DK – Ch 193

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The Dark King – Chapter 193

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Dudian smiled and took the newspaper published by the military.

“The incident related to the assassination of deacon Huey. Murderer acted again. Deacon Huey’s wife Mary was killed!”

“The magistrate has searched all night long, and there is solid evidence regarding the identity of the murderer!”

“Yesterday afternoon, late Deacon Huey’s wife, Mary was murdered in her home. According to the investigation, few neighbors had seen a masked suspect enter the late deacon’s family house.”

“The magistrate has solid evidence regarding the identity of the murderer, and he will be arrested.”

There was a wide smile on Dudian’s face as he saw the final summary.

“What are you so happy for?” Old Fulin who was sitting opposite to Dudian noticed his facial expression. He had checked up the newspaper, but as he hadn’t used glasses, he wasn’t able to read the content.

Dudian handed the newspaper over.

Old Fulin checked the newspaper and looked at Dudian as there was a surprise on his face: “Did you do it?”

Dudian replied: “No, it was done by a member of the Milan family.”

Old Fulin was stunned.

The castle of the Milan family.

The dining room was made of granite. The members of the Milan family came one after another and took their seats.

Seven or eight maids were at stood close by to the table which was a dozen meters long.

The old patriarch of the Milan family was sitting at the head of the table as it represented the chief’s position. This year he was going to be sixty-three years old. It’s been some time that he has retreated from his position to enjoy the later years of his life. His eldest son Abel managed all the industries and companies under the family’s command.
Abel was a forty-year-old middle-aged man with a refined temperament. He was sitting in a correct position by the right side of the old patriarch.

“Let’s pray for the meal.” Old patriarch Alex said.

All the people sitting on both sides of the table stopped chatting the moment the words were uttered by the old patriarch. They clasped their hands, closed their eyes and began to recite the teachings from the book of light: “Thank the Lord as he gave us the food. Thank the Lord as he blessed us with wealth. Thank the Lord…”

It didn’t take long before they finished the prayer.

“Let’s eat,” Alex said as he opened his eyes.

Everyone began to eat.

After they had started dining, a young figure rushed down from the stairs and sat down on the chair by the table. He began to recite the prayer and eat afterward.

“Vick! Why are you so late?” Abel, who was sitting on Alex’s right shouted out.

Vick saw that he wasn’t going to be able to avoid his father: “I drank a bit much last night. Overslept! Sorry!”

“Well,” Abel spoke in a cold tone: ” You should learn from your brother and sister. You are a knight and has to be and act like one! Even if you don’t have to go to border areas to protect the land at least don’t disgrace the knight’s glory!”

Vick said in an honest tone: “I know.”

“Alright, alright! The child snoozed a bit no need to make a scene out of it.” Alex whispered to Abel.

Abel sighed: “Dad, you have spoiled him a lot!”

Alex smiled as he looked at Vick: “I heard that recently you and the little miss of the Mel family are very close. Are you interested in that little girl?”

Vick felt the jealous eyes of his brothers and cousins on him. But he was secretly proud in his heart. He humbly said: “Grandpa, I was just inquiring news about Jenny from Sarah.”

Alex laughed: “It seems you are intimate to call her by her first name. If you ever want to pursue then let me know. It would be good if you guys get married.”

Abel slightly frowned, but didn’t say anything. He bowed his head as he cut the steak. Occasionally he would raise his head to stare at Vick coldly. It was to remind him not to get carried away.

Vick noticed the cold glances from his father and scratched his head: “Grandpa, I will find a way on my own.”

“Good boy! This how a man from the Milan family should act!” Alex laughed.

As Alex’s voice faded, a steward ran through the hall in a hurry. He was breathing heavily as he said to Alex: “Master. There is a problem. A group of knights from magistrate have come. They want to break through…”

Abel was about to scold steward as he didn’t follow the etiquette, but the moment he heard his words many thoughts passed through his heart. He immediately stood up and said to Alex: “Father, I’ll go and take a look.”

Alex glanced at him: “Deal with it.”

“I will.” Abel nodded and left the dining room with the steward. They came to the castle door. There was a squadron of knights led by two figures who had silver armor. Their badges were the symbol of their identity as the knights of the magistrate!

The door was opened, and Abel quietly waited for them to come inside. However, his heart was suspicious as those two silver armored meant that the magistrate was firm on taking action. Normally, a magistrate wouldn’t offend their family if there was no apparent reason.

