DK – Ch 191

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The Dark King – Chapter 191

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Dudian didn’t speak as he quietly senses the smell of Barton and the other three as they went out of the the Moulin Rouge. He pointed his wet coat to the girl and turned around to leave without giving any explanation.

The girl was stunned and angry. She stomped and continued to wait.

Dudian dived into the crowd and bypassed the girl’s sight. He left the ballroom and exited the Moulin Rouge. He noticed the Milan family’s flag on a carriage parked outside the Moulin Rouge. There were a coachman and two knights waiting for their master.

The ballroom was dimly lit, so the girl was not aware, but outside was bright. Dudian knew that it would be hard to conceal himself from the eyes of two knights using coat alone. He quickly descended the stairs and reached the carriage that was waiting for him.

“He is inside.” Barton saw Dudian get onto the carriage and asked in a nervous tone: “What should we do next?”

Dudian didn’t speak, but looked at the Vick, who was lying inside. He looked at Kroen, who was sitting in coachman’s position: “Let’s go to Artemis street!”

“Artemis street?” Kroen was scared as the court was there. He saw that Dudian didn’t explain the details, so he raised the rope and whipped the horses to move the carriage.

The Artemis street was far away from the Lida avenue. It took about two hours to arrive there. On the way, Vick woke up once, but was hit by Dudian and lost the consciousness.

On the way, they found a remote alley where few people were passing by. Dudian grabbed Vick by his arm and took him off the carriage. He slapped his back few times. The others who saw the scene thought that few drunk aristocrats were vomiting outside because of binge drinking.

Dudian brought Vick into an alley which was far away from the main road. There was a low chance that Vick would be found by pedestrians as there was no-one passing by at all.

Dudian laid his body in a comfortable position so that Vick could sleep more. This way it would take a bit long for him to wake up.

Dudian turned back and went back. There was no one watching him, so no one noticed that two people went in while one got out from the alley.

Dudian wore Vick’s coat and said to Barton and Joseph: “You guys should wait in here. In case he wakes up make sounds to attract the attention of passer-by people.”

“What is it?” Barton curiously looked at the porcelain.

Dudian explained and taught several ways, and Barton and Joseph firmly remembered his instruction.

“Why would we need to get the attention of others?” Joseph asked.

“He is going to feel ashamed and try to leave away.” Dudian continued: “However you shouldn’t be too entangled with him. He will leave away, but just make sure that others notice that he had appeared in here.”

Barton and Joseph looked at each other and nodded: “Alright.”

They got off the carriage when Dudian said to Kroen: “Let’s go to the sixth street.”

Kroen had fully assumed the role of the coachmen, so he didn’t ask anything but focused on driving the carriage.

“To the 12th house,” Dudian said.

The carriage was parked in front of the 12th house in the Sixth Street. It was a small manor. There was a huge tree with red fruit on the lawn.

Dudian sensed two odors in the house. However, he could faintly feel deacon Huey’s odor floating from the house.

Dudian wore a mask and approached the house. He knocked on the door, and a moment later the door was pushed open. A beautiful woman of thirty or so years of age was looking at Dudian. She was scared as she saw the masked man: “Who are you?”

“I’m sent by the court for investigation.” Dudian spoke in a low tone: “I have to borrow some stuff belonging to the late Deacon.”

The beautiful woman was puzzled, but she still said: “Come in.”

Duddian nodded. He put on the slippers and went into the house. There was another smell coming off from the second floor. It seems the odor belonged to Deacon Huey’s youngest son.

“What kind of documents do you want?” The beauty looked at Dudian. She felt a bit strange and suspicious as she asked Dudian.

Dudian looked back to her and whispered: “Weren’t you the most valuable thing belonging to your husband?”

Beauty was alarmed as she looked at Dudian: “Y-you. Aren’t you from the court?”

“Your husband has done something wrong,” Dudian said. “He made up for it with his life, but unfortunately there was a hole left because of his death wasn’t enough to cover everything. I have to fill in the hole.”

The beautiful woman began to retreat step by step as he heard Dudian’s words. There was horror in her eyes as she watched the figure wearing the mask. She didn’t expect that the murderer of her husband would be standing in front of her in her house. Her body trembled because of fear: “I-i…I… Why-why did you kill my husband!? You demon! Aren’t you afraid of sanctions by court…”

Dudian didn’t wait for her to continue to speak or scream. He rushed out and covered her mouth. Dudian whispered: “I will give you a happy and rapid death. It won’t be like your husband’s which was so painful. He begged me to kill him.” As soon as he finished talking his arm twisted her neck. Kacha!

Dudian’s expression was gloomy as he slowly put her body to the ground. He was about to go upstairs when he heard a humming sound of coming from the stairs. He turned around and grabbed a cloth and wiped woman’s chin and lips. Then he took out the necklace from his pocket and threw it onto the ground.

He was preparing to leave when the child’s footsteps echoed from the stairs. The kid stretched out his head and shouted: “Hey!” It seems the kid was trying to prank his mother.

Dudian’s body stiffened as his eyes met the kid’s.

It was an eight-year-old male child. His face was full of a naughty smile, but solidified the moment he saw his mother lying on the floor. He was stunned as he saw the man wearing a strange mask.

Countless of thoughts flashed through Dudian’s mind. The first reaction was to kill the kid, but he remembered that he was wearing a mask. He turned around and quickly left. He opened the door, put on his shoes and took the slippers with him. The next moment he was in the carriage and Kroen was driving the carriage away.

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  1. hmm, will that kid be his future enemy? maybe.. sigh.. he must never leave the root since he’ve decided to be a devil.

    1. Don’t worry, the kid wouldn’t be able to recognize Dudian. Also Dudian will end up incriminating someone else of murder.

  2. What the…. Poor child. Dudian should’ve just killed him right there. I mean, the child’ll only suffer!!! Dudian has become ruthless… tsk.

    1. wtf if I was 8 and my mother was killed in front of me I would be sad and horrified but I still wouldn’t want to be killed too

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