DK – Ch 196

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The Dark King – Chapter 196

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Vick was completely shocked as he heard Michelle: “Confession? I didn’t kill them, why should I admit?”

Michelle was impatient: “This bracelet was found at the scene of deacon Huey’s wife’s murder. According to the smell, it indeed belongs to her.”

Vick stared: “The necklace was found at the murder scene? How?! Why do you doubt that I haven’t killed her? Maybe it’s her!”

The woman was scared: “Stop saying nonsense! Yesterday they proved that the murderer is a man! There were wine stains on your discarded clothes! I have seen them. Moreover, you stole the necklace from my neck yesterday. I was aware of it after you left! I searched for you but couldn’t find you!”

Vick stared blankly at her while many thoughts passed through his mind. He suddenly realized that what kind of an insidious plan was made to frame him. It seems that someone has acted in his stead while he was unconscious.

“I know!” Vick said in an excited tone: “The murderer is the person who hit me yesterday. The wine! I went to the bathroom to clean my clothes, but was knocked unconscious. That person must have disguised as me and stolen her necklace. Moreover, that has to be the person who has shown himself in different places to make an alibi against me! After killing the deacon’s wife, he has put the necklace on the scene on purpose!”

Michelle sneered: “The idea is pretty good, but all the evidence is pointing at you! Let me finish your story. I believe you are framed!”

Vick was anxious: “Of course I’m framed. You are known to be just and strict. Why don’t you thoroughly investigate the matter? I have no reason to kill them! I am not crazy. I have never crossed passes with the deacon or his wife. Why should I take such a big risk and kill someone with that status?”

Michelle’s brows wrinkled. Actually, it was the biggest doubt that the investigation face. The motive was puzzling. According to the investigation, the aristocrat youth didn’t have a motive to kill the deacon.

Therefore, they couldn’t figure out why Vick tried to kill Deacon, Huey!

The disciplinary knight with a sword scar said to Michelle: “It is a bit fishy. We should re-review it again so that we can come up with a reason to satisfy the Milan family too.”

Michelle frowned as she looked at Vick then she said:”Alright. But during our investigation, you will be temporarily detained in the court. We will see what the result will be!”

Vick’s heart tightened. He felt cold sweat in his underwear. He was tired of sitting in the chair. Moreover, it was the first time he felt that he was so close to death.

Michelle and the other disciplinary knight left the interrogation room. Two knights of magistrate escorted Vick out. The other disciplinary knight looked at Michelle: “It is possible that he was framed.”

Michelle’s brows wrinkled: “Although we have yet to find his motive for assassination the evidence is conclusive. It’s just an excuse he is telling us. Every prisoner comes with perfect reason and story. But at the end it is a story.”

The other disciplinary knight nodded: “That is true. But we still need to strive to find his motive for murder as soon as possible so that the Milan family could find nothing to say.”

Michelle nodded and said in a low tone: “The deacon Huey’s assassination has affected us very badly. IF we can’t solve the case as soon as possible, then the magistrate’s reputation will fall. There must be proper verdict maximum in three days. The family will certainly try to find a scapegoat and take him out. I have seen lots of tricks such as that. They don’t care whether he has killed or not as long as he is out safely.”

The disciplinary knight sighed: “I know, I will get results in three days.”

“Well,” Michelle nodded slightly.

At this time, a middle-aged deacon passed by. He was holding a stack of information in his hand.

Michelle said: “Who’s case is that? Why there is so much information?”

Middle-aged deacon wryly smiled: “It is not a big case. Three years ago deacon Huey’ handled a case and the culprit has come over to complain. He wants re-trial on the case.”

Both of them were surprised. Michelle asked: “What is the case about? Perhaps it may have some link to Deacon Huey’s assassination. It may be helpful.”

The deacon didn’t refuse and explained: “It is not a big case. Three years ago a hunter from the Mellon consortium had stolen the Longshan ruby from the Milan family and was sentenced to two hundred and thirty years in jail. Now, he was bailed out by a noble and has appealed the sentence.”

Michelle and the disciplinary knight with sword scar were startled. They had an idea as their eyes brightened up.

“Alright, thank you.” Michelle finished and whispered to the other disciplinary knight: “Immediately investigate this person as well as aristocracy behind him. Moreover, the search for the cases when Deacon Huey was involved with the Milan family’s matters.”

Both of them speculated about a few things. Their eyes were full of excitement as they finally seemed to find the clue to solving the case.

Both of them immediately separated.

In the hall of the magistrate.

Dudian was sitting on the sofa meant for the guests. There was an old man sitting opposite to him. He had a huge diamond ring on his finger. Dudian thought that the man was an aristocrat from his temperament. This old man was Alex Milan.

Dudian looked at him as a trace of a smile appeared on his face: “Uncle, you are so old. Have you come over for a case too?”

Alex looked at Dudian. He saw that the teenager was dressed well. He didn’t say anything but nodded. He was thinking about how to find the right people to get Vick out of the court.

“It seems you have encountered a big problem.” Dudian continued: “Didn’t your family accompany you over?”

Alex’s brows wrinkled. Did the kid saw that he was not an ordinary person? He even dared to speak so freely! His tone was indifferent as he said: “Little guy, you have to learn how to behave. Kids around your age shouldn’t be in the magistrate.”

Dudian shrugged his shoulders: “I’m not guilty as someone else has framed me. But looking at you, I believe that you are certainly being framed. Uncle, but you shouldn’t be worried. The court is fair and impartial, so they will not mistreat you. I hope you will get a fair ruling!”

Alex’s heart turned a bit comfortable as he heard Dudian talk: “It is not me but my grandson who is framed. I assume court can see that a small kid like you isn’t involved in any crime.”

Dudian laughed: “I’m not small.”

Alex faintly smiled, but didn’t say anything.

At this time an official came towards Dudian and Alex: “Who is Mr. Dean?”

“It’s me,” Dudian replied.

“This is your notice.” The man handed out the letter to Dudian.

Dudian picked up and glanced at the letter. The appeal he had brought up had passed. The court will be held in two days, so he had to go back and prepare.

“You see the magistrate is very fair. I believe uncle’s problems will be solved soon.”

“Thank you for the good wishes,” Alex said with a faint smile.

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  1. WOW! That’s a MASSIVE release of chapters.

    I wanted to write something big, futher thank you for it, but that would be sappy.

    Even so, thanks for the mass release. You didn’t have, especially, since very soon you will catch up to the author and run out of chapters to translate.

  2. Why does Dean appeal for retrial in the same day as Vick captured? He should have waited for a while so not to arouse suspicion

    1. Don’t you see that he came to make alibi? Old guy doesn’t know him so that means he’s never come to their family and that is contrary to that was said in his case.

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