DK – Ch 192

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The Dark King – Chapter 192

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

The boy recovered as he saw the stranger leave in a hurry. He rushed down the stairs as the tears began to flow out of his eyes. He lifted his mother and spoke in a nervous tone: “Mother! Wake up! Wake up!”

The woman’s head softly swung as the kid shook her body.

The boy’s heart was full of fear. He raised his hand and touched his mother’s artery. He wasn’t going to continue the steps of his father and become a judge but instead was planning to become a doctor. The teacher had taught them simple methods about identifying whether the human was alive or dead. Checking breath, touching arteries and so on were the basic methods. If there were a serious injury, then it would be very difficult to detect by checking the breath. However, by touching the arteries, you could accurately detect the person’s condition.

The kid’s brain buzzed as he felt no heartbeats as he touched the artery. He trembled as he tried to check the breath. But the result was same. All of the vital signs were gone. The tears flowed out as he held onto the woman’s body.

He thought of the stranger after crying for a while. There was a strong hatred accumulated in his heart because of his mother’s death. He quickly got up and trotted out. The murderer had long gone. He clutched his fists as he went back into the room. He saw a glimpse of the gold necklace, but hesitated to touch it.

He knew about jewelry in her mother’s box. There was not a necklace which was similar to it. He was about to pick it up when he thought of what his father had said to him about the destruction of evidence and fingerprints.

He stopped as he thought of that and turned around. His mother was lying on the floor while the kid went out of the house.

Dudian took off the coat and pants while he put his jacket and clothing while Kroen drove the carriage to another suburb.

They drove to the wilderness. It didn’t take long before they met a small pond filled with rainwater.

Kroen parked the carriage by the pond. Dudian threw Vick’s coat and pants into the compartment and checked the carriage to confirm that no other evidence was left. He went towards the horse and punched its head. Bang! The animal’s head burst, and its body shook before it staggered and fell.

Dudian sent the carriage with a horse’s body into the pond.

“Let’s go.” Dudian glanced around once more to confirm that no one had noticed them. He told Kroen to leave with him.

Kroen was surprised when he heard Dudian talk about footprints. They walked on top of small stones and returned.

They rushed back to the street where Barton and Joseph were waiting for them. Dudian whistled as he saw both of them wait for Dudian and Kroen. Vick’s smell had long faded from the alley.

Barton and Joseph came over towards Dudian and Kroen. They were about to say something when Dudian made an eye sign for them to stop: “Let’s hire a carriage now. We should talk about details later on.”

“When did he go?” Dudian asked Barton in the carriage.

Barton replied. “About an hour before you returned.”

Dudian knew that there was a small flaw in the timing of deacon Huey’s wife’s death. He frowned as he hoped that the court wouldn’t be too careful while tracing the death. He had to rely on his luck that this issue would be overlooked.

Dudian ordered them to replace their clothes and wash properly as they reached the Ryan Castle.

The next day.

Dudian and Old Fulin were having breakfast together. The middle-aged maid came in as she handed the newspapers that were given by the postal service a few minutes ago.

Dudian took over and glanced at the newspapers printed by the agency under the Mellon Consortium. The headlines were full of ‘attacks’ to the Scott consortium, but the real goal was to question the validity of match products launched by the Scott consortium. Their main aim was to propagate that the match would never replace the position of fire sickle.

Dudian checked the newspapers by other publishers. There were reports on the match, but the evaluation was more neutral.

Additionally, two newspapers pointed out his name as the inventor of the match. However, his title wasn’t published as a hunter, but trainee of the magistrate. After all, the hunter was a job class which was hidden from the civilian population.

“You are famous now.” Old Fulin smiled as he read the newspaper. “You will have a new title added to the list. Mr. Dean, the great inventor. ”

Dudian faintly smiled: “It is strange to see that Holy Church hunts after alchemists but products such as matches and others which are based on alchemy could be sold through formal channels. Moreover, the inventor is given credit for his or her development. Is it not alchemy?”

“Isn’t it very normal?” Old Fulin asked: “You can find wildflowers grow freely in the wilderness. But they are worthless. However, if you moved them to the flower shop, then you can make money by selling them. Again, if we strip me and your clothes, then we would be normal humans. However, after we put on the clothes, I’m a noble while you are a civilian.”

“So if the Holy Church is aware that these inventors are alchemists. Why would they allow them to exist?”

“Because the Scott consortium is going to produce and market the product on behalf of the Holy Church on the surface. You have invented the match, but it will be written as you have followed God of Light’s will to create it.” Old Fulin continued: “According to the doctrine of the Holy Church, the God of Light has created all things. The inventions marketed by the consortiums have to mark that all the products were created according to God’s instructions.”

“So the inventor is an alchemist who has succumbed to Holy Church?!” Dudian asked.

“There are lots of alchemists who would seek refuge with the Holy Church. I assume you are aware of the ‘Temple of Elements’ which had gathered all the great inventors.”

Dudian naturally was aware of the temple’s existence. All the resources brought from outside would be taken to the ‘Temple of Elements’ to be evaluated and defined.

“So to speak the Holy Church has a lot of power within its grasp as it controls the underground passages to outside,” Dudian said.

Old Fulin shook his head: “Never underestimate the dark church. There are more advantages when you do business behind the closed doors.”

Dudian nodded in approval.

“It seems that you are not a good believer.” Dudian laughed.

Old Fulin replied: “You are wrong. My faith has always been firm and strong.”

“Do you still have faith?” Dudian asked.

“Is money not a belief?”

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