“What wind has blown you here?” Abel took the initiative to talk, as he saw them approach closer.

The disciplinary knight was leading their squadrons as they entered the castle courtyard. They had a young boy with them. The moment they heard Abel’s words, the thick eyebrows of the both disciplinary knights wrinkled: “You should be Abel Milan!? Today we have come to take your son to court because of an on-going investigation.”

“Ah?” Abel was stunned as he didn’t expect that they would come after his son. He thought that something with their businesses had gone wrong: “I am Abel Milan. My son is called Vick. He is a knight. Why would court ask for him? It has to be some misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding?” The disciplinary knight on the right spoke in a cold tone: “Your son is involved in a homicide case. There is solid evidence that your son is the murderer of deacon Huey. There is no misunderstanding. Moreover, you better let him out. If we don’t take him today, then the court will issue an arrest warrant against him immediately!”

“What?! My son is a murderer” Abel was a little relieved when they mentioned an assassination case. However, when the disciplinary knight made clear that the case was about the murder of deacon Huey, Abel’s heart tightened. The nature of a normal murder case and the assassination of a deacon were two totally different things!

“IT is impossible!” Abel said in a hurry: “It is impossible for my son to kill Deacon, Huey! There must be a misunderstanding. There is another reason behind this case!”

“Well!” The second disciplinary knight who had a sword scar on his face said: “We have investigated deep enough, and there is no misunderstanding. Now, if you continue to struggle, then it will be regarded as covering up for a crime!”

Abel looked at disciplinary knight’s blunt expression. His face turned ugly as he hesitated a bit. He ordered the steward who was next to him: “Call Vick out!”

Steward was stunned as he heard the words said by the disciplinary knights. However, he recovered as he listened to Abel’s order and returned to the castle in a hurry.

After a while, Vick was led out by the butler of the house. Alex was walking behind the Vick. There were two middle-aged women behind Alex.

Vick’s face turned white and pale as he saw two disciplinary knights. He said in a hurry: “There has to be some mistake! I simply can’t kill Deacon, Huey! Why would I do such a stupid thing?”

“It’s him!”

The little boy who was standing close to disciplinary knights shouted out. Both the disciplinary knights, Alex, and Abel, were shocked.

The kid’s eyes were red and full of hatred as he stared at Vick. “Yes! It’s him! I saw him yesterday!”


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  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    Wondering if the author is going do something with the whole looking into each other’s eye thing: “Dudian’s body stiffened as his eyes met the kid’s.” Maybe the kid will recognize Dean in the future?

  2. Its weird I feel pity for that innocent woman, he could have severely injured her… he didn’t have to kill her. I mean I know he was betrayed and all and made him have a twisted personality, but I thought his mentality was that if wronged he will return vengeance. But now his mentality seems to be it doesn’t matter who he kills, as long as it contributes to his plan, That woman didn’t do anything to him…. The irony, its ok for him to get others pity and care (such as from orphanage, adopted parents, Glen, ect.) but when he has the power he topples whoever is in his path, whether they are kids, or bypassing innocent. Well I guess he is going to be known as the Dark King

    1. This is rather the complexity of life. Ideals are only ideals and never the reality. The Golden Rule? Honesty is the best policy? All junk in the hands of the reality of life.

      Dean has promised to take the dark path. He was once called himself Dog. You know what dogs are. Now he is The Devil. You know what devils are. All, the clues are there.

  3. I thought the author was trying to make this a western series? So why is he bring up calling them by their first names? Everyone is called by their first name in English. I do believe the author needs to straighten his facts up a bit.

  4. Dudian’s plans are so stupidly convoluted. He leaves so much to chance and plot armor. There were so many better ways to handle this. I’d rather he become a Life alchemist and splice together the god gene rather than this convoluted chaotic mess of a plan that involves kidnapping a noble from the premier noble hangout (which I don’t understand how Barton and them got into considering their deformities), stealing (or however he got teh Milan carriage) a noble’s carriage, killing a widow and planting a necklace that he just stole, not killing the son, killing the horse and disposing of the milan carriage in a lake…this could have been done so much more simply.

  5. Thanks for the great work, I just started this the other day and now it is one of my top 5. Great work here and your speed amazes me only Hyorinmaru can compare to you and yours is more consistent.

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