grandson out! Do you get it? Out!”

Abel’s mouth slightly twitched: “I will go and contact the magistrate.” Then, without following the ceremony, he turned around and left.

There were several middle-aged men and ladies who were in the hall. One of the middle-aged men came forward: “Father you don’t need to worry too much. Your body is getting anxious and stressed. I have known little Vick since childhood. He is an honest knight. I’m sure he would never make such a rash decision and act upon it.”

Alex stared back at him: “What’s the matter with you? I don’t care even if he did. A deacon died, so he died. I want my grandson out! We should get a scapegoat then!”

The middle-aged man was stifled. He smiled but didn’t say anything.

After two days.

7:35 in the morning.

The gray radiation clouds had covered the whole city. A carriage slowly came to a stop and parked in front of the magistrate. Two figures went out of the carriage. They were Dudian and Old Fulin.

Old Fulin has decided to come forward as a bailor despite Dudian’s refusal. As an old aristocrat, his involvement may add a bit more success to Dudian’s appeal.

Dudian took the lead and jumped out of the carriage first. Then he helped Old Fulin’s aged body down the carriage. He escorted him up the stairs, and they went to the magistrate.

“The two cases will be judged today by the court. After the first is finished then it will be your turn!” said one official who had come to meet Dudian.

The courtroom was a very spacious place. It was like a church of the old era. At the moment there were a lot of people. Most of them belonged to news agencies of the consortiums.

“They are from the Scott consortium. Those are from the Green consortium.” Old Fulin pointed to people sitting in different rows and introduced their origins to Dudian.

Dudian secretly admired Forin’s eyesight. He was seemingly old and lived in the Ryan Castle most of them. He didn’t expect that he was aware and familiar with almost everyone sitting in the courtroom. He secretly noted down.

A moment later, a stir occurred at the entrance.

Dudian and Old Fulin turned to look. Their expression changed a bit. They saw a group of seven individuals led by an old man enter the place. There was another middle-aged man dressed in a black suit following after him. The others were following silently behind the middle-aged man.

“He is called Alex. He is the old patriarch of the Milan family.” Old Fulin whispered.

Dudian smiled, “I know.”

“Behind him is his son, Abel, who is also the head of the Milan family. The guy is very shrewd, but his son hasn’t inherited the qualities from his father.”

“It is not necessary a good thing have a wise father. ” Dudian said.

“Indeed, the little guy had earned the old patriarch favor, so favors and compliments surrounded him. Inevitably, he would burst at one point.”

Alex and Abel came to sit in a front position.

“Those are high-level butlers from the Mel and Burong families. The others represent the other families. ” Old Fulin said in a low tone.

Dudian nodded. The patriarchs of the Mel and Burong family couldn’t come in person and mix with the dirty water, but they had to show some support.

As the time passed, more and more people came in. The official hearing began at nine o’clock.

Three people wearing white silk robes which had gold embroidery on them sat above the court as the deacons who would be ruling over. After they had announced the reason for the first case, the knights escorted a figure to a table. The person was Vick.

Vick had an arrogant atmosphere radiating off him just two days ago. But right now he looked slightly dirty. His hair wasn’t combed and didn’t look as shiny as usual. He was a bit scrawled.


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    Thanks as always for the mass release.

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