DK – Ch 197

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The Dark King – Chapter 197

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Dawn came, and the sun shines upon the Ryan Castle.

The silent night had come to an end. The servants got up one after another. They fetched water, did laundry, cooking and so on.

Dudian got on early and went to the dining room to eat. He saw Old Fulin up and making breakfast.

“So early?” Dudian saw Old Fulin was already sitting in the dining room.

The old patriarch smiled: “Old men always sleep less.”

Dudian took off a chair and sat: “What happened to the factory?”

“Everything is progressing according to our plans. Mellon consortium didn’t mention about our consortium for two straight days so that we could relax. Then they tried to make the surprise attack. Everything is as expected.” Old Fulin laughed and continued: “Prestige of our consortium has risen as we have made a large consortium such as Mellon suffer.”

“The other naturally can’t figure what cards we have in our hands.” Dudian faintly smiled: “Fame is not good in a sense, as the pressure will follow.”

Old Fulin looked at him: “After two days the court will look to your case. Are you ready? The magistrate is tracing the assassination of deacon Huey, and you have made the appeal. Aren’t you worried that they will look into your case and somehow link it to the assassination?”

“They had called me to the magistrate the first time as I was on the list of suspects,” Dudian said. “They won’t call me to interrogate again as there is no evidence to find! Moreover, the newspapers have already reported that the blood on the spikes belonged to a dog but not human. Are they going to catch a dog and sentence it?”

Old Fulin smiled: “That is a masterpiece.”

Dudian shrugged his shoulders: “They don’t have any solid evidence. At best they will stare at me, but won’t be able to take action. However, this time there is witnesses and evidence that point to the Milan family. IF they investigate, they can find that I have been to the Moulin Rouge, but there is no conclusive evidence to prove that I murdered the wife.”

“The main rules of the magistrate are fairness and conviction upon evidence! Doubts and speculations are nothing but an expression of a person’s feelings. Unless the Milan family completely buy the whole magistrate then nothing will change. But it should be impossible to buy all of them. It would be like a slap in the face to the magistrate in this case. They are not that stupid!”

Old Fulin was startled: “The words that you saw are sweet to the ears. No consortium can buy the magistrate, including the Holy Church. But you are a ‘heavy’ suspect. You will be under investigation.”

“No, this case will end soon.” Dudian shook his head.

Old Fulin was surprised: “soon?

“It has been a month since deacon Huey was assassinated. It has already been fermented for too long. The magistrate has to gain face and respect. They will just go with the evidence and give the result! As for the one who killed deacon Huey, no one cares, but his family and friends.”

Old Fulin looked up at Dudian: “How can you so sure?

“Newspaper is a good thing.” Dudian smiled: “The way the events surrounding deacon Huey is written so that there is a lack of information. They always focus and outline how powerful and cunning the magistrate is. At first glance, it seems normal, but the events that I am aware of are proving against the news. Their progress is futile!”

Old Fulin nodded. He could understand this. He would report some other things in the news to distract the people their attention and cover the core issues when it came to their consortium.

At this time, the middle-aged maid brought the morning paper.

Dudian grabbed the paper: “The Milan family’s involvement is a foregone conclusion. It will become the cornerstone of the success of my complaint. The disciplinary investigation should do an in-depth research of the cases where the Milan family and deacon Huey were involved. My case will be closely investigated too. Even though the Burong and Milan family have jointly framed me, but it will be enough to clean my sheet.”

Old Fulin also grabbed another newspaper and checked it. He sighed: “It is over for the Milan family. The Scott consortium’s new agency and the other news agencies under Huasheng consortium are covering the Milan family’s involvement in the deacon’s death. Scott consortium is already hostile towards Mellon Consortium on the surface. The other consortiums are also anxious to find problems related to Mellon Consortium. The Milan family is part of Mellon Consortium and is a big shareholder. Now, the patriarch’s eldest son is involved in a famous murder. They won’t lose an opportunity like this.”

Dudian smiled: “The moment prey shows its tail there will be archers ready to make the shot.”

Old Fulin deeply looked at the boy. He felt a bit of throb and chill because of the latter’s faint smile. He knew that the kid would stir out even more incredible things in the future.

“Perhaps you are right.” Old Fulin slowly said.

Dudian looked at him as his lips turned into a big smile.

The magistrate building. Artemis street.

Michelle and the disciplinary knight with the sword scar were searching the archives. They dug out three or four cases which had Deacon Huey and the Milan family.

A few hours later, Michelle had three files.

“These are the cases where Deacon Huey’s ruled over the Milan family issues in the last five years.”

Michelle’s eyes narrowed as she opened them one by one to check.

“Giant Wall Calendar. Year 302. Black Snow Season. The Longshan Ruby theft. ”

“Giant Wall Calendar. Year 303. Storm Season. The Milan mine case.”

“Giant Wall Calendar. Year 304. Black Snow Season. The Milan murder case.”

Michelle’s eyebrows wrinkled as she began to check one by one from top to bottom.


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  1. WOW. We finally got back genius and cunning Dudian back.

    We have been waiting so much for this story to pick up, in the intellectual level. It finally did.

    Thank you so much for the mass release!

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