DK – Ch 194

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The Dark King – Chapter 194

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Vick stared at the kid: “Stop uttering nonsense! Where have you seen me, you little devil?!” His tone was panicky as he spoke.

The disciplinary knight grabbed the little boy’s arm in case he rushed to attack Vick.

“You are the murderer! I want to kill you! I want revenge!” The little boy struggled, but he couldn’t get away from disciplinary knight’s grasp. His eyes were red as he looked at Vick.

Vick’s face was ugly as he looked at both disciplinary knights: “Where did you get this kid? He is slandering me! Nonsense! Do you know what is going to happen to you if you continued to slander a noble?”

The disciplinary knight with a sword scar on his face retorted: “Who do you think you are in the court’s eyes? He is the son of Deacon Huey! He witnessed you kill the deacon’s wife last afternoon!”

Vick and Abel were startled as they didn’t think that the little devil was Huey’s son.

“Did you see him kill your mother? Why didn’t you get killed? Are you sure you saw his face?” Abel asked continuous questions.

The little boy heard him and looked up. Tears gushed out of his eyes, and he raised his hands to clean them off: “Although I didn’t see his face these were the same clothes that he wore yesterday! I admit that he was wearing a mask yesterday!”

Vick was startled as he looked down at his clothes. His pupils narrowed as he remembered that yesterday when he woke up, he found that his coat was taken. He thought it was just a robbery. Moreover, he had few more spare coats as a replacement in his wardrobe, so he had worn the same coat today.

Abel’s heart was relieved as he hearts the kid’s statement. He turned towards two disciplinary knights: “It seems it’s just a small misunderstanding. There are many people with the same taste as my son. So it could be that the murderer has used the same clothes, but it doesn’t mean that it was my son.”

The knight’s face sank: “Do you think that we just rely on a child’s word to catch the criminal? Stop being long-winded. Now, are you going to let him come with us or not?”

Abel’s face turned ugly as he didn’t think that the attitude of the disciplinary knight would be so tough. Also, he tried to restrain, but he knew that the Milan family alone wouldn’t be able to resist the anger of the magistrate when it came to Deacon Huey’s assassination. Even if the entire Mellon consortium was involved, the outcome would not change. They could use the money to resolve small matters, but the death of a deacon was on another level. If they issue a decision that Vick was the killer, then there would be nothing that they could do.

“Hm!” Alex said: “The magistrate has become quite arrogant in the recent years. I will personally come over to see the proceedings.” He turned to the butler: “Prepare the carriage!”

The butler turned away and ran in a hurry to get into the carriage.

Vick and Abel’s faces changed. They knew that things had become irreparable at this point. No matter what the final result was if a noble was brought to court then the family’s reputation would decline too. Moreover, they knew that magistrate wouldn’t arrest people if they had a firm grasp on the issue. They were worried about the facts in the court’s hands.

“You should go first. We will figure out something.” Abel sighed as he looked at Vick’s eyes.

Vick clenched his fists in anger, but wasn’t unable to do anything.

A knight standing behind the disciplinary knights brought up the handcuffs.

Vick’s face was ugly as he lifted his hands.

Abel had a gloomy look as he watched his son taken to court by the knights.

“Today’s breakfast was really good.”

Dudian stretched his arms. He was pleased with the news. He drank a cup of tea and looked at Old Fulin: “I will go out to complete the unfinished business.”

Old Fulin asked with interest: “What has happened?”

“It is time to appeal to my case.” Dudian smiled: ” I have to complete the restoration of freedom. ” At present, his identity was a person who was on bail. Although he was able to live outside the prison, his activities would be limited. After all, the perpetrators had to go to court to report on the given time. Moreover, if magistrate decided that there is new progress regarding the case, then he must be there on call or else will be regarded as a criminal.

Old Fulin was pale as he asked: “Do you want to go all out against the Mellon Consortium?”

“No. I’m not that unreasonable.” Dudian got up, picked up his jacket from behind the chair and wore it: “I got to eat in small pieces. After all, if I want to swallow the whole piece in one go at the end I’ll choke up!”

The Magistrate building. Artemis street.

Alex got out of the carriage and used the stick to go along with his grandson Vick to the court hall.

“The room is meant for the interrogation of the suspects. Outsiders are forbidden to enter. You should wait in the hall.” The disciplinary knight looked at Alex.

Alex looked back at him: “I understand that.” Then he turned towards Vick: “Child, don’t worry. You certainly will be fine since it is a misunderstanding.”

Vick’s tension settled down as he heard his grandpa’s words. He followed after two disciplinary knights.

In the dark interrogation room.

A slim young woman wearing a silver armor looked up and down at Vick. Her armor outlined the sexy curves of her body: “It is an official investigation. Please make sure that you are not hiding anything!”

The urgency in Vick’s heart relaxed as he saw her beautiful face: “I am wronged! I will certainly work with you to solve out this problem.”

“That’s good.” The woman nodded. “Last night, late Deacon Huey’s wife Mary was murdered at home. Ken, their son, saw you. Although there was a mask, the clothes have exposed you. Moreover, the neighbors and passersby have seen your figure coming out of deacon Huey’s house and rapidly enter a carriage. All the people have been found and have given testimony.”

Vick was startled: “It is a misunderstanding. Why would I kill Deacon Huey or his wife? I am not crazy to do something like that. IT is a setup. Someone has worn the same clothes for me and framed me. Ah! Moreover, yesterday I was struck by someone and fainted. When I woke up my coat was gone. The people who attacked me should be the suspects behind this case. They deliberately framed me!”

The young woman looked at him and nodded. “Did you yesterday go to the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Lido Avenue?”

“Yes, I was in the Moulin Rouge yesterday afternoon. That’s the thing, how could I kill Deacon Huey’s wife if I was in the Moulin Rouge?”



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  1. Oh, so Dudian’s plan is to distract and weaken the main families behind the consortium.

    Thats a pretty good idea, much more advanced than what I expected.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. OMG!!!! My eyes were about to pop when I saw the update!!! (O___O) Seriously!??? You’re suuuper awesome!! Thanks MadSnail!!!!!!! XD

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