DK – Ch 190

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The Dark King – Chapter 190

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

“Sir, please.”

A few exceptionally beautiful and sexy women dressed in bright colored dresses were by the door as they invited them into the Moulin Rouge. It seemed that they were specially trained to hook people’s mind.

Dudian looked towards the ticket office that was in middle of the hall. He glanced at the prices and looked back at Barton.

Barton understood what Dudian was searching for and whispered: “Second floor of the ballroom.”

Dudian looked at the young girl behind the counter: “Give me two tickets to the party held on the second floor.” Afterward, he paid her four silver coins which were worth an ordinary resident’s monthly salary.

The young girl quickly collected the money.

“Here, sir.” Said the maid who was waiting for them as they paid the money.

Dudian thought that the service was quite satisfactory. The maid took them to the second floor.

“Inside,” Barton said as his face turned red.

Dudian smiled: “You are the most honest.”

Barton scratched his head. Both of them were going upstairs the wooden steps to the second floor. From time to time they met young nobles who had sexy companions by their arms. They were chatting and laughing as they left the place.

“Young Masters, this way please.” The maid came over and used her slender arm to push the heavy door.

The music echoed out the moment the heavy door opened.

Dudian and Barton entered together. Dudian saw a counter set up at the entrance of the music hall. There were many masks placed behind the counter. It happened so that party was a masked ball.

“Welcome young masters.” Another two sweet girls smiled at them: “Please choose your favorite masks.”

Dudian glanced behind the counter and chose a green mask while Barton selected an eagle mask.

The place was extremely large. At the moment few noble youths were accompanied by slim figured women in the dancehall as they danced while the music resounded.

Barton raised his hand and pointed. “That’s him.”

Dudian has long noticed Vick because of his odor. Dudian saw that Vick was wearing a white gentleman suit. He was dancing with a girl in the corner. One of his palms had grabbed behind the girl while the other stroked and kneaded up and down from the front.

There was a trace of a smile on Dudian’s face as he said: “We have to go to the bathroom and wait.”

Barton was stunned but still nodded his head. He turned around and disappeared into the crowd.

Dudian waved to a waiter who held a fruit plate and wine. Dudian got a glass of red wine and chose a corner to observe Vick Milan. He couldn’t hear them, but he could see from his body language that Vick was a bit drunk. He slowly walked towards them and concentrated a bit to make his move. He closed them and by ‘mistake’ hit Vick’s arm.

Vick was fascinated by the smell of the beauty he was holding. Suddenly he felt that his armpit felt cold. He looked back and saw that his clothes were wet. Moreover, a figure wearing a green monster mask was holding an empty glass.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Dudian said as he lowered his head.

Vick was angered: “Are you blind?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Damn” Vick was anxious to teach a lesson to this bold person.

The enchanting woman in his arm who wore a white colored cat mask looked at Dudian. She saw that he was apologizing non-stop. Although she was unhappy in her heart, she still held Vick and whispered to his ear: “My dear count. Don’t make this affect our lovely mood.”

Vick’s anger gradually was suppressed down by her persuasion. He fiercely stared at Dudian and turned back to the woman: “I got to clean up. Wait for me in here.”

“Ah, come back quickly.” The woman kissed his face.

Vick shook his wet arm and whispered back: “I’ll be back in a moment.” He pushed the crowd as he made his way to the bathroom.

Dudian mixed into the crowd and quietly followed up.

It was a public bathroom. There were few tubs inside, and each other were separated as they were made into a compartment.

Dudian saw that Barton was waiting while Kroen and Joseph were next to him. Although they were wearing masks, Dudian could recognize them because of their body odor.

Vick took off his coat and began to wring of the coat to squeeze out the wine.

At the moment there was no-one in the bathroom. Dudian winked at three of them to make sure that one of them stayed by the door. Vick was concentrated on his close and didn’t notice that there were others in the bathroom.

Dudian made a decisive attack as his hand hit Vick’s neck.

Bang! Vick was caught off guard. After a simple hit, he lost his consciousness, and his body softly went down.

Dudian quickly holds onto his body. One of them held onto Vick as he stripped his coat and mask. Later on, he rapidly wore Vick’s coat and masked as a replacement.
He closed the compartment as he left Vick’s body in there.

Barton was scared as he saw ‘Vick’ come out. Dudian immediately said: “It’s me.” He looked at the trio: “I’m going to pretend that I’m drunk and you guys will escort me to leave. One of you should go and bring the carriage.”

Barton and the other two were frightened. However, after they found out that Vick’s body was warm and there was no wound they were relieved.

Dudian straightened his clothes and returned to the wall. He soon found the woman wearing a white cat mask.

“At the end.” The woman wearing the white cat mask smiled: “Are we going to continue to play around?”

Dudian’s finger pointed above to the third floor.

The woman looked up.

At that moment, Dudian’s other hand swept and removed the gold necklace from her neck. He took it, retracted his hand and threw the necklace into his pocket in a single move. He had learned this kind of pick-pocketing in prison.

The woman was not aware of Dudian’s theft. She glanced up and then recovered her eyes and gently beat Dudian’s chest: “We can’t go upstairs. Don’t be so mischievous. “

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  1. He somehow mastered the art of removing someones NECKLACE without them noticing… In a prison… Where he had no friends… Was alone and pretending to be crazy… How exactly lmao?

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