DK – Ch 195

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The Dark King – Chapter 195

Chapter 195

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

“Nothing is impossible! It would take two hours to go from the Moulin Rouge cabaret to Deacon Huey’s house.” The young woman said in cold tone: “According to our investigation you didn’t take your carriage yesterday to go back to home. The knights who were supposed to take you home didn’t find you in the Moulin Rouge! Moreover, many people saw you on different streets yesterday. There are lots of witnesses.”

Sweat drops as big as small beans flowed out from Vick’s forehead: “I was framed! I have already said that I was struck and fainted in the Moulin Rouge’s bathroom yesterday afternoon. The moment I woke up I was in some strange little alley which I have never been to.”

“It’s shameful that a knight tries to cover up things with lies! Hypocrisy!” Young woman mercilessly said in a cold tone: “We have searched for your smell which led us to a pool outside the suburbs. The horse was punched to death. You should be able to do this with your strength! Moreover, your coat and pants were found in the compartment of the carriage. According to our investigation, you were wearing a different coat when you went back to your house.”

Vick opened his mouth but found that he was unable to refute her claims. He gradually became aware of what kind of situation he was in after the woman told him details. He understood that the people who attacked him yesterday meant to finish him for good!

All the evidence was forged to make sure that he goes to prison.

“I said that my coat was taken away and I had to buy a new one before coming back to home.” Vick still insisted on his version of the story.

“Aren’t you pleading guilty?” Young woman indifferently said: “Do you think that we would come to take you out of your house without conclusive evidence? We don’t want to hear your dirty noble apology afterward!”

Vick’s face change as he heard her words. He pounced on the table as he completely ignored her beautiful face: “Do you dare to insult nobility?”

The disciplinary knight with a sword scar on his face immediately stepped forward and caught Vick’s wrist: “Presumptuous! Where do you think you are?”

Vick looked at him in anger. Their eyes were fixed on each other. Vick’s heart tightened, and gradually he restrained anger and sat down.

The disciplinary knight looked back at the young woman: “Michelle you should also pay attention to your speech. Although aristocrats have no special privileges within the inner wall, but don’t let your words fall on the ears of the others.”

Michelle looked back at Vick: “Well!”

Vick’s heart was surprised as he heard the knight’s words. He had heard about ‘disciplinary’ status, but had rarely seen them. Moreover, he didn’t think that these people turned out to be from the inner wall!

He eye shrank as he thought about that towering wall. He had repeatedly listened to his grandfather Alex and his father Abel says that their family’s lifelong struggle was to enter the wall!

“I did not lie!” Vick looked at Michelle’s eyes. He tried not to flinch as he was trying to pass the sincerity in his heart to another: “I swear by order of the Knighthood! If I lie, let me suffer the torture of Asura!”

The asura torture was the method the Holy Church used to treat most evil criminals. The body’s skin would be peeled off and fed to animals. It was an extremely bloody process.

“Knighthood?” Michelle sneered: “I have seen and executed quite a few prisoners who were knights. Junior ones, intermediate ones as well as senior level knights. Your hypocritical identity as a knight and noble can only fool the civilian population. In the eyes of the magistrate only the evidence matters! Knights? Aristocrats? Even if the evidence showed that the Pope himself was guilty, then there is not ruling but death!”

Vick’s face turned extremely ugly as he knew that he had met mad disciplinary knights. He was displeased as if his family could get their hands on their director…!

However, he knew that in reality, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. He had to change his bitter tone: “I was wronged. Although I told you a lie, I didn’t kill them! I didn’t!”

“Don’t you want to spill the beans?” Michelle slightly sneered and looked at the other disciplinary knight: “Bring in witnesses!”

The disciplinary knight with the sword scar ordered a knight of the magistrate to bring the witnesses.

Vick’s heart was cold. Although he was a young master of a noble family, he knew that this time he was framed for good. If the court had evidence, then it is likely that they have believed the puppet masters of this circus. Moreover, if the evidence was conclusive, then there was not chance for him to justify himself!

Soon, a beautiful woman was brought in. The disciplinary knight with the sword scar on his face asked the woman: “Is it him?”

The beautiful woman looked at Vick. There was anger on her face as she said: “Yes, that’s him!”

Vick was stunned as he saw the woman. He growled: “You bitch! Who bought you to frame me? Who?!”

“Quiet!” Michelle snorted.

Vick bites his lips as he stared at this beautiful woman.

The disciplinary knight with the sword scar came in front of the beautiful woman and looked at Vick: “Was she your partner at the Moulin Rouge yesterday?”

Vick was stunned as he heard what he said: “What?

The disciplinary knight was getting angry, but he endured as he repeated the question again.

Vick at first thought that the woman was bought by someone else to frame him. But he didn’t think that this was not the case. There was hope as he said: “Yes! Yesterday afternoon she was my partner in the Moulin Rouge! She can testify that I was there! She is my witness!”

Michelle sneered: “We know that your partner is her. But do you remember this thing?” She unwrapped the paper and took out a necklace and showed to Vick.

Vick was startled: “This is the necklace that I gave to her!”

Michelle sneered: “The evidence is now conclusive! You are guilty!”


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  1. He should have questioned the circumstances surrounding the necklace first.

    Poor Vick… but he probably had caused a lot of suffering too.

  2. lol, I think if Dudian focused on law, he won’t become a magistrate but a disciplinary knight because of his answers from the test. XD

    1. That’s what he was aiming for. He wanted a higher “military” status. Probation officer would have been as high as he could go tho I think.

  3. i started reading this yesterday and I remember that in chapter 1 or 2 there is a girl that gave a towel/handkerchief to Dean and scorted him towards the orphanage. She said that the towel she gave to Dean originated inside the wall. I hope i’m not mistaken =d

  4. “Dudian was startled and could not help but think of that cold night when he was led to the orphanage by a little girl. Unfortunately, the sky was too dark to see each other’s appearances. In the past three months, he learned that only those in the upper reach of the outer wall were able to afford this type of fine cloth.”-from chapter1

    i wonder who is the girl and what she meant about “upper reach of the outer wall”

    maybe i’m just confused hahaha anyway how many walls are there? is it like atck on titan?d= d=d=

